Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Tie The Knot

Congratulations go out to Alicia Keys and Kasseem Dean, aka Swizz Beatz. According to online reports, the happy couple married over the weekend at the home of a friend in the Mediterranean Sea. The ceremony was said to be super private, with only close friends and family members in attendance.

Alicia is said to have worn a white Grecian-inspired Vera Wang dress, accompanied by a bouquet of purple calla lilies. Swizz was outfitted in a Tom Ford tuxedo and the whole shebang was presided over by spiritual guru Dr. Deepak Chopra.

Alicia’s camp released a photo of the couple’s first kiss- which you can see above. Click to enlarge.



    *smart move to have it on this weekend that everyone was concerned with either The Clintons, or TI and Tiny! Alot of paparazzi missed this one! haha

  2. Lovely view!! I saw some of the other pics and she looked really beautiful. At first I thought she should wait to get married to let the blog mess die down but then I figure Alicia does not want to be a baby mama for several years and just live together she doesn’t want to put that out there. Up until the cheating accusations her image has been a clean one and it pretty much still is. If you think about it she is still not known as an artist that sells sex and has an oversexed image and I can’t see that changing. She took an image hit in certain circles but I think everyone has a chance to redeem themselves. No doubt all eyes will be on them for a while or should I say on Swizz.

  3. Briccity, sooo true lol.

    This picture is gorgeous, congrats to them!

  4. The picture is beautiful, but the reality of this whole situation is very ugly..Good luck Alicia I hope you know what you’re in for down the road.

  5. Lovely. Wish them the best but I agree with Stefany. Although I love it, something just doesn’t seem right at all. =/

  6. Alicia looks stunning. I’m so happy for these two. Life and love aren’t as always as simple as we’d like. Some people are busy throwing stones at them and sending bad energy around. If you were living your own life, you’d know that there’s gray and sometimes love comes out of awkward situations.
    I wish this new family all of the best. I know Mashonda was hurt, but in time she’ll also realise that her marriage was a wrap and will move on. Why black women always encourage unhealthy marriages to continue is beyond me. Just because we care what other people will say?
    If alicia and Swizz dont work, it wont be because of the Mashonda situation.

    Let love live 🙂


    I agree with Stefany as well. Let’s see here…three baby mommies i forgot alicia makes fouth. Two pregant at the same time. When he was married to one of them (mashonda) she miscarried the first child because she was so distraught he had another woman pregnant the same time she was so she decides hey let’s get married and then they have another child. He crush her heart. I WONDER WHY? Then the groupie/producer in Europe have a babygirl and Alicia goes there with him for dna the child is the spitting image of him so as all his children…LOL. Of course the DNA was 100 Swizz Beatz. Then she terminates her Manager after 15years..whom has gross her over 100million. Then Alicia marry’s him and he will her new manager….she sings about empowering women. I see a Britney Spears and Kevin Ferderline here..wait and see. I just wish I had his game…his mack game is cold!!! I come in love and leave in peace.

  8. Congrats to them!!! Some of you people need to really get over it! Stay out of people’s personal lives! Get a life!! Writing essays trying to slay someone who can care less about whether u are alive or dead makes u look pathetic!! Ugh!! Haters!! Alicia is beautiful and a very talented woman. May God bless them 🙂

  9. well all I have to say Is “good luck” to the both of them (sarcastically speaking)

  10. Beautiful pic of beautiful couple. Congrats on their new nuptials and blessings. I love have they are living their dreams and ignoring haters who’s don’t have a life or husband or much else. Everbody needs to worry about thier own karma.
    Alicia looks sooo beautiful.

  11. Congrats to Alicia and Swizz and may their union be blessed. Hopefully, Mashonda can emotionally close this chapter in her life and they all (Swizz, Alicia, Mashonda, the other mother in the UK) realize the most important factor in this entire situation are the children -all of them.

  12. I’ve always admired Alicia Keys , but as a wife, I couldn’t imagine how humiliating it would be if my man married a side chic. No matter how beautiful she is and they look perfectly in love, wrong is wrong. I just hope the rumors aren’t true. if they are, the game out there is cold blooded!

  13. LOL…on some of the comments…I know this was posted by someone other than LJ…but, why are they not consider ghetto love? lol first, the chick was all up in this mans marriage to another woman and that divorce was just finalized less than what three months ago? I’m smelling some double standards here.

    Respect has to cut alot ways, sista girlfriends. women have to respect other women too. You can’t place everything on the wife! cause we will find ourselves wearing those shoes…how would you handle being cheated on? would you really leave? how many chances do you give? it’s too easy to judge. Until it happens to you….love that song by Jaheim

  14. I think A. Keys is a bold woman for making this union public because you know Black women get attacked for doing the same thing a white woman does. People are STILL talking about Angelina Jolie being a home-wrecker. Same thing goes for that Montana Fishbourne girl…I’m too lazy to go to that post.

  15. Wow… ok…lol
    I’ll start by saying GORGEOUS PIC!!! Love the Grecian theme! (may be fitting in more ways than one if you think about Greek tragedy…lol)
    But anyway, I am so utterly shocked and amazed at how folks are considered haters for abiding by a certain moral code and calling out injustice when they see it. I mean we all innately have a sense of right and wrong and we all turn a blind eye to it every now and then, but why is a person considered a hater for stating the obvious?? Hypocritical maybe but hater.?.? Really?? SCARY…
    And I find it even more scary the way some folk rally and champion for these celebrities as if they can do no wrong. I guess because they have fame and fortune they are exempt from moral code and conduct, and are living their lives to the fullest. But, I think people fail to comprehend and realize that they LIVE THEIR LIFE OFF OF US!!! WITHOUT US, THEIR WOULD BE NO THEM!!!
    Now, I love Alicia and think she made a beautiful bride and I hope her marriage is a success but does anyone remember the situation with Usher and Tameka???

  16. if it misstreat her it would serv her right, the dick cant be that good alicia you making a mistake homegirl

  17. Hey news flash…..Ladies get a Life these two people could care less what you messed up individuals think. Really why are you worried about them and their stuff, get your stuff tight and them you can comment….lol fools trying to justify their bs…this site is funny as hell. Brown Sista should be called Confused Sistas…lol.

  18. Ptahkhutem

    LOL at confused sistas…it should be called hating sistas. I would love to see the choices some of these poster have made in their lives…ROFL

  19. MYSELL – Could not have said it any better, you should be on the world stage!

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