Alicia Keys Gets Sued + Releases New Video


On the same day Alicia Keys released the visuals for her ‘Brand New Me’ video, the singer also found herself on the receiving end of a copyright lawsuit filed on behalf of songwriter Earl Shuman.

According to Shuman, Keys lifted two lines from his 1962 single ‘Lonely Boy,’ which became an international hit back in 1970 when it was re-recorded by singer Eddie Holman as ‘Hey There Lonely Girl.’

The two lines reportedly appear on Alicia’s ‘Girl on Fire’ single and according to Shuman, are completely uncredited. Shuman is seeking damages, profits and interest from the track, as well as full writing credit.

Despite the lawsuit, the world keeps on spinning for Alicia, who released a beautifully understated video for her latest chart burner ‘Brand New Me.’ The visuals were directed by Diane Martel, who Keys’ credits with “totally bringing the song’s vision to life.”

Check it out below and let us know what you think.


  1. what two lines? just curious.

    honest mistake? or purposeful decision to include the lyric?

    i once wrote a story in which i named a japanese character. i searched on one of those ‘famous first/surname’ sites and decided on the name.

    lo and behold, i come to find that the name is also the name of a fashion designer in london.

    and then there’s deja vu…

    sometimes these things happen.

    big starruhs should thoroughly vet their work before releasing to the masses and thus becoming susceptible to lawsuits.

  2. I read it was just a few words….she’s a lonely girl living in a lonely word…they may be reaching with this one. AK has never had an issue of giving writing credits. Anyway love the video and song. Read the guy is from One Life To Live or used to be on there.

  3. Correction…its not a few words but apparently the way she sings Lonely girl for all of 2 seconds….they claim its the same as the oldie hey there lonely girl by earl shuman.

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