Alicia Keys Performs At The Bermuda Music Fest

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys closed out the 2008 Bermuda Festival Sunday night, taking to the stage to perform a medley of her hits, including You Don’t Know My Name, No One, and If I Ain’t Got You. Dressed in some type of shimmery black avant-garde outfit, Alicia performed for an estimated crowd of 20,000 and was paid a whopping $750,000 for her 90 minute set.

Not half bad.

Check out pics from the performance below and I’ll upload video as soon as they hit the net.


  1. I’m surprised she didn’t get paid more than that. That’s a whole lot of money…don’t get me wrong, it just seems a little low for somebody of her caliber. Angelina Jolie get’s 13 or 14 mill for baby pics and A Keys gets 750,000 for a killer perfomance…hmmmmm. Oh well, my girl’s still paid!

    I’m still not speaking to her over the SB situation though! :thumbsdown:

  2. I don’t feel sorry for anyone who makes three quarter of a million dollars in 90 minutes. But you go girl with your performance.

  3. That why i like alicia keys it not about money it just she love what she do and do not be greedy about it. She know people money is not right either. I wish i was there to see her perform. GO A-KEYS

  4. I heard Bey got paid a milli for her performance at BMF. Anywho, Alicia looks great. Bey and Alicia in one weekend??? :bowdown: I should have been there! :brownsista:

  5. Trina:There is no SB situation unless i see some visual proofs i’ m not believing MTO

    Lady: I agree she loves her music more than the money its so easy to see!!!

    Lola:Paid a million for a performance yet is outsold by alicia keys what does that tell you?

    anyway she is one hell of a performer I been to every show she had in LA and let me tell you she is a powerhouse Gi Licia :bowdown:

  6. I’m loving it. Wish I could’ve been there. She is an awesome talent and a heck of a songwriter to boot :brownsista:

  7. Go Alicia. You gotta love this girl! oh and I dont believe that bull crap about SB either.

  8. This woman blows me away, 4 real! Her personality/spirit exudes confidence, but most of all it’s full of compassion for mankind. She is so raw. If I had my selection on a celebrity to meet in person (and hang out with) it would definitely be this chic. She’s just too down! I am so impressed!!

    Can’t wait to see her movie “The Secret Lives of Bees”. Now that movie right there….wooo….all those sistahs (A. Keys, J. Hud, Queen Latifah, and Sophia) will get my support and money…all $8.50 worth.

    Much love and respect, A. Keys!!!!!

  9. I love Alicia Keys…$8333.33/min aint shabby at all…Go Alicia GO :thumbsup:

  10. my god did anyone see her on Regis and Kelly this morning. for one she looked absolutely beautiful in her green dress, and to add she performed Superwoman(a shorten version) and she absolutely killed that ish. A. Keys is not playing with ya’ll she gonna get a grammy for that song without a doubt.

  11. erocka: more like multiple grammys :hifive:

  12. i think it’s insane that entertainers should make that kind of money period. just my thought on the matter.

  13. Dark Sister I was in deep denial too. I was ready to curse out anybody that was trying to keep that rumor alive. HOWEVER, I went on Miss Info’s website and saw pics from a party that was thrown for HIM. I kept hearing rumors that she’s the one that threw the party and I didn’t believe it until I went on Miss Info’s website and saw that it was HER band that was playing at his party and Miss Info never would verify whether or not she was there. You have to read the comments for yourself to see what I’m saying. I don’t even go on MTO. Too trashy. I still got love for my girl, but I’m just not speaking to her right now. :thumbsdown:

  14. :booty: she shoudl get paid that much.. she does not take home 750,000 (taxes, band, security, hair and makeup, pr..etc…..)

    she will take home around 200,000.. but damn that is more than I make in an entire year)

  15. Ms. Li-Li is one of the baddest to dun dunnit and she stays humble while doin beautiful and out of *well mostly* out of the drama. Love her! Oh and CTC (cut the check for all u slow ones) making money is a perk of the biz i remember a time when all Licia played was coffee houses and still brought the house down. Go girl! Make ur money!!!

  16. Word? Bey Got paid a million? Wow! Any how mad props to Alicia, I’m sure she brought the house down, she always does. Wish I was there ๐Ÿ™

  17. I am so happy for AK, I luv this woman, she`s extremely beautiful. Indeed, she does seem so genuine and down to earth. That`s a rarity with many artists, especially of her caliber. Her album has been, is, a great success. She`s a great writer who makes beautiful music. She`s definitely at the top of the game. Hopefully, she`ll remain humble and true to herself because that goes a long way. I`m one who believes that great things should happen to beautiful people.

    I also luv the track that she did with Jack White for the James Bond theme, entitled, “Another Way To Die”. The video has a very dark and sinister feel that only enhances the track. I expect the song to be huge on pop radio and go straight to the top of the charts while adding to Alicia`s already amazin` resume’. The song has a great edge to it that fits perfectly with The Bond theme. Alicia is absolutely stunning in the video. May the sun continue to shine upon her. I luv me some A. Keys!!!!

    MJ & The Golden 80s forever!!!!

  18. Miss Cook has really stepped up up her performance game from when she first came out. Mainly because she has more confidence and let go. She always been the musician but now she has stepped up in the performing. I am also glad she rested her voice too. That’s one of her instruments, she need to take care of that. I want it to last for a long time. Thanks 4 the article…

  19. By the way, I`m also rooting for Alicia to quickly move up the sales chart among female artists. After the top ones which include Madonna, Celine Dion, Mariah, Janet, Shawnia, and that group, Britney Spears follows with more than 80 million albums sold. Hopefully, soon Alicia will be apart of that group. So far she`s at more than 40 million as she comes in behind Britney. Speaking of Britney she will soon add to her totals with her release on Dec. 2nd. I expect her and Kanye`s albums to be the biggest ones coming out next with Kanye set to release his in November, as he/they moved up the release date.

    I expect both Britney and Kanye to sell well over 7k in the first week. Who knows they, both, may even go platinum. Britney has already accomplished that feat before with one of her albums selling more than 1.3 million in the first week. Kanye barely missed with his last album selling more than 956, ooo in the first week. These two will probably dominate the charts in a matter of weeks. Anyway, I`m rooting for my girl to quickly move up.

    MJ & The Golden 80s forever!!!

  20. So if someone’ s band play an someone’ s party then the singer threw the party? Come on now sister this is 2008 we can do better than that ! If A.keys was really a home wrecker i think we would have had some pictures,some proof,something relevant to back up those accusations I do not believe the hype and i give everyone even those that i don’ t support the benefit of the doubt , right now Like i said beside a jealous housewife that can’ t even h keep her head up when her man do wrong, admit it and move on, she rather point fingers and accuse people. I know women are powerful and can get what they want whenever they decide but swizz[white girls lover]beat took vows not A.keys so even if she did fool around qith him, the truth for the matter is Sb is to blame, as long as Keys and ma[ghetto]shonda are not related what so ever!

    SCI think since keys did it already any female [unless your name is whitney houston]that put an album out in this period of time[2008-begining 2009] will just flop plain and simple,brittany spears is america’ s sweetheart they are fighting a battle trying to get her back to her one of best female seller status and they will not let anyone take her crown away from her didn’t many female singers [besides the legend] rose when britney fell? Watch out, And be smart people!

  21. Luv Luv Luv ms. Keys! She seems so genuine and down to earth when she speaks. I don’t care how much she got paid I know she was well worth the money I saw the AsIAm tour over the summer and it was greatttttttttttt! Loved the Regis performance she will definitely be carrying home a boatload of grammys again.

  22. I agree october -january is gon be britney’ s era only kanye can mesure up to her didn’ t she sell a more than a milli a week with one album tht chick can’ t be beat even blck people love her, n now she has her i went crazy publicity stunt with her she gon get them!~

  23. LOL…Dark Sista…you dramatic as hell. LOL Like, I said you have to read Ms. Info’s site to know what I’m saying. Anywho…

    AK’s my girl BUT I’m still not speaking to her right now. :thumbsdown:

  24. Would have been fantastic to be there! I’m a big fan! Well worth the money ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I wish I was there. I didn’t get a chance to see her in the states. I hope a DVD comes out with her on tour. She has grown into quite the entertainer and you can tell she is about the music and keeps her integrity to it, which is rare these days.

  26. Maybe Katrina,girl i’ m a month and a week pregnant so its gonna get worse but at least i’ m not lying ๐Ÿ™‚ lool

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