Akira’s Hip Hop Shop

There are not many things you can praise BET for. I mean they are the network that is responsible for putting the likes of Frankie & Neffe and that other showcase of talent Tiny & Toya on the air. I do highly recommend one program they air called Lens On Talent. This show gives up and coming filmmakers a chance to show the public what they can do within the context of a short film.

Joe Doughrity is one such filmmaker. He is no novice mind you, having worked with John Singleton in the past, but he has branched out on his own and created a beautiful love story entitled Akira’s Hip Hop Shop.

The film focuses on the relationship between Akira who is a Japanese record store owner in love with hip hop who falls for Daphne, a beautiful culinary student who happens to be Black and in need of a job. He hires her and a romance develops between the two.

Now the version I saw on BET was about 22 minutes long, but there is a director’s cut version available via the film’s website: www.akirashiphopshop.com and you can download it on amazon.com as well for $1.99. Hopefully Joe will get the distribution needed to get the film released theatrically because this story is one deserving of more time.

Akira's Hip Hop Shop



  1. Good BET! Now cancel Frankie and Neffe and the rest of your hood shows that put black people in a negative, stereotypical light add more postive educational, black history, black politics, anti-coonery shows and you just might have a decent network worth watching.

  2. @STEFANY- Now why would they do that? and lose ratings you must be crazy lol.

  3. The movie was good.

    BET and CENTRIC, TV One are all embarrassment to the black race, all of it is garbage and trash. I’m tired of watching shows that depict black women as the lowest branch on the civilization tree. It’s disgusting and these networks are on cable, thus making it easy for the rest of the world to validate their stereotypes on black women.

  4. Anyone seen Medicine for Melancholy? Gonna rent that one soon too.

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