Alicia Keys Does Her Own Thing

John Mayer & Alicia Keys As many of you know, Alicia Keys is in the studio working on her new album and unlike the other r n’ b divas out at the moment, Alicia is not going into the studio with Polow da Don or Timbaland, but rather indie rock star, John Mayer. Now, I’ll be honest and tell you that John isn’t exactly making music that lights up my life, but the fact that in an effort to make original music, Alicia would choose to collaborate with an artist that exudes substance over style, really impresses me.

Most artists today seem only concerned with having hits and hooking up with the producers who can give them those hits- but not Alicia. Oh I am sure she wants a #1 single just as much as the next person does, but she doesn’t seem willing to sacrifice her musical soul in oder to get it and I love that about her. Outside of Janet Jackson, only Alicia Keys’ upcoming album excites me and that is because I know she isn’t going to give me more of what I have heard already.

Check out what John had to say on his blog about working with Alicia on her new album, As I Am.

Alicia and I finally found the time to finish writing a track for her upcoming album… I have never had a better time collaborating in the studio. The song’s called “Lesson Learned” and I can’t wait for the world to hear it.

This is probably about as obvious as telling you the sky is blue, but Alicia is the most authentic artist of our generation… She’s strong where she needs to be…Not just strong as a woman (there are many strong women out there) but strong as an artist (there are few, regardless of gender). She has the vision DOWN and doesn’t waste time getting there.


  1. It could be argued that working with John Meyer is just as calculated a move as working with Pharrell or Polow. He carries a lot of name recognition. And let’s be clear, though most of the music Alicia puts out is very organic-sounding, she has worked with some of the most popular boutique producers in the biz– Kanye, Rich Harrison, JD and Timbaland. But one thing I will say about her is, it doesn’t matter who she works with because her own spirit and talent prevails.

  2. I’ve noticed that when people talk about Alicia it’s always in comparison to what other artists are doing at the moment. I think Alicia is talented enought to stand on her own, but everyone else makes it like they only like her because she’s not doing what everyone else is doing.

  3. I like John Mayers style. It takes you back to that old 70’s funk sound and he is a great guitar player. He is so different and very talented.
    Alicia Keys and John Mayer will definitely have longevity in this business because their music can reach a broader audience outside of the MTV/BET crowd. Both share the title of artist, writer and musician. Something that is missing in this new generation of so called entertainers in the music business. Alicia’s music has substance. Can’t wait for the new CD to come out.


  4. You should really give John’s material a listen. The man is good; great lyrics, great music. This collabo, I look forward to. Alicia likes all types of music and for her to be able to collaborate with these big names like John Mayer is a great thing. But John hasn’t always been big time. I think with this latest record, he’s just coming into his own. His first couple of albums did very well, but it wasn’t until this time around that he worked with Kanye and now Alicia (and probably some other artists that I don’t know about). I agree with nOva in that Alicia’s talent and spirit does prevail in whatever she does. Also, as far as longevity in the game, I agree that John will be around and so will Alicia. Did you guys see the Grammy Awards where John Legend, Corinne and John Mayer all performed? That right there is the future of what music SHOULD BE. Thank God for those few musical artisans who DO prevail in this industry full of carbon-copy artists.

  5. People need to understand that Alicia is not aspiring to be that pop rnb diva she makes music for the soul and that’s y she can’t be working with timbaland(that i really love),pharell,swizz beat or others
    she has a whole other kind of music and she is so classy i can’t seem to find a flaw about her she amazing

  6. I think it has the potential to be a hit record. They both have very strong names on both sides of music. I just love her to pieces and can’t wait for her album πŸ˜€ πŸ™


  8. A Keyes is the true definition of an ARTIST!

    Substance over Style is one of the best quotes I’ve heard in a while. LOVE HER!!!!!!!

  9. We give a huge Hip-Hop Horay to the big pimp Alicia Keys because she is doing what many other artist are not. She is daring to be creative with her project and look for that new sound. Verses just trying to pump out some catchy mess that will sale. Black music is trash these days, people are making beats instead of producing and coming up with hooks instead of songs and coming out with packages instead of artist. It’s time for real artist to come forth and it’s time for us to let the industry know that we can tell the diifrence between the two by buying the artist who can perform live and have well put together projects. Don’t just push two singles down my throat and the rest of the songs are bull.

  10. :dance2: :dance1: ALICIA THE GAME NEEDS YOU BADLY! :iagree: :dance:

  11. A. Keys is very talented and I agree w/Nova’s “It could be argued that working with John Meyer is just as calculated a move as working with Pharrell or Polow.” There is nothing wrong with having a plan…some are just more blatant than others.
    Her song Superwoman is hot and I will purchase the album when it comes out.

  12. I like Alicia a lot. She’s very talented and I keep on waiting for her albums to come out.

  13. Oh yes old school music or should i say real music? alicia,chrissette and jen.hudson are sure trying to keep up a music for the soul they should be given way more credit then what they already have expecially chrissette then again jay z is so not her producer!Can’t be i didnt see his name on the album she can’t do that jay z is a pimp who ever he touches becomes his betch my fav song is “is this the way loves feel” its a beautiful song man….
    :thumbsup: :thumbsup: i’ll go to her concert sit back and enjoy her voice hopefully she won’t fall πŸ˜€ :confused:
    I need some coffee

  14. I absolutely love, admire, and respect Alicia Keys as one of the most talented young artist of our time. While I would not say she is in a class by herself, she is in the same class as Jill Scott, Heather Headley, Chrisette Michel, Angie Stone, and Tamia to name a few artist that can stand flat footed or sit at the piano and just blow. I am eagerly awaiting her next album.

  15. Alicia worked with Rich? I never heard that before. When? What’s the track? Yo I wanna know.

    Anyway, what I love about this girl is that she can be mainstream and STILL remain true to her art. That’s why I do believe she’s one of the realest artists out there. That’s one of the MAJOR reasons why ALL GENERATIONS are feeling her, because her soul lies in her music. And notice that whatever “hot” producer she works with embraces HER style and not the other way around. She’s not a puppet, she’s her own leader, with a vision, she definitely knows what she wants and who she is as an artist. For example, Timbaland didn’t produce ANYTHING ELSE like “Heartburn” and nobody could have guessed it was him, because he embraced HER style. And most of her hits (Fallin, If I Aint Got You, Karma, A Woman’s Worth, etc) are Krucial Keys productions anyway so it’s not like those “hot” producers made her.

    I have major respect for her, she’s doing smart moves, she doesn’t follow, whoever she works with remain the ones who follow her vision. That’s what I call power! And that John Mayer move is another smart move, but still with a real artist, she could have chosen folks like T-Pain if it was solely for popularity, but as I said, she knows who she is as an artist and chooses people who are willing to embrace her vision. Akeys is the shizzznit!!!

  16. Alicia the game needs you right now! These staged broads with 99 dances behind them with 99 specials effects. All the people want is music not entertainment. Alicia the game needs a classic from you hon. Come on home! :thumbsup: 😎

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