Alicia Gets Complex With Ebony

Alicia Keys Just like Ashanti, singer Alicia Keys has an album to promote and with that promotion comes photo shoots and magazine covers. Alicia will be doing double duty for the month of November, covering not one but two (and possibly more) magazines. You can see Alicia strike a provocative pose for the cover of Marc Ecko’s Complex magazine and an even more beautiful shot of Alicia was used for her Ebony cover. November is obviously destined to be Alicia’s month as her new CD, As I Am, comes out on the 13th. Her first single, No One, is already a top 20 Billboard hit and is doing just as well on the digital sales chart (Itunes).

Obviously, to your top right is a scan of the Ebony cover, which I think is just stunning. And below you will find the Complex cover which I think could have been more- well- complex. I’m not feeling the pose or the background art. Basically I think they could have come up with something better- a lot better.

(Correction: The Complex cover is actually for the month of October.)


  1. A. keys looks absolutely beautiful on both covers. And she’s a beautiful woman period. Not feeling her new single though.

  2. Sex sells all right. Ah, the irony. I was just reading this whole book about it at the bookstore this afternoon.

  3. i dont think alicia.k. is trying to sell record she doesnt need
    as a man looking at the pics above i cant see any pic that says “love me and buy my album for my titties and ass“ she`s classy and in line with her era
    stop being fallacious….did you listen and watch the “no one“ video? where did you see a part where she was trying to sell sex? not only is the song awesome, the video makes me want more and more

  4. She is looking fierce on the Ebony cover. I don’t get selling sex from any of her pictures or clothes. She is sexy but classy, looking good without going overboard.

  5. That Ebony cover is MARVELOUS. It’s a throw-back to those back in the day pictorials- so so classic and glamorous. I am not mad at her one bit.

  6. Alicia looks classy and very beautiful. Ashanti’s photo for King magazine looks trashy. Alicia’s Ebony cover is a prime example of how you can be sexy without showing all of your goods.

  7. Every is rockin them Herve Leger dress and I never thought I would Alicia in one and man girl is doing the damn thng I love Complez magazine. They always come up with gd covers

  8. I can’t see the “sex sells” here at all. :confused: She looks great. Now had they thrown water or baby oil all over her in these images then yes it would be sex selling 😆 She’s gorgeous and I love her spirit. :brownsista:

  9. she’s bringing out the sex appeal as a weapon this time i see. i understand everyone has to meet their quota for sales otherwise they’ll get droped. I honestly think she doesn’t need to do that but I understand. I wanna hear another single though because No one doens’t get me like previous work.

  10. I see a sexy confident woman but her performances and video’s speak for themselves. I don’t think she is trying to sell sex at all.

    She is stunning on that Ebony cover. She has a little Diana Ross going on with the dress. It looks very good!


  12. Alica Keys is not selling sex, she has talent and is a beatuiful, sexy woman naturally..She can’t help being sexy and having it captured on film..

  13. I like Alicia Keys and yes she looks nice on both covers ….. but that song is PURE GARBAGE and yes people will swear they love it because they like her ~ but I hope as a TRUE LOVER OF GREAT MUSIC , the rest of the cd is better than that garbage , iiick I wasnt impressed at all , I would have preffered to wait a lil longer for some better work from her ,,, yuck :NO WAY NO HOW is that a good song ~

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