Why Alicia, Why?

Alicia Keys 2009 Photo Shoot002 The video for Alicia Keys’ new single “Doesn’t Mean Anything” has been shot and is set to premiere exclusively on October 16th via Perez Hilton’s website. Why Alicia or her people chose that particular website to debut her video a day before the rest of the world gets it is anyone’s guess. I personally consider it a slap in the face to all the other blogs and bloggers who have supported her through the years. Alicia’s video could have been debuted via her own website or other traditional music outlets like MTV or Yahoo, but apparently spiking Perez’s traffic and putting money in his pockets trumps all… including common sense.

Seeing that Alicia or her people think Perez’s audience is so much more valuable than the audiences of other blogs- I say let them have her. This particular Brown Sista writer however is officially boycotting Alicia Keys and everything she does with this album.

One also can’t help but wonder if the lukewarm reception of her first single and the bad press she got from stealing Mashonda’s husband had something to do with this decision. A lot of artists seek out Perez’s blessing when their careers need a boost.

Just sayin…

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  1. It’s about time someone said it. Perez is the most talked about blog so singers especially want him to say nice things about them. Janet sat down for an interview with him even though he repeatedly dogged her out on his blog. He has also called Alicia all type of undercover lesbian names on his site. So yeah he will get a huge boost when her video debuts and she’ll be happy. A week later he’ll be drawing coke stains on pics of her and dogging her out again.

  2. Alicia is like Gabrielle Union, They both pop off about blog negativity but then give praise and promotion to Hilton who hands down has one of the most negative blogs out there and who routinely steals content from Black bloggers (just ask YBF and Necole Bitchie)
    Alicis become more two-faced every day.

  3. Nobody is awaiting an Alicia Keys video. She doesn’t inspire that kind of excitement. Now if he was getting the new Rihanna video his site would crash. Plus Alicia’s music from her lat album was mediocre and so is her new song. Perez may get a slight boost and I do mean slight. You all know World Star Hip Hop is gonna cop that video and then most urban bloggers will post that on their websites.

  4. can i ask a question? i was wondering, am i the only one who felt that janet being interviewed by this guy was wack. he seems like a faker and a liar. i don’t see why anyone would want to have anything to do with him. i don’t know him i’m just judging by the way he looks. then i started to think, man janet seems like she’s been playing up to the gay folk for a while now…i’ma say since the damita jo album. i don’t get it because i’m sure they liked her music back when she wasn’t. but do you guys see that?

  5. as for alicia, i felt she has done the same but even more so. we all know what she used to be like since the late 90’s all the way up till her second album. it seems as if she changed so much. now i guess people gon’ sit here and say she’s just growing but i don’t think so. tell me if i’m wrong but i think she’s chasing that pop money. ya’ll know what i mean. she’s left her real and true flava behind to become more inviting to the pop crowd. it hurts because that deadens the quality of her music. maybe i’m being wack but tell me if ya’ll see it.

    i know what i’m trying to say but i don’t know if i’m getting it across the right way but tell me if ya’ll see what i’m saying i figured this would be the best place to ask.

  6. I can’t stand Perez Hilton!

    Why is Alicia Keys premiering her video there? You’d think she and the other “homewreckin” broad, Rocsi over on 106th & Park would be close and BET would be premiering her video *shrug*.

    If this news is true… I think I’m going to have to stop rolling w/ Alicia (though I haven’t purchased on her albums since the first- LOL!)

  7. @ The Worm With The Glasses-
    So true about A. Keys forgetting about her original formula that made us love her when she entered this game but I predicted this was going to happen. Just like Mariah did back in the day- she chose a more pop sound over R&B after gaining much successs w/ an R&B sound and then when the White folks stopped feelin her as much, she tried coming back to the urban sound. Alicia’s biracial so, why wouldn’t she be doing the same damn thing? It’s all too sad….

  8. Dancing with the devil…

    If ya can’t beat ’em, join ’em…

    Why not Concrete Loop? Bossip? Necole Bitchie? YBF?

    Those are some our bigger blogs.

    Oh wait, those blogs are too negative. *side-eye*

    Blogs=Gossip. Gossip isn’t positive most of the time which is why it’s called gossip.

    Or maybe she’s trying to maintain her YT fanbase via this route?

  9. I wish she would be a woman and come out and just say something. Anything. She is foul for destroying their marriage. Hollywood is sooo fake.

  10. Why is Alicia’s video premiering on Perez and was that her decision or management? Either way I’m disappointed that she and Janet would link themselves to that person.

  11. Its more than obvious that since she has been outed to the black community that she isn’t the goody 2shoe that we all thought she was for years that she now negating us since for the most part we’re not the ones buying music. So she’s going to an audience that does buy music that doesn’t care that she’s publicly dating a married man.

  12. @Stacey

    um, since when has Alicia praised Perez Hilton? sit down w/ that.

    not saying that her (her management’s) decision was appropriate, but his site gets hits. why not generate some buzz for her project by premiering it on the most popular blogsite? i dont see anything wrong with that.

    also, as far as “support” goes, where was here support when she was getting dogged on damn near every urban blogsite when this whole scandal with her dropped (i wont say, yall should know already)?

    Necole B has been pretty fair in with the whole thing, but i cant say the same w/ other bloggers. idk, i just dont see this as a big deal. i think some ppl are getting upset because Perez isnt an urban blogger.

  13. Alicia audience is beyond blacks to be honest her last album sold just as good as rihanna’s with 1/4 of what rihanna’s album had! But i seriously dont get why she is doing it on his trash site, just when i thought that trash was almost over it pops back up, it’s funny how everyone he talks about ends up doing something to promote him Janet, Britney and so many others now Alicia.

    She could have just released it on her own website as you mentioned it would have made alot more sense.

  14. @ kanyade no blog site is positive
    and didnt she say on 106&park that she tries to stay away from the fake??? and she thinks perez is real??? I think shes just a LITTLE confused.

  15. I feel like Alicia can do what she wants it’s her product. My thing is with black blogs they are soo negative and hateful. That’s how I feel I mean people can’t even like more than one artist without being called a hater. I fell into that trap of saying no this one is better than that one then I had to step back and say that everyone is doing their thing. I mean at the end of the day if people are that upset by her not “supporting” the so called black blogger then don’t buy her music.

  16. Love Alicia Keys…..Dislike the decision to have it on “that” bloggers site.

    Anywho I’m sure the video will be fab!

  17. I think the issue is why should bloggers who have supported Alicia faithfully over the years have to wait a day later than Hilton to get her video? This is clearly a plot to boost his traffic forcing people to visit his site and his site only to view the video. He is a grimy blogger and many people don’t want to support him in any way. I know I don’t and won’t. She should have put the video on her own site, her label’s site or MTV, VH1 or Yahoo Music.

    Hilton’s site does not trump those other sites in traffic. Far more people visit those sites than his. Like the writer said Alicia is hoping the blessing of Perez and his staff will compensate for the bad press she recently got after Swizz Beatz wife came out against her publicly.

  18. wow, unbelievable…Perez Hilton though Alicia? please don’t tell me she’s becoming a sell out so late in the game

  19. ok first of all Perez blog is bigger than the ones ya’ll named. No offense, but Necole Bitchie, c’mon there is no comparison. Um 6 million viewers compared 2 a couple of hundred. Now if she called Perez fake, and still goes on, then she is fake, but can that be proven? anyway, i didn’t hear the full track of the 1st single, but it wasn’t all that 2 me. She needs to try sumthing different, im not saying change genres but i don’t know, i wanna hear a song where i don’t know its by Alicia Keys.

  20. @ Ruserious

    I agree, she knows us sistas are not feeling what she did, the white people probably don’t care so much.

  21. First of all this shouldn’t be about race because Alicia is biracial, so her reality is both black and white. You can’t say she should be supporting one more than the other. You just have to like or not like the choice or don’t care. I admit that Perez has never impressed me but I don’t visit his site so it doesn’t matter that much to me. I think it is interesting that pretty much every artist that is seen as a good girl or sweetheart for most of their career goes through a period where they make a few questionable choices and they get crucified faster than you can blink. It is almost like people hate on them for having a good image then hate on them even worse for making a mistake. Nobody really knows the truth of the Swizz situation and maybe that will come when the divorce is final and he or she makes a statement but I have to say that some of the comments I have read on blog sites about it have been very disturbing and vulgar. So I agree @MWNY that blog sites in general are negative. They use celebrities for their success and celebrites use them for exposure, so whats the diference?

  22. it’s not even about the fact that she’s not releasing her video on some black folk blog. that ish doesn’t worry me. do whatever, but i’m talking about who she’s trying to direct her music towards. who she’s trying to direct her personal appearance towards. how her music isn’t the same like it was 4 years ago. that last album she did wasn’t of the same quality and i feel like ya’ll know it. quite frankly i don’t care what race she is or who’s blog she’s on. what gets to me is….she had her own original vibe in the beginning. she straight up ditch that to play up to “you know who” no i feel like she’s gonna get caught out there and to be honest…. ugh….i think the phrase “what you eat don’t make me sh*t” could be inserted here. i’ve given up on many people. she seems like she’s gonna be another name added to that list.

    oh and i could care less who she’s dating. she know what she did. swizz know what he did. she doesn’t owe me an explination. though personally….why she had to dip, what was wrong with the kerry krucial guy?

  23. she knews she is going to have trouble selling her cd to sisters

    of all the men in the world why get involed with a dark skin sister husband with children

    just stating the obvious reason why this story is so infuriating

    and her recent song didn’t help

  24. When did Janet do an interview, I don’t remember that?

    Anyway I don’t have a problem with people’s personal appearance changing except if its plastic surgery overload but if she stayed w/ braids like when she first came out then people would be tripping. I don’t think she has changed that much if you think about a style chameleon like Janet, Alicia’s change is mild. I think all artist have to evolve in music and appearance and sometimes that won’t please everyone, but they have to take that chance. I don’t think she is lost out there yet, not that it isn’t possible but I will reserve that until the CD comes out. I would like at least a song or two that compare to her beginning hits.

  25. This is mostly a business decision in a very fickle industry. Wouldn’t YOU do all that you could to keep your ship afloat? She’s not hurting anyone or betraying black blog sites. Alicia has been very giving to black press over the years. I’ve seen her on the cover of many “no name” magazines and news papers and granted interviews, something many established artists won’t do. The publicist will say so and so is only doing mainstream media at this time.

    I wouldn’t come to black gossip sites fully knowing a great percentage think of me as a homewrecker and ain’t supporting other black artists (Mariah, LeToya, etc.) other than a very select few. Why would she address the Mashonda issue (a one-side story) in the middle of promoting a new album and other business ventures, why? People are still going to call her a homewrecker. There are so many women who just wouldn’t date a married man, so she’ll lose some cool points on that issue.

    She’s still a role model to young girls and inspire them to take piano lessons, she’s an inspiration to “music majors” and those who want to give back with her clothes on.

    Perez Hilton is repulsive, but he claims to have 10 million readers and many people give him media time, so go figure!

  26. Wow. If you hadn’t added that in about the marriage and all that – I might could have given you props for points – then you went way to the left and got personal. That could be reason #1 – Just saying. I don’t if she did it b/c Perez does a lot of work for AIDS Awareness or what – but you might want to find out before you attack and boycott. I thought this was an adult sight. I guess not.

  27. I give mad props to the writer of this post. No one is childish for having different opinions and voicing them. I don’t care for Alicia’s personal downgrade, but at least she gives to a lot of charities which is more than I can say for some other celebs. Still, I personally believe that no singer, rapper, or any other celeb “EARNS” the millions or even billions that they make, so I feel that they’ve been compensated for their personal life being evaluated by others. If they don’t like it, they should leave the spotlight, make room for those who can handle it, and go and get a real 9 to 5 like everyone else.

  28. @KSH
    Good thought. I don’t know much of anything about Perez so if he does alot with AIDS, then I guess that makes since. Her album comes out on AIDS Awareness day so she probably is trying to network with as many people in that field as possible. Can’t hate on that.

  29. Wow, ok. Perhaps she did choose this website because she knows they have a lot of viewers! Personally I have never been to that website…ever! I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A DIE-HARD A. KEYS FAN, BUT SHE LOST ME AFTER THE WHOLE ISSUE WITH HER AND SWIZZ BEATS. She never denied the rumors and I say…”If you didn’t do it, then you’d say you didn’t”. I am a married woman & my parents are still married. Im very serious when it comes to things like this. She lost me as a fan, I will not be buying her album

  30. Lol it is her damn video she can release it whenever the hell she wants too lool people are just looking for an excuse to be on her neck about that whole swizz beat bs only us people only us have those whack ass reasons to not support someone if the music is good you should buy it, I never like beyonce or lady gaga “personnas” but when the songs were banging i bought Leave that girl alone!

  31. Oh and unlike black blogs and this is real talk, Perez hilton will say what he have to say to your fACE, the only black blog that didnt call alicia keys out of her name on that swizzmashonda bizz is CONCRETE LOOP everyone else made slick comment about her yet if she were to grant all of them an interview they will jump on it, I understand why she doesnt release her vidoes on one of “our blogs” YBS brown sista Toya world, The prophet necole bitchie sandra rose and more have been tearing that girl down for the last few months and then you get offended when she choses to release her product somewhere else? get f-cking real, perez hilton is an d-hole, but he is not an hypocrite so sit down with that ish!

  32. You sound like a stan, Voice. Let it go. This subject doesn’t require cursing or two separate paragraphs that aren’t saying much. You can say so much more with one rational sentence.

  33. M i can sound like whatever i want you still read my post right? Bye!

  34. @voice,

    if you think perez says what he writes on his blog to an artist he meets, then you have no idea what you are talking about. he’s the biggest hypocrite you can find. he talked smack about janet, but when he interviewed her, he was acting like he was her biggest fan. he has talked so much crap about beyonce. yet when he met her at the vma’s, he was all smiles in her face talking about how being in a pic with her and gaga was epic. he talked shit about britney too, but was all up in her tour video kissing her behind. those are just a few examples. he doesn’t have the balls to say anything to anyone’s face when he meets them face to face. the one time he ran his mouth, he got punched!

  35. I seriously doubt that this was a decision made by Alicia. It was more likely her record company that did this.

    These days it’s really hard to know what connections companies have to each other. So it may be that Hilton’s website and Alicia’s record company have some sort of corporate ties.

  36. I’m with you Monie…people just lookin’ for reasons to tear Alicia apart. There isn’t an urban blog she’d touch with a ten foot pole and I don’t blame her. It’s probably about money if the World AIDS Day connection is true. Some people so busy seeing red, they can’t even see the big picture…Alicia is going to be alright.

  37. most of the people here dnt like Alicia anyway,why shove your product on people who careless about you……she has to make a living you know….i love how she is handling the whole fiasco,she is not even in a middle of it,its like Mashonda is the only star.

  38. @Lizz-no booboo Even if people weren’t fans she did garner respect. I personally luv Alicia’s MUSIC, after this fiasco i would still listen 2 her music but her image is tainted. and she is quiet cuz she ain’t going 2 boldface lie and say she wasn’t with him and she is going 2 say she is so that is why she is quiet. Trust me, if it wasn’t true i think she would have at least mentioned it but what can she say. what do u expect her 2 say. she is doin the only thing she can do-fall back on the issue. if im wrong, im not gonna be wrong and vocal. i swear if it was another singer, this whole defense thing would not exist. Alicia’s image WAS one of consciuosness, maturity, selflessness, so its hard to take this news, but accept and get ova it.

  39. Perez Hilton is a good choice for two reasons: it has a lot of traffic and it is international. He is known all over the world, major French newspapers and I said newspapers not magazines had articles about him in their issues. What I like in his website is that he talks about a lot of people even French artists who are not worldwide superstars.I visit Perez Hilton almost everyday and it’s true he has his favorites but when something is good even if he doesn’t like the person he gives props when it’s due. And if he doesn’t feel Alicia’s video or song , he will say it believe me.

  40. I agree with the voice..Every black owned blog I’ve been on have rip her a new one. Say what ya want about perez’s crudeness, that man has millions of hits a day. Celebs love to hate him but they also know that being talked about or having your product shown on his site is free publicity.

  41. Where is the video already? I didn’t see anything even mentioned. Anyway I hope BrownSista gets pictures of Alicia’s Keep A Child Alive BlackBall that happened last night. I saw a few pictures, and while all the sistas were looking great, the one of Halle and Gabriel well lets just say was fire!!!! That woman looked fab!!

  42. I see this as purely a good business decision from her record company. Perez’s site may be negative and trashy, but at the end of the day, millions of people check out his site DAILY to read that rubbish. It has become so popular that celebrities themselves are writing to Perez and willing to be interviewed by him. He creates buzz and that can’t be denied. So maybe Alicia’s record company felt that the excitement needs to be re-ignited for Alicia and Perez Hilton’s site as the perfect place to do that!

    And as for the ‘homewrecker’ stuff, no one knows the full story apart from the people involved. And I respect Alicia’s decision to not speak out about it as its no ones business, at the end of the day shes only human and this stuff happens everyday. Its just different when you’re famous and people view you as if you are as bad as a murderer or something.

    In my opinion Alicia’s probably one of the best female singers around at the moment. Her music may sound ‘samey’ at times, but shes talented, she can write good music and shes got many years of success ahead of her. She doesnt need gimmicks, or wear next-to-nothing clothes on stage to gain popularity.

  43. I completely disagree with this post. You say that AK should have gone to the black blogs that have suported her through the years…I’m sorry, but are we looking at the same websites? I saw the most disgusting, degrading, and hateful comments about AK on black blogs. Yet, on white ones, such as dlisted, et al, I saw nothing of the sort. So, she is going where the support is. I think that people are taking what AK does/doesn’t do behind closed doors a bit too seriously. I’ts almost like some of you guys were waiting for her to mess up so you could be like “I told you that light skin girl with long hair wasn’t perfect!”. Ya’ll see where I’m going with this?

  44. I totally agree with everything that you said in the article.

    Alicia Keys is not the person I valued and respected at all.

  45. it gets really old when people expect celebrities to not do something that so many other when have done before…we’ve only heard mashonda’s view on the situation…not ak or swizz; people so easily side with the victim but never look at the real in the situation or the whole…no woman can take another woman’s man without (1) that man willingly leaving or (2)the woman giving up the fight on keeping her man.

    if they were cheating, than ak and swizz were definitely wrong for that…but i ain’t gone dogg her like she was the only woman who has ever done it.

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