1. wow she looks fantastic…Toni looks gr8 too but Alex ! :bowdown:

  2. Yes alex looks really good. Wonderful looking skin werrkkkk alex.

    Toni look fab.

  3. Alek is stunning! Love those lacey boots on Toni in the second pic too. Btw, I’m not feelin Toni’s half mohawk thing. It looks like her head got hit with a weed-wacker. Just save it for the youngins Toni. lol

  4. they lighting alek up. she’s way darken than that.

  5. Trust people to get caught up in light skin dark skin, blah blah blah.

    We complain that white people only see a persons skin colour but it seems that some black people only see a persons skin tone.

    Move on David…..and I didnt pay enough attention to her skin tone (in the past) to notice if she is lighter or not…

    Either way she looks fantastic…

  6. @Daniel anyone can look lighter or darker iin certain lighting. It doesn’t always mean they are tryin to whitewash people with photoshop. I wouldn’t read too much into it. 🙄

  7. I love her, regardless of her skin color…peep some of her interviews…she always has something interesting to impart…seems really upbeat!

    Toni Braxton is just a die-hard kinda chic, for real…nuthin’ but respect for her…her song “Wardrobe” should make it to “gossip girl” or one of the other trendy shows…love it…since this is where music is doing well and generating sales!

    Think “Glee”…

  8. honestly… this is one of the BEST pics i’ve seen of Alek. it’s simplicity actually makes her look sexy. love it!

  9. Alek is stunningly beautiful.
    :iagree: Zy – the simplicity enhances her sexy look!!

    Toni is always a fashion plate to me and she knows how to captivate the camera. I’m glad she’s back to the short hairstyle and glad it’s untamed because she exudes confidence!!

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