Alicia Keys Hosts “Black Ball” Event

Soul diva Alicia Keys hosted her annual Black Ball event Thursday night at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. This is the fifth year Alicia has acted as hostess for the event, which raises money for the AIDS organization, Keep A Child Alive. When asked what her secret was for getting celebrities to show up for her event every year, Alicia replied- “I bat my eyes and wink, we have a nice conversation and then they just show up.” So far Alicia’s wink has raised over 10 million dollars for her cause and with people like Tyra Banks and Queen Latifah showing up for this years festivities- she is bound to raise even more.

Check out the Brown Sistas on the red carpet below.


  1. Alicia is just plain gorgeous. She is so sexy and sensual without even trying. She`s definitely a treat for us men. So much so that I wish she was my wife. I applaud her for her effort with such a worthy cause. She`s definitely the most sexy, most beautiful, fineness, among today`s female singers…..period; luv me some AK. I hope to see more posts of her on this blog more frequently.

    MJ & The Golden 80s forever!!!

    It`s just “Human Nature”

  2. Alicia is doing it! This is my first time hearing of her “Black Ball” event. I’m interested to know how she came up with the name black ball. This is a beautiful and much needed gesture that she is extending to those plagued with the disease. I worked for an agency that provided case management services for people affected by and living with the disease. It was a stressful yet “blessed” experience. If I ever have the resources I would love to get back into human service work….helping people with AIDS (especially children), inner-city youth programs…whatever. We need to keep the each one reach one mindset.

  3. That why i like her. I like the fact she love helping people and raising money for a good cause. Get em AK

  4. Doing positive things good for her. She is really dedicated to this and looking great might I add. :thumbsup:

  5. Iman is stunning. So regal and gorgeous. I can only wish to look like that at her age!

  6. I love alicia and her entire persona she is such a great woman i can’ t help but applaud her :thumbsup: Very good cause Great women Everyone look good :thumbsup: Alicia

  7. I absolutely love Alicia because she has her own style and no one can say she is copying anyone. Each album that comes out she is not using gimmicks or flamboyance trying to take over the world type issues and she still does great. She is her own person. I say kudos to her and her team.

  8. “I bat my eyes and wink, we have a nice conversation and then they just show up.”
    That’s one of my moves! 🙂
    Gets ’em every time….

    Not sure if I’ve ever heard anything about this event though. The fifth year??
    Well, it’s wonderful that so much loot has been raised for a good cause.

    I can not express enough how much I adore Iman. She is my “How To Age Gracefully” idol!
    I mean, I have to give all credit to moms and M’dea- I know I’m gonna age well with their genes along with my diet and exercise but Ms. Iman just…. inspires & motivates me. I luv her!! I sit and watch her on HSN whenever she’s on because she’s so awesome {plus she has some really nice things in her line}.

  9. I heard her discussin this on the “View” the other day. I am glad that her event turned out well & she was able to continue to push fwd for her cause :thumbsup: .

  10. Gone girl!!! So refreshing…

    Every since Ms. A. Keys stepped on the scene, I feel as if her mission in life isn’t selfish, but selfless. When I listen to her music, it give me chills in a good way. Her beauty, talent, and soul runs deep, and she ain’t trying to “man arm” the industry, her fans, or the world for that matter, to accept her.

    Love her!!!

  11. I love me some Alicia and I love that she gives back not just her money but her time as well. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  12. Oops, I forgot to comment on the other beautiful “brownsistas”. Everyone looked lovely that night. It’s always a pleasure to see people coming together to support a good cause.

    P.S. Hmm…I wonder if that “wink and a smile” will work for the Nesh Nesh Charity…LOL

  13. :iagree: w/ Smooth Criminal, surabi & Nesh Nesh 100%!!!!! [Well… 95% for you Smooth Criminal, I don’t wish for Alicia to be my wife!….LOL]

    I “STAN” for Alicia Keys! I absolutely love & respect that woman! She has such a beautiful soul inside and out and it shows. Proud that you are doing your part to give back and to help others Alicia and not let the fame go to your head …. Stay humble & Keep doing your thang’ ma!!! :thumbsup:

    Wishing you many more blessings on your future endeavors Beautiful Brown Sista!!! :bowdown:

  14. I agree with Nesh Nesh 100%. Love me some Alicia Keys!!!!! :bowdown: :bowdown:

  15. Alica Keys has been looking so fabulous and stunning over this past year. Sheis such a beautiful and talented lady.

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