Alexsandra Wright Sues Mathew Knowles

Alexsandra Wright

A woman by the name of Alexsandra Wright has filed a paternity suit against Mathew Knowles, father of Beyonce and Solange Knowles. Alexsandra, a part time actress who had a bit role in an episode of Scrubs back in 2001, filed the suit late Friday afternoon in L.A. County Superior Court and is reportedly six months pregnant. She is being represented by Neal Hersh, who is said to also be repping Lamar Odom in his prenup negotiations with Khloe Kardashian. As many of you already well know, Mathew is still married to Tina Knowles and has been since 1980. Rumors the two were no longer together however have persisted for years.


  1. I knew he was shady, and I knew him and Tina weren’t a real couple. I know they are married, but I have never even seen them together on a date at an event or nothing. I knew they were like Bill and Hilary together for convience and for money.

  2. He’s a dirty dog and it’s written all over his face. The Knowles’ family is just a mess. From the crooked Daddy to the selfish fake daughter. Take him for all he got girl.

  3. So When a man cheats on you, ur not considered a real couple.

    Besides i think they ben sperated for years

  4. It’s quite possible a baby Knowles is on the way.

    If it’s not an open marriage, why do people step out on their spouses before the divorce is finalized? It’s the messiest that way. If that’s the situation shame on you Matthew and Alexsandra.
    May this child have the safest journey on Earth.

  5. Congratulations,Of course in this situation the girl is right for sleeping with a married seperate man but alicia keys is a whore uh?…

  6. @Voice

    The difference between this woman and Alicia, SHE IS NOT FAMOUS. We dont know the whole story, but we do know that Alicia STOLE somebodies man and is making little slick comments about it. And we also know that Matthew is a cold hearted A Hole, so u could have mind control over this poor girl…LOL J/K But wrong is wrong and Alicia,Swiss Beats and mashonda are all wrong. Until i know the full story, or if this is even true, than i would call her a S^Lut…Until then, BYE!!!!

  7. I don’t know which is more sad, the actual story or the fact that this dosen’t seem to surprise anyone. That says alot about a persons character when people aren’t shocked by news like this. Letterman just fessed up to sleeping with some female employees as well, someone was trying to extort money from him to keep it quiet, and he is married with children as well. What is really going in?? Something in the water…

  8. What’s in the dark will come to the light. ALWAYS.

    Karma for M.Knowles.

  9. lMAO Today is not the day to mess with me honey, I don’t give a flying fuck who is a celebrity or not, Maybe you’re teh type of chick who gets her man snatched away from her but i don’t believe that a woman can come in your couple and take your man away , just because it happens to you all the time does not mean it is reality BOO, Alicia did not steal anything because a man is NOT a black berry until you learn that BYE!

  10. @ Voice, Alicia is wrong for being part of mess, Mashonda is wrong for going public, Swizz Beatz is wrong for being the mastermind behind this foolishness.

    On to this case; MATTHEW is wrong for stepping out on his wife, & THIS WOMAN is wrong for allowing herself to be used. Whether it’s true or not, she’s wrong for sleeping with a married man OR lying about it. I don’t care if Pres. Obama decided to have an affair with Carla Bruni Sarkozy, First Lady of France, he would be WRONG too. Famous or not, it excuses nothing.

  11. @M.. agreed.. wrong is wrong is wrong. M. Knowles & the chic are DEAD wrong for what went down.

    well like “Regine” would say on “Living Single”.. awwwww sookie nowwww LOL. Looks like things are going to get pretty interesting around the Knowles camp. This lady must have some all of her paper work in order to go up against M. Knowles. I mean really Matthew is like the dude that if you wanna beat them @ their own game, you have to KNOW the game b/c if not… they will eat you alive.

  12. @Blame it on tha Rain, EXACTLY.
    It’s rly shameful for all parties…I mean, these people’s lives are sooo public! WHY would they humiliate themselves & their families like that?? It’s so disrespectful, to risk everything just for one night of what? NOTHING. This just goes for adultery in general, b/c we are all in the public eye in some form or another, whether we’re on the covr of OK magazine or being gossiped about by friends or family. If you built a healthy foundation with someone, why on earth would you jeapordize that? If you’re not feelin’ the person, have the dignity & respect to LEGALLY divorce them!

    You would think that a business savy man such as M.Knowles would know that this is putting his daughter’s (plural) career in a negative light; humiliating the ppl he loves. *sigh…some ppl just never learn.

  13. Well, this is sad and hurtful for Miss Tina and her daughters. No matter how rich and famous you are things like this still eat at the human heart, soul and spirit. We don’t know, and shouldn’t know, the full story about their marriage or any of this. But, as christians or spiritual people on whatever journey, these people need positive energy in their lives to rise above it. For those of us that think we know the full Alicia-Swizz-Mashonda story, we don’t know it all about that either. Why should we believe Mashonda or whoever? Is it because she is the wife or is it because she is doing the most talking? We don’t know what she has done to drive her man into the arms of another or if she really could careless but wants the press and attention? Eitherway, the black community needs to fall on its knees in front of the throne of God and repent, heal and move on in a positive direction!

  14. It seems like this family is more like the Jackson than one of them previously thought. I hope this young lady knows what she just got herself in the middle of. Because these people are money hungry and will do anything to keep the fortunes they have amassed.

    This is just the beginning to the truth that everyone wanted to say was lies about these people. They are evil and it is coming out.

  15. @Cinnamon Kisses That’s what I’m talkin’ about. We are ALL fallible in the eye of God…

  16. @ VOICE
    ALICIA KEYS is HUMAN just like everyone else! Stop acting like the woman that sings about “karma” could never do anything like this…dam!

    @ BEE
    First off we (the public) or maybe even himself doesn’t even know if thats his child so stop swinging so hard cause you might miss. Also why does the whole family have to be involved IF it is true matthew is the one that had the “fun” not the rest of the family. Lastly you nor I know anything about them personally so stop JUDGING and predicting what you think you know about them thats GOD’s job.

  17. ^5 Cinnamon Kisses.

    We don’t know the full stories and the judging tends to make people look foolish.


  18. @17150918 , it’s stupid right? Like the whole family got together & plotted to make a fool of themselves (’cause that’s what evil people do, you know)

    So Bee, do you think the Jackson’s are evil? B/c that’s what you implied with your weak argument.
    & Bee, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to keep the fortune you worked so hard to earn? So here’s the thing, Bee. The purpose of a blog is to voice your opinions, but part of having class & ethics is learning when to keep your mouth shut. Sometimes we take freedom of speech a little too far by speaking out of line, without thought or empathy. If someone is wrong, say so, but don’t cast stones. We all SIN, so it sounds silly when we call others evil for commiting sins that any one of us can easily commit. No one’s perfect, Bee. Or maybe I missed that memo. Bee, are you perfect? Are you perfect, Voice? Am I perfect? No, so we all should remember that when we decide to tear into someone without really empathizing with them. Wrong is wrong, but that doesn’t make anyone better or worse than the other.

  19. This is nothing new. Everyone knows Mathew is grimey. He’s Joe Jackson without the beatings. Using his daughter’s fame and fortune to get nooky is tasteless!

  20. First of all, i think the Knowles was separated anyway for awhile. He got a nobody pregnant-who will turn 2 somebody soon. But if he and tina were separated-what’s the prob. You neva see them together-EVA. NOW aLICIA-listen this debate is so TIRED- the proof in the pudding. Swizz admitted it.what is the debate??? These are facts. 1-they were married(happily or unhappily don’t change being married 2-Alicia knew they were married 3-Swizz knew he was married- Que problema??? Those in denial-why? Is ALicia a relative? she payin ur bills? Dag if u emotional and indenial over sum1 u neva met, i can imagine you wit people uno.

  21. @M-ur forgetting Alicia is perfect. She makes deep speeches, how can SHE do any wrong??

  22. @#’s & MI: You are absolutley right I don’t know them. But I know this the same rumors are not going to keep coming up about you in different situations with different people. At some point and time you have to start thinking maybe some part of this is true. And I do think it’s extremely evil to find people who are trying to make it in the business and you take their song and put your name on it because you know they don’t have the power to fight you.

    And as far as the Jackson being evil I think a little evil mess was going on with them as well. That is why they were so screwed up. I think anytime the children become the bread winners in the family and have to give up a part of themselves to provide a certain life style for other people to live comfortably at the expense of others it is evil.

  23. @ BEE haha that was a funny joke lol(even though its been used numerous times)
    You know how easy it is to say something nowadays and people run with it (perfect example mto) MediaTakeOut could say Oprah’s gone bankrupt and people would go on and on about how she should’ve been handling her money better without any confirmation. Rumors come and go and will continue to do so; so a word of advice please don’t believe everything you hear UNTIL you hear the FACTS because when they turn out to be untrue they kinda make you look like a…idiot. 🙁

  24. I get it Bee. I actually don’t doubt the possibilities of this allegation, I just think that bunching the whole family in the father’s mistake is a bit much. I always think about how this is hurting the others, how someone like Beyonce respects her father, only to find out that he may have been cheating on her mother (a woman she clearly loves & admires). Like 17150918 stated, we don’t know the actual facts. We dont know if Beyonce really stole songs, those are rumors. We dont even know if THIS is true (although I believe it) so we can’t label people harshly without knowing the business. Even then, I use “evil” for the Hitlers & Sadaam Husseins of the world.

  25. I think some of you females are just hatin on Alicia Keyes because she’s talented and fine! Look,a man is going to do what a man is going to do. No matter what. None of you know what it was like being married to Mashonda. Check it out. If I’m married to Kanyade and we’ve been growing apart for some time now and Voice comes along with her fine self and I “FEEL” like steppin to Voice? I’m going to step! Plain and simple. I’m tired of the fighting and going no where with Kanyade. We both knew it was coming sooner or later. Just not with Voice! My point is you can’t say Voice stole me away from Kanyade, because I was the one that left. No one put a gun to my head and made me leave. Swizz knew what he wanted and didn’t want. Plain and simple….ps. Luv ya Kanyade!!

  26. Gosh..can we find out if this story is even wait for a paternity test.

  27. i swear 17150918 they sent you. anything concerning this girl, and now her family you just have to defend. every body cant give a damn. are you sure you are a man?

  28. “DayWalker”
    so why not divorce before you ‘step’ to avoid conflict? B/c if you divorce first, everything you do is justified, & anger on Kanyade’s part will make HER look foolish, not you or Voice. To me, cheating in general is such a half-assed predicament; it causes so much drama that could’ve been avoided

  29. TUTU
    They sent me what??? what are you talking about you sound dumb. I defend because people like you and voice and Bee are always negative abd will hear ANYTHING about this family take it and run FAR away with it without knowing facts. Yes I am a MAN and please dont stereotype and judge me like you do these people. And why is it I USUALLY only see you on Be”yawn”ce post?

  30. And I like Alicia Keys I think she a talented and fine woman but she plays about 33% of a role in this situation but people act like she’s had NOTHING to do with it and that’s not the case.

  31. i dnt care much about Matthew Knowles and Tina i careless for parents who home-schooled their child from the craddle to be the most famous and well paid exotic dancer in the history of mankind,i dnt feel sorry for Tina she played a huge role in this,she is teaching her daughters to hold on to dysfunctional situations,how can you marry off your teenage child,what kind of a mother is she?….well miss Alicia i will defend her cause i know how it feels like to be in her situation and i know how women use children as a bait,people throw the word divorce like it is a simple term like you just sign a piece of paper and its all done,no its not like that,no women wants to part ways with her meal coupon,mashonda dnt use your child as an xcuse and the moment a person wants a divorce it clearly means he might be moving on with something in life or someone and not that into you anymore,no loving man will let another woman destroy what he truly treasures…..miss keys is still a smart woman and miss spark will not take that away from her…she must be careful for wanting this karma so bad,she might be digging her own grave.

  32. no 17150918 you don’t see me only on beyonce post. check it! you’ve only seen me on her post once or twice there are much more important situations than beyonce. there are facts about this situation sweetheart, that is why it is on brown sister. that family is not full of saints, like yours and mine. you type (argue) like a woman, that’s why I’m asking to confirm. if beyonce past you and me, she wouldn’t notice or give a damn. so get of her ass. and don’t put me in the category of Bee and Voice. i am not always negative about anything.i just started posting on this site about 2 3 weeks ago blockhead, and unlike you, i have a life and things to do, not sit here 24/7 defending somebody who doesn’t know me?

    BTW what other facts do you need????? you were on the AK post talking nonsense now you come here defending him, for what? did they pay you? woman!!! and i could have used another word for you, but because of respect for this site. i wont.

  33. TUTU
    They sent me what??? what are you talking about you sound dumb. I defend because people like you and voice and Bee are always negative abd will hear ANYTHING about this family take it and run FAR away with it without knowing facts. Yes I am a MAN and please dont stereotype and judge me like you do these people. And why is it I USUALLY only see you on Be”yawn”ce post?

    use spell check! and your whole point was tired. MAN please don’t start with me. cuz i WILL finish it!you have no facts about anything you stated.

  34. Infidelity rumors have been swirling around Matthew for quite some time. If its true, shame on him, pity for tina & bad publicity for bey..only innocent one in this hot azz mess is that unborn child.

  35. Well if it is true Ms. Tina get that divorce and officially kick his ass to the curve. Far as Beyonce and Solange whether or not you want to be a part of that outside marriage affair you will have a sibling to choose to be with or not. Matthew you are a dirt bag no question about that if you at this point in life did that. Ms. Tina forgave you when you had an affair before but now you bring a life into it how dame sorry are you. Well your two daughters are gown now and they can choose for themselves how they will perceive this issue with you. Personally it will take me some time because you hurt my mother and that’s a no no

  36. @daywalker- i think Alicia was wrong and im a fan. Jealous? I know alicia is beautiful, deep, thoughtprovoking, etc, but did she know that. I don’t believe in that stole thing. alicia and Swizz mutually consented. Now, if people are willing to demoralize themselves and their morals to defend an image they had of sum1, and now since the image is tainted, they are in denial and have to now, make up excuses-that’s sad. I don’t worship or hate stars, i don’t know them. I judge them, just like the average joe. If shaniqua down the block had an affair with joe and he was married to Tammi. Shaniqua would be looked down upon.THere are preachers who congregations admire and put on pedestals who fall, so why can’t Alicia, or Swizz. People stop worshipping these people only worship HIM. He is the only one who will do no wrong and neva let u down. People?? all the time.

  37. no one has the right to judge these people are human so of course thier gonna make mistakes its sad that people enjoy seeing other people miserable we know nothing about this family besides what we see on TV and stop trying to turn this around on beyonce this has nothing to with her people are trying to find anyway possible to say something bad about her its so sad that yall want to see her fail that bad!! this is about her parents marriage yea she is apart of the family but shes not apart of thier marriage matthew made the mistake not beyonce!!!!!!!!

  38. TUTU
    you didnt just start commenting no two or three weeks ago unless you were off and on. Also call me what??? because you’d be completely wrong if it’s fag but if you want thats means I can call you a h*e right(even if you aren’t one). I’m sure beyonce appreciate’s people defending her just like alicia keys is right now in this drama. I type how I want dont think I dont know how to spell just because I INTENTIONALLY type words wrong or accidently mess up kinda like textin. And what TRUTH have you heard about this story yet???huh..?NOTHING I’m not saying it’s not true (because honestly I think it is) but I’m not jumping to conclusions.What nonsense was I talking on Alicia Keys I like her dont comment back until you copy and post something negative I have said. And if I defend beyonce and you dont care about her or me why are you wasting your energy on people you dont care for?

  39. TUTU
    and aight it was “tired” but the fact of the matter is you dont like and will PROBABLY never like beyonce and I’m fine with that and sure she is as well. ( I dont like liver or mushrooms and never will) I guess it’s just a problem beyond our measure.

  40. stop trying to be ‘reasonable’ with me. cut that S*** out. you were the one who started calling me names and insulting me, with calling me dumb, and a hoe. WTF. what kind of example is this? “because you’d be completely wrong if it’s *** but if you want that’s means I can call you a h*e right(even if you aren’t one)”… are you 15? and “I type how I want don’t think I don’t know how to spell just because I INTENTIONALLY type words wrong or (accidently) mess up kinda like textin”. dude, you make yourself sound so unintelligent. this post is NOT about beyonce get off her dick! you are alone, because everybody here knows that there is at least a little bit of truth to this. and man i did not even mention her name or her dads name. i addressed you. which means if you were not here, i would not have posted anything. get it? please please tell me when i first joined here if it was not 2/3 weeks ago, since you live in my house and can see what i do? idiot!

    and don’t put words in my mouth. i do not dislike beyonce, i did not post that anywhere. i have utter disregard of how she carries herself. check my post about her.
    it is not about BEYONCE. NOT ABOUT HER!!!.

  41. This is getting ridiculous. Sitting here reading the comments, smh at some of you. I swear, people give Matthew WAY TOO MUCH POWER! Some of you are still holding onto the DC drama, all the allegations(which were never proven to be true), and the way he looks?! Really?!

    Matthew isn’t gonna address this b/c he knows that it’d be a waste of time because whether he did it or not, most of you aren’t going to believe it.

    Tired of Alicia/Swizz/Mashonda.
    I side with Mashonda, Swizz was dead wrong, Alicia was wrong.

    If this rumor is true, Matthew was dead wrong, dat chick is wrong, and I feel sorry for Tina.

  42. “@ VOICE
    ALICIA KEYS is HUMAN just like everyone else! Stop acting like the woman that sings about “karma” could never do anything like this…dam!”

    “@ BEE
    First off we (the public) or maybe even himself doesn’t even know if thats his child so stop swinging so hard cause you might miss. Also why does the whole family have to be involved IF it is true matthew is the one that had the “fun” not the rest of the family. Lastly you nor I know anything about them personally so stop JUDGING and predicting what you think you know about them thats GOD’s job.”

    you just completely contradict your self with this opinions unbelievable!

  43. 17150918 “and why is it I USUALLY only see you on Be”yawn”ce post?” because that the only place you go and know to be, so when you see me once you assume. foolish man. i know its hard to believe, but there are other important things on this blog than Beyonce. get a life!

  44. Ok this is going nowhere TUTU and you obviously dont understand because you dont want to.I dont have to be reasonable with you or anyone else on this blog, you’ve been here long enough in your “3 weeks” to see that by now.You came at me saying did they send you or something?? and why do I have to defend someone? SO WHAT alicia keys is somewhere getting defended by someone she doesn’t know RIGHT NOW but I bet that’s not a problem with you because she can do no wrong. Why is it everytime someone says something good about beyonce they always have to be on a payroll or your in her “camp”? when people defend other artist it’s ok? and I sounf(my hand accidentally hit the f instead of the d but does that mean I’m illiterate?) unintelligent??? This is a blog and I’m not going to be typing like I’m making a resume or doing a report, and didn’t I say I THINK this is true but the man doesn’t even know if it’s his baby yet could they at least do a blood test I mean that is how you determine if your a baby’s father. And since you seem to follow me so much to know I defend her look on lots of other posts and you will see I support LOTS of different artist in general I’m not biased. I didn’t see where I was contradicting myself but ok, and since you are so “intelligent” you just completely contradict your self with this opinions unbelievable!
    didn’t you mean these?? see how that feels everyone makes mistakes dare I say it even you.

  45. o yea and I didnt call you a h*e you said you wanted to call me something else and I predicted it was f*g or something along those borders so I thought if you could call me that I could call you a h*e even if you aren’t one(and i wouldn’t do that) and I’m not what you were planning on establishing me as.

  46. I believe that Matthew has been cheating for years because in Beyonce’s song, Lost Yo Mind, she says, “I know how my mama felt gettin ran over/ but this ain’t no cycle here/ this one is over”. Matthew also admitted in a backstage interview with Tyra on her show that he & Beyonce fight like cats & dogs even though they love one another.

  47. focus on the point I’m making. and why is it that every time somebody has a differing opinion on Beyonce, they have to be labeled a hater?

    are you blind? did you or have you ever seen me mention or defend AK? you are so stupid. i only said you were talking nonsense on her post. you didn’t see me post anything on her. and please prove that Ive been here longer than 3 weeks smart ass. you are foolish indeed. “didn’t you mean these??? see how that feels everyone makes mistakes dare I say it even you” it was a test to see if you would notice .lol. this is not a competition. but if you wanna go there, that is the only mistake I’ve made. (BTW i could have corrected it, but i had to get off the computer.)
    and whenever i get a chance to come on this blog, i look at every single post. and i comment when i feel like. i don’t give a flying fuck if you support other artists. there are other real life matters/issues on this blog. singers and actors DO NOT benefit THIS WORLD in anyway. they are completely INSIGNIFICANT!!
    don’t you ever make that assumption again. that never even crossed my mind. you mentioned it not me. i like to keep it real, and i am not into that at all. i was thinking more along the lines of B***

    and YES I AM INTELLIGENT. thank you very much.

  48. tell me other than the beyonce post about the VMA’S,when was the first time you saw me on this blog. you must tell me today, because you apparently seem to know what the hell I’m doing more than me.

  49. I’ve been commenting on this blog for a couple months and you have always been here as long as me but then again somebody might’ve had that name before you. and when someone has an actual opinion about beyonce i never call them a hater but I’m not going to argue we beg to differ nothing new, and I call be all those things you just called me in your other comments just goes to show what kinda person you are.

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