Alicia Key’s Oprah Performance

Alicia Keys stopped by the Oprah Winfrey Show last week to promote her “Element of Freedom” album and perform an absolutely amazing rendition of her single “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart.” Alicia is also presently on tour and you guys should definitely check her out when she comes to your area. Early reviews have been amazing and a few images from the tour can be seen here.


  1. I have to admit that I have not bought Element of Freedom. This album to me was just too pop and boring. Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart was especially a downer but I have to admit she killed it in this performance.

  2. I personally like this track from her latest album. But as we all knew or feel, that this is a similar formula Alicia always use, and that’s why we find it too boring.Like Babayface said in an interview long time ago,Alicia should team up with other song writers and producers to create something more inspiring. Love her though.

  3. I have the album. I think it’s excellent. I love most of the songs on it. It’s so refreshing.I think it’s a classic. She is so talented.

  4. I love her album. Diary is IMO the best she has ever done but this a great CD too!

  5. And she looks GORGEOUS! I might make it to the concert in ATL

  6. I love this version!! I hope she comes my way I want to see this concert as well, I have heard great things about it.

  7. I saw this performance and Alicia was great! And she looked amazing as always.

  8. What I Really Want To Know Is, Where is The Put it in a love song video!?!? want it due this weekend!?!

  9. Element of Freedom is FIYAH! Don’t sleep on this CD ladies.

  10. ooooohhhhh Unthinkable is the next release. I wish she would skip the song with Bey and go straight to Unthinkable. I can’t stand that Put In A Love Song.

  11. I like this song, but passed on TFoF because I previewed the entire album on facebook and it was so tepid. I never thought I’d say it, but Diary was her best album–she was still fresh and edgy; now she’s so bland and vague and colorless, and her music reflects this–the lyrics and the melodies are simplistic and generic unless she’s performing them live, and despite her visible causes, I feel we’ve grown to know less and less of who Alicia is as a person as the years go by.

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