Alicia Keys Portrait Session

Alicia Keys is another Brown Sista who scored high on Billboard Magazine’s “End of the Decade” chart. The singer was named the #1 R&B/Hip Hop Artist of the Decade and came in at #5 for Overall Artist of the Decade. Since making her debut in 2001, Alicia has consistently been a hit maker, scoring hit singles not only in the United States, but around the world as well. Alicia will embark on her European tour starting in February of 2010 and tickets for her U.K. dates have already gone on sale.

In other AK news, the singer posed for portraits at her NYC album release party earlier this. Check them out below.

Alicia Keys Album Portrait SessionAlicia Keys Album Portrait SessionAlicia Keys Album Portrait Session


  1. She looks good… her Browness shows from the front! Look at them hips and thighs! She betta work!!

    Her other half shows from the back though! That baby aint got no azz!!! (lol)

    Love the Jumper though!
    And the shoes look fierce!!!

  2. Didn’t realize that was a jumper, looks cute on her. Kudos to her on #1 RnB. She is a consistent artist that really seems now to be branching out in new directions not only musically but business wise with other adventures. I like that she is so far not doing the typical perfume and clothing line deal. Not that anything is wrong with that but so far most celebrity clothing lines end up being sold in Burlington Coat Factory for cheap. Going to buy the album tomorrow.

  3. I love how her music has pure simplicty to It….she deserves It

  4. Simple and sexy. Nice. Congrats on the Billboard R&B Artist of the Decade

  5. this chic alicia keys cannot sing but she is pretty and her piano is the real talent

  6. go head alicia keys one of my favorite vocalist not a gimmick right here alicia is the real deal please believe it the voice the looks and the piano the the man on temptaions mr otis saids he admire alicia and beyonce for thier real talent i love artist like alicia keys melanie fiona jasmine sullivan and christete michele for real sanging unlike other artist alicia will go down in history and girl shake them haters off i rememeber when she sang drummer boy she sang the hell out of that song

  7. mrs alicia keys go head with ya talented self true talent here did’nt have to shake or go naked to be notice the voice and piano was all you needed can’t nobody say she cannot sang because home girl is a tru vocalist i love her performance back when she first came out chick is bad she got soul

  8. what wrong with some people ears alicia keys the girl can blow come on people she is true sanger her fantasia j hudson melanie fiona and jasmine sullivan monica can’t nobody say alicia can’t sang cause alicia keys has a great voice check her live perfomances she is amazing especially when she came out alicia keys keep shaking them haters off she one of my favorite vocalist of this generation by and r&B sanger i respect alicia keys when i heard falling she had me as a fan she can sang she worked hard glad she got r&b artist of decade she sangs timeless music. name some pretty chick who can sang write and is gorgeous and talented all in one not many but akeys if truly a gifted child who was blessed she no gimmick people not a studio sanger a real sanger unlike other which i ain’t gone name sad but true

  9. I love Alicia! She is truly talented, humble, and beautiful. Gurl can sing, write, and play instruments……She doesn’t have to shake her ass or dress trashy to sell records!

  10. true talent right here how can anybody say she cannot sang must be deaf akeys got pipes please beleive it she is not a studio sanger a good damn live sanger that why she so respected true talent no gimmick baby haters should not even comment cause they mad they ain’t you akeys

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