Aja Naomi King to Star in Ifrah Ahmed Story


Aja Naomi King is ‘A Girl from Mogadishu’

Actress Aja Naomi King has been cast to star in the upcoming film A Girl from Mogadishu. The How to Get Away with Murder star will portray Ifrah Ahmed, a young Somali woman who went on to become an acclaimed author and activist after escaping her war-torn country and the atrocities of female genital mutilation.

Ahmed was reportedly born in a refugee camp and eventually sent to Ireland to seek asylum as a teenager. The film will follow Ahmed’s accounts of rampant violence against women, as well as the practice of female circumcision, a barbaric middle-eastern tradition she seeks to have outlawed around the world.

Principal shooting on the film has already begun; feel free to check out a few behind-the-scenes pics of Aja with the real Ifrah Ahmed above.

A Girl from Mogadishu is expected to make its way to Netflix in 2018.