Alicia Key’s New Jewelry Line

The Barber's Daughter Watch Collection Singer Alicia Keys is slated to launch her new jewelry line, The Barber’s Daughter, this Monday, November 23rd in New York City. According to Womens Wear Daily, Alicia and her design partner, Gisele Theriault, have created a collection of eclectic silver pieces that will range in price from $85 to $2500 and feature inspirational prayers and quotes from author Masaru Emoto.

“I fell in love with the individuality of the pieces, but more than that, the words that were written on them really resonated with the songwriter in me,” she said. “I knew at that moment, for the first time, that through a whole other medium I would be able to spread inspiration and that’s what got me started.”

The R&B songstress adds that the mission of The Barber’s Daughters is “to give people beautiful, unique pieces with messages that ignite them to find the best within.” The Barber’s Daughters will open a pop-up shop for two days- November 23rd and 24th- at the Collette Blanchard Gallery in Manhattan to help generate buzz for the brand’s fall 2010 launch.

Usually I don’t pay too much attention when artists start fashion lines- or anything else for that matter- however, Alicia’s collection actually looks pretty good. It is jewelry I would actually buy as I am a lover of eclectic pieces of silver.

Click here to check out The Barber’s Daughter for yourself.


  1. Good for Alicia. Hope it does well and she actually wears it and not just to press events etc.

  2. Not to keen on the collection but good luck to her with that endeavor.

  3. KANYADE- you don’t like that watch above? I thought it was so unique. I actually LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Alicia’s collection- but then as I said, I am a crazy silver fan 🙂

  4. @ SISTA, I saw a lot of her pieces were hammered or just flat silver with script written. I’m more of a sleek, modern design type. The face of the watch is nice, but with that spindly wiring, meh, don’t like it. I’ll take silver over gold anyday but like I said, I’m more into modern designs 🙂

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