Alexander McQueen Heel-Less Fur Boots

Alexander McQueen’s Fall/Winter 2012 shoe collection was all the rage when it debuted on the runway during Paris Fashion Week.

Especially popular were the fur covered heel-less boots. Keyshia Cole showed off her pair recently, as did Rihanna who wore the sandal and fur-less version for her recent photo shoot with Vogue magazine.

People who have worn these heel-less heels claim they are quite comfortable and easy to walk in. However, for those thinking of rocking one of McQueen’s designs, what you won’t be calling them is economical. These babies range in price from $5,000-$8,000.




  1. I’m afraid fashion has taken the same bad turn as music– no one is interested in producing quality anymore. People just want to be “different.” I give these boots the boot. Yuck.

  2. Muppets for feet. SMH.

    I hate Alexander McQueen isn’t here to keep on with his legacy. Such a shame. Do you know if his estate is using designs he had drawn before his death? or are they continuing in what they think he would have produced?

  3. Kanyade, here is a little known fact. Designers have designers who work under them. Something that says McQueen may have been designed by McQueen or someone who worked for him. This is why designers often break away and start their own lines cause as long as they are working for someone else that someone is the one who gets all the shine.

  4. ^^^Thanks for the insight. I figured as much even as I typed my questions. YSL had a Vive Rauche ad/promo/season some years back. I absolutely loved the ads for the items but knew YSL was no longer on the earth. LOL Same for Coco Chanel. With McQueen thought maybe he had enough designs stacked up to leave his company creating those designs for some time…before they finally got to the point where they would push their own design works based on McQueen’s aesthetic. I wish I knew fashion better. Once upon a time I did. I was a Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue groupie. LOL But alas the years have passed and my own fashion aesthetic has waned greatly. With McQueen, it seems his fascination with death and all things macabre was something singular to him that I could only envision him, the artist, creating those works, rather than spouting to his minions and underlings to come up with something “like death at a cocktail party” LOL Again thanks for the insight 🙂

  5. No one ever likes my shoe selections 🙁

    My last McQueen post didn’t go over well either.

    I just love his style though. He thought outside the box. Christian Loboutinn had the shoe game on lock with his red bottoms and it took someone with a great imagination to break his hold.

    Long live McQueen and his weirdness 🙂

  6. How the heck do you walk in those shoes without falling back? You’d have to constantly keep your balance unless those are steel plated. I couldn’t do it. I hate high heels so I know I would hate wearing those. They’re insane.

  7. @ Angeline,

    I agree with you. How does one walk in these heel-less boots/sandals.

    I like wearing heels but these are out of my comfort zone.

  8. @Angeline and Aja, i actually own a few pairs of heelless shoes and they are amazingly stable and structured. and i am a womanof colour with curves honey! so that’s saying a lot lol i feel more comfortable in them than those shoes with the fine heel to be honest. Like you when i saw them i was like , i am gonna fall back and break something but NOPE! Just try them on ladies, you will be so surprised!

  9. Those are so ugly, at first glance I thought it was a picture of an animals feet.

  10. WOW! Those shoes look so uncomfortable, yet they are pretty cute! I couldn’t wear them though =(
    Have you seen those one shoes that are backwards? What kind of mess are they coming up with!?

    Have a happy New Year! ?

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