Alicia Keys “Keep A Child Alive”

Despite all the negative publicity Alicia Keys has been recieving from the media, she and some of your favorite brownsistas came out to support a beneficial cause, I thought was definitely worth mentioning. “Keep a Child Alive” Annual Black Ball was hosted by Alicia Keys and Padma Lakshmi, on October 15, 2009.At the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. This event benefits children and families with HIV and Aids in Africa and India.


  1. I feel Like Wyclef and Alicia are the two people who really do what they do out of the goodness of their hearts, I recently learned that Alicia spent a fortune in some Somalian villages to make sure people were fed I even saw the paper works yet i looked every where online and couldnt find such informations, Wyclef (Haiti represente)is hands on with his charity and you never see it being mediatized or see them talk about it to validate themselves, Congrats People! Now Alicia i hate “DMA” Let us hear “Try sleeping with…”

  2. Alicia looks great but… @ voice out of the THOUSANDS of celebrities we have on this very earth that give back, you only feel that TWO of them are passionate about it? Am i hearing or reading your comment correctly???

  3. Since you’re SO for charities perform by celebs without being publicize, doesn’t that mean other people, outside of A-Keys and Wyclef, JUST MIGHT be doing a better job at keeping all/some of their good deeds unpublicized? How is KACA / YÉLE Haiti unpublicized or “never mediatized”?

    The fact that A-keys and Wyclef publicized or talk about these two charities don’t take a darn thing away from their sincerities. There will be some who do the same thing ONLY for good publicity. That’s between them and they’re maker. However, publicized charities serve positive purposes [Increase funds & hands] as well as negative ones. Don’t pick and choose, dear.

  4. Lol, I love the inclusion of the “negative publicity”… like anyone (besides this site) gives a damn. Would have liked to have shared this feature if it weren’t it seeping with bitterness. I guess I’ll get the feature to share from somewhere else.

  5. Halle looked marvelous, I love how comfortable she is with herself and the hair is it!! Alicia looked like she was truly having fun, so good for her. I think it is a good thing that Keep A Child Alive has taken off, it started off small so nothing is wrong is more are supporting it.

  6. Snijina flower i didnt read your post you are addressing me because? i don’t like you and i tought you deemed me “immature”? why did you waste fourty minutes typing all that jazz on me ?
    17: Go to hell
    M: you are tragic honey ^^
    and for all of you morons i was obviously talking about pop artists the one in the limelight not the million of others “anonymous” giving to charity every single day.month,year, and don’t you all dare come at me like you just got your weaves done i’m not the one got that ?

  7. Beyonce’s Hamuger Helper Fundraizer just went up to 17. 4 million…Did u hear about it?
    Only i heard about it because of Angie…Via Twitter. Did u know Beyonce donated 350,000
    to the chldren’s hospital for fight against cancer…? How i know, VIA TWITTER, When Angie said it.

    But when Beyonce does stuff like that, its for PR, but i dont hear about it, unless u go on twitter.

    A.Keys true colors is coming out…Still luc her though

    Its sad the countless celebs, not only Beyonce, do some beautiful and kind things, but it had to be publicized and then critizize..A keys is not the only person who gives back to the community…SMH

  8. Alicia is a hypocrite and a shameful person, who deserves nothing but failure with this album and I’m sure she’ll get a proper dose of that in another form if it does not come from her album.

    @the complex, are you feeling guilty about some dubious extra-marital activity you have been caught up in???


    Lets face it, anyone who defends Alicia’s homewrecking ways, is probably a homewrecker themselves, or on their way to being one in the near future.

  9. AIDS
    the main reason why so many black women in america have aids is:

    trying to keep a black man in their live at any cost.

    alica having a public affair with a black woman husband don’t help the cause, only hinder it more.

    black women mentally look at the fact that is light skin female took a black woman husband out of her home.

    because of this black women will become more and more insecure and lead them to make cloudy judgement
    when it come to asking a black they meet to take an AIDS TEST.

    i got a black man in my life don’t want scare him away by asking to take an aide test. he is dating me, not some light skin woman or white woman

    that how the majority of black women think.

    alica selfish action speak louder than any AIDS ball she is hosting.

    Alica Keyes action will create new case among black women in america in the 6 months or year.

    Good day black women have a nice Sunday.

    I thought you were classy??? ( i was obviously wrong)

  11. Voice, you sound like a baited bear. Deal with the critiques & move on, remember, this is JUST the internet. Tragedy, indeed.

  12. All the ladies look lovely. This is a good cause. I still like Alicia in spite of her faults, both seen and unseen.

  13. The sound is bad but nice video of her next single Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart she sang it at the Black Ball

    CNN Interview about Keep A Child Alive

    As for her personal life I don’t think anybody knows it well enough to defend or criticize. If a person makes a mistake in life it doesn’t mean that everything they have ever done and will do is fake, it means they are not perfect and had a lapse in judgement.

  14. V…although I know you like you some SF, being this vocal about it…is making me blush :-).

    IF I ever called you immature, I don’t remember. You shouldn’t let anything like that affect you negatively if at all.

  15. Halle looks good.
    The only negative publicity Alicia had was only on Black blogs. If I wasn’t a regular viewer of this website I shouldn’t have known about this story. All the negative publicity for an affair that has occured 2 years ago…

  16. Halle is ageless. Seriously that women has awesome genes. I love that dress.

    @Lou-lou: I completely agree with you.

  17. the good she does with this event and it has to include the “negative publicity”…no wonder she chose Perez to debut on…he don’t discriminate he’ll dog everybody – black, white, male, female, gay, straight, tall, short, etc…

  18. Competition, Envy and Jealousy is SOOOOOOOOO SELF-DEFEATING!

    I lost my older sister and cousin to AIDS, both infected by their husbands, knowingly so!

    So what Alicia does for Africa is no small feat…at least we have access to medications and treatment. Have you seen the film “Yesterday”…AK’s not the only one, but Wyclef and Alicia have been consistently vocal in their outreach and it’s apart of their essence, like Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” and “Save The Children”…music based on social messages, ok!

    Most celebrities have a foundation and give back, Denzel and Pauletta, Oprah, 100 Black Men, Common, Kanye West, Mariah Carey, you name them, they have one. I even started my own non-profit organization, kids have foundations and non-profits.

    Stars are inundated with offers to help, give or serve as a spokesperson to create awareness and raise money.

    Alicia’s good deeds can’t be taken away and she’ll reap any wrong doing. This idolatry thing has to stop, see your own greatness, it’s there!

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