Alicia Keys Premieres Smoking Aces

In the film Smokin’ Aces- Alicia Keys plays an assassin named Georgia Sykes, one of several hit men (or in this case, hit-woman) on the trail of Jeremy Piven’s character. Keys has received a great deal of praise from her co-stars in the film; Ryan Reynolds said Keys has “natural” acting ability as he was surprised she had not starred in movies before.The premiere for the film went down in Hollywood last night and you can check out pics from the event below and though we don’t usually post pics of fellas on the site, we decided to add a little eye candy by including a few of Common who co-stars in the film as well.
Alicia KeysAlicia KeysAlicia Keys



  1. Does Common play her man in the film? I may check this out just to see id Alicia can act or not even though this is not typically my type of film.

  2. [quote comment=”2749″]Does Common play her man in the film?[quote]
    I cannot say for sure but I think he is.In most of the stills I have seen he and Alicia are shown together embracing each other in some fashion or another.

    I’ll probably go see this too just out of curiosity.

    Alicia looks good in those pics Debra and Common needs hair.He is not a pretty baldie. 😆

  3. Alicia looks nice, alittle tired but nice. I like her she has an old soul! Singing ehhhh I can take it or leave it. But she can play those keys!

  4. BTW… her character is a lesbian in the film, Common DOES NOT play her man. As a matter of fact, he was not happy with the producers/directors casting her and has voiced his opinion to some media outlets several months back.

  5. MOVIE SPOILER — READ WITH CAUTION Correction – She does NOT play a lesbian in the film — watch it and see. The advertisements may have lead you to believe so… Her female partener-in-crime shows an interest in Alicia’s character, but the feelings are not mutual. Sutble difference, I know. It is a crazy movie so watch it with that in mind.

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