Aja Nicole King to Star in Reversion Film

aja nicole king aversion filmAja Nicole King has a new movie coming out next month.

While browsing my Facebook timeline I discovered the How to Get Away with Murder actress will be starring in the film Reversion, alongside actors Gary Dourdan, Amanda Plummer and Lela Rochon.

The sci-fi drama centers on Aja’s character Sophie, the marketing genius behind a high-tech devise that attaches to the ear and allows its user to experience their most joyful memories as if they were happening for the first time.

On the eve of the device’s launch Sophie is kidnapped, setting off a chain of events that remind us all, you can’t escape what you can’t forget.

Reversion opens in limited release on October 9 in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, with a nationwide roll-out to follow shortly thereafter.

Trailer and screen caps below.


  1. I wish she had a bigger role on HTGAWM. I’m not much into the show though. It turned me off last year. Way too many explicit gay sex scenes. The gay couple isn’t interesting and it is pandering and stereotypical to portray them as practically raving mad sex lunatics.

  2. I don’t know that I will venture out to see the film, but will definitely rent the feature. Love her!

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