Alicia Keys Stops By 106 & Park

Alicia Keys stopped by BET’s 106 & Park yesterday and co-hosted the entire show with Rosci and Terrence. Her latest video “Teenage Love Affair” was also debuted. Photos from Alicia’s appearance can be seen above and for those of you who have yet to see the new video- you can check it out on page 2. And in other AK news, the singer has been forced to cancel several shows due to vocal problems. Both shows however are expected to be rescheduled at a later date. Keys, who is currently being treated by a physician, is expected to return to the stage on Saturday, April 26th at the Value City Arena at the Jerome Schottenstein Center in Columbus.

Teenage Love can be seen on page 2 below.



  2. Love the School Daze re-enactment! AKeys is doing it big! She got the Spike Lee slide through going on. She got Derek Luke, Anthony Hamilton, Jackie Long, lil dude Michael from The Wire, dude from “ATL” (he drags the girl off the dance floor)

    I love it! School Daze was my shit! I hope “I Need You” is her next single!

  3. Loved the video. She looks gorgeous (as usual) in these pics. 🙂

  4. A. Keys looks great & the video is sweet! Ok… question how do you get the those cute little smileys up on the board?

  5. Alicia is so dull and boring, no one even commented on her. Had this been Beyonce the post would have had a hundred comments by now. Alicia only sells to old people because her music is played on light fm stations all over the country. The world of music is just dull without Bey around and even though Mariah is selling she old boring too.

  6. A. Keys is definitely doing the damn thang. The world of music could definitely use more like her because she brings so much to the table. Aside from being stunning and FINE AS HELL she knows how to write and that will keep her relevant for some time to come. In my opinion she`s The female Michael Jackson of her era.(she & Michael are my favorites) Need I say that I just luv her in those jeans, a sight to behold. She definitely shouldn`t feel intimidated by NO other female artists or artist in general because she is the truth. She the shining star who gives light to the heavens at night, the one who gives nourishment to the soul…. Simply put Alicia is just angelic as her beauty and her talent creates a symphony that captures your heart. AK, all day long.

  7. she is really beautiful and confident and well spoken a role model for young girl

  8. stacie: get a life every atention alicia commend is good

  9. Loving this song, loving this song….. She got the school daze theme going on. And is that Jackie Long in the video as well??? he is fine as….
    But 2 thumbs up, I like it….

  10. She has personality, talent, beauty, and brains. She is what many women strive to be. She isn’t very sexy though. AK doesn’t need that image because her music carries her. When she is old and striveled (sp) up, she’ll still have talent. Can’t say that about any other artists…

  11. Alicia can do no wrong looking flawless on 106 and in the video! I love the school daze throw back I gotta go get that DVD She had major cameos going on even gave big brutha almighteeeee some love! Alicia will be one of the few that is still around years from now!

  12. Alicia should stick to singing and playing the piano and leave any political or deep comments to those who know what they’re talking about.

    Nice hair!

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