Alicia Keys “No One” Video

Alicia Keys Alicia Key’s premiered her video for her single “No One” on Bet’s 106 & Park today. The video is understated as most of Alicia’s videos are. However, this one seems to spend quite a lot of time showcasing her stunning new look and figure. I know most people couldn’t help but talk about Broccoli Spears after the VMA’s, but it was Alicia’s new booty body that caught the eye of most of the people I know. Don’t act like you didn’t see those hips when Alicia’s silhouette first hit the screen (lol). Me thinks Alicia has hit the gym and intends to show more of her sexy and feminine side on this new CD.

Check out pics and the video.

Video Removed By Request


  1. I like the part at the end with all the people. Very happy and feel good.

  2. Alicia has come to terms with the fact that SEX SELLS! She’ll probably being showing more in the near future. She better watch that weight, though.

  3. Homegirl looks good! Actually I got more outta the video than her sex appeal. From listening to the interview she wanted people to have their own felings and relate the lyrics to themselves. That is what I was able to do. Alicia has always worn tight pants, tight shirts, makeup, even some halter tops. I think the difference is that she is more comfortable in her own skin and she talks about that in some of the interviews for this new album. People already found her to be beautiful but I think she is actually comfortable with that now.

  4. a beautiful talented woman who doesnt try too hard. She is just beautiful.The song is one of the best ive heard this year. Cant wait for the album to drop

  5. Good look for Ms Keys!

    I love the song and the video is a cool fit. It’s simple and to the point. AKeys look damn good too! GO GIRL!

  6. I am soooo feeling this video right now. I like the song even more because of the video. She is gorgeous, well dressed and the simplicity of the video allows me to focus on her amazing voice.

  7. I don’t think Alicia is trying to sell sex, I think she is just evolving. I mean a couple of posts ago, people were saying that she always looks the same. Plus on 106 & Park, she said she was in love and that has a lot to do with it. You wanna look beautiful and you even feel more beautiful

  8. When Alicia Keys came on the scene she was very young. Now she is growing and evolving into the woman that she is. She looks good, love the song and can’t wait for the CD to drop.

  9. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this song! It’s so heartfelt…just love it and the video was simple and sweet. Kudos to her, love her 🙂

  10. Madame Zenobia,

    Isn’t this song so HEARTFELT! A. Keyes will keep amazing us musicallly!

    She’s in a league of her own!!!!!! LOVE HER!



  12. That really is not a lie, Alicia is really feeling herself these days and I would too if I had hips like that. She look good for real, love that appearance for Krucial, getting down with his boo. Love is beautiful!

  13. I love the theme of the song, it sounds great to hear something new from Alicia and I enjoy the video! Definitely a huge fan of hers, since the beginning. Evolvement and change is a good thing especially when it makes you feel good about life. Change allows you to grow :thumbsup: . She looks great, always has.I love this song :bowdown: !

  14. des you is a mojor hater go somewhere you’re a mess alicia sold without having the look she got now meaning its a personal development that she decided to go
    hide yourself you hate too much talking about s sells
    pff messy

  15. Just chiming in to mention also that this song is … well, it STAYS with you. It’s in my head right now. Just popped in when I logged onto this site and saw the thread title in the column thingy. Love it!!

  16. It’s nice to hear real music. I thought beyonce was all there was. But Alicia Keys is changing that. Her new video is real relaxing and shows how beautiful she is. Can’t wait to for her new cd.

  17. Alicia,

    When you learn how to spell and compose a complete sentence free of grammatical errors, then and only then should you address me. Until that time, go to school :booty:

  18. Alicia’s song writing skills are really impressive. There is no need to convince anyone of anything, she will be here for a long long time. Her style and image is something that is timeless and will last for many years to come. I dont think she will reduce herself to an obvious sex symbol; her appeal is more understated. This is probably the furtherest she will go, which is a happy medium. She just wants to look pretty and sexy in an everyday woman type way. I dont see her as the sex kitten naked on a car shouting COME LOOK AT ME!

  19. Absolutely No disrespect intended. I think Ms Keys is a great role model to artist all over the world. Didn’t anyone think she looked like she has to potty at some points in the video? Sorry…I really do love her…but…didn’t anyone see that? :confused:

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