Alicia Keys Engaged?

Despite the fact Swizz Beatz and Mashonda’s divorce isn’t finalized, Swizz is ready to take he and Alicia’s complicated relationship to the next level. According to Swizz beatz proposed to Alicia Keys on her 29th birthday while on a romantic Hawaii Beach. On January 25 Swizz popped the question with a 7 carat engagement ring. Although Keys rep denies she’s engaged a close friend reveals ” She feels blessed, and thrilled for she is with the man who inspired so much of her music and new album( The Element Of Freedom).

*sidenote* I doubt the ring she’s pictured with is her actual engagement ring.


  1. Oh, Alicia…you too?! Man. I don’t have anything real nice to say, so I guess I won’t say anything at all.

  2. OMG!! Please stop!! At least the man IS getting a divorce. Look at how many women sleep with men who lie and never get a divorce.

    When children and other things are involved a divorce can take a long time is he not supposed to move on with his life until that happens? I think not. We don’t know when these two got together so please stop. I hope it works out for them.

  3. They just couldn’t wait for his divorce from MaShonda to FINALIZED??!! Alicia couldn’t respect their union until the divorce was FINALIZED??!! Ppl’s priorities and values are shot to hell, I swear *smh*.

    It speakes volumes about you when you don’t respect a couple union, fail to recognize that he isn’t respecting his very own union w/ someone YET you want a respected, loving union?? What kind of ish is that? GTFOOH!!!

  4. LOL at SUMMER RAINE second comment, and…umm congrats if it’s true.

  5. Its funny that just because she has a ring on that finger that all of a sudden this rumor comes out and people go crazy like its true. I don’t believe this, that ring looks like something from her Barber’s Daughter collection. Alicia may like Swizz but she aint ready to split her money with him. I also doubt Alicia has any friends that would talk to the press in this way she is too guarded for that.

  6. oH Alicia, i keep forgetting she not superwoman or perfect, mean when i see her saving AFrica and those inspirational 5 minute speeches at award shows…(sigh)

  7. I tell you these chicks if he can do it to his wife what makes her think he cant do it to her too, Oh cause he loves her but guess what he loved his wife that much in the beginning too. Alicia, Beyawnce and the rest of those loose ass chicks are gonna get whats coming to them.

  8. People always have some bad images for women who steal other women’ husbands. What if Alicia didn’t steal? What if the relationship between SB and his wife is bad before Alicia? We all don’t know what’s behind the story. So I decided to focus on her music which I’m still happy to listen to.

  9. We don’t know the full story. Bottom line. WE DON’T KNOW.

    I wish her well if this rumor is true. She seems to be really in love and him also.

    And to think, the same people downing her for this were calling her all kinds of derogatory-lesbian names back in the day.


    O Rly?

    Congrats Miss Keys. Love your music forever and a day. 🙂

  10. that union is over. and if there were no Alicia, Swizz would not be over there with Mashonda…move on hon.. Shereee was able to do it as Jada and Will began dating well before his divorce was Jada and Sheree are close.. Trust if your union is not designed by God it will not last.. NEXT

  11. WTF cares? I only want to be entertained by this lady. I like her music and her lyrics. Her personal life has nothing to do with it. It ain’t like some of us haven’t done the same thing, and worse!!

  12. Alicia is too respectful to do something lyk that i dnt buy that shit I love her music

    All those pple saying she stole Mashonda’s man are just jealous they just want to be in her shoes so its undastandable

  13. I still love you alicia…but I will say this good luck to you and this man and only the three people involved knows what really happened and if you did any wrong alicia…how you got him is how you will lose him. Good luck girl.

  14. i just don’t look at alicia like i used to anymore. whatever to both of them

  15. ^^ I agree with you Mrs Jones. I was a big fan of Alicia’s but I never heard her deny these rumors which leads me to believe she IS a homewrecker. I mean, if I didn’t do it, I would come right out and clear it up. In this case, what people think DOES matter. I’m sorry she lost me until…..

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