Alicia Keys Unveils New Singles

Singer Alicia Keys is taking no chances with her new single “Girl on Fire.” Clearly not a fan of the less is more approach, Alicia has decided to release not one, not two, but three versions of the song, which so far hasn’t received very positive reviews.

The three versions come in the form of the original, a remix with Hip-Pop diva Nicki Minaj and a stripped down “Blue Light” version for those of you who didn’t fall asleep while listening to the original.

And speaking of the original, I wish I could say I like it, but sadly it is just a rehash of previous singles “No One” and “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart.” Poor Alicia is sounding more and more like a singer who has lost her lyrical way.

With two singles from her upcoming album already released and neither striking a chord with fans, or the public in general, Alicia had better bring it this Thursday when she performs “Girl on Fire” live for the first time at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.

Remix with Nicki Minaj

Blue Light Version


  1. Alicia is making the same mistake Janet Jackson made. She is letting the man she dated/marry produce all her music. I like a lot of music JD produced but felt he wasn’t right for Janet. The same goes for Swizz. He is a great hip hop, club banger producer but with Alicia he produces nothing but duds. All her music sounds the same and that is boring. She needs to return the reigns to Kerry Brothers and learn to separate business and personal.

  2. Alicia talked too much ahead of the songs being released A New Day was bad and Girl on Fire is even worse. She swore up and down the music she was making was new and revolutionary but I hear no such thing. Alicia is hot in the pants for her husband and all that has produced is a new haircut. Other than that I see and hear nothing new coming from her at all.

  3. I miss Alicia’s old sound. Her first two albums were classic. I know artists are expected to change and grow, but not at the expense of the sound that made them popular.

    I won’t totally dismiss Alicia’s new work until I have heard more, but right now New Day and Girl On Fire don’t make me want to buy her album.

  4. Her music is so bland and vague. As I Am was here only solid album IMO (in that I didn’t skip any tracks), but even then, it lacked the spark of life and joy of her first two albums. I miss the gangsta Beethoven Alicia. The one who bumped Biggie and Chopin on the same playlist, because post-2009 Alicia is boring and lackluster.

  5. Don’t know what reviews were read but all the ones I read from Billboard and other major music outlets were all positive. The song was officially released yesterday and is already in top 10 on itunes. Swizz did not produce it either, Salaam R and Jeff Bhasker did. New Day is a buzz single not an official single. 50 Cent has the offical New Day single. Also I understand people liking an artist earlier offerings but lets be real music changes so to say an artist should stick to what they did earlier is career suicide. Techno/pop is all over the charts so if Alicia was to release her earlier stuff today it would not go over. R&B hasn’t been strong on the charts in a while. Either way she is trying different things and it takes courage to do that in this music day and age of singles only artist. Besides she has been in the game for over 10 years so she has earned the right to experiment. I think the different versions are a great approach and people can talk about her now but when her approach works watch folks follow. I got the Blue Light and Original verisons loving them both!! Ok I’m done lol.

  6. WOW I really don’t either song! I really don’t like the one with Nikki it sucks……WHAT is going on with A Key’s? I miss 2001 A Key’s I not feeling this new music from her at all!!!

  7. these songs make me sad. i don’t even own a radio anymore and i’m quite fine with that at this point. i’ll fix my cd/cassette player and go for my older music. this new stuff is the pits. alicia was so much better than this. trying new things doesn’t make you a great artist….it makes you a scrambling mess. she’s going for money and what’s popular. you say r&b hasn’t been strong on the charts….this is exactly why. no one is willing to A: do what they know is right and is too busy doing B: going after these new artists who have no substance chasing money and popularity. so now those who have known you and stuck with you throughout your career gotta suffer because you are “brand new”. i mean don’t these artists wanna be able to say at the end of their career, looking back on their whole catalog, that they are proud and have no qualms with anything they have done? proly not. that mulachi is screaming pretty hard…..forget substance and quality. till that becomes a priority….i’ll be chilling with my vibes and grooves of old.

  8. @Koko: what “new” things and “experimenting” is Alicia trying and doing? I hear her treading back over past melodies (the aforementioned No One and Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart) instead of continuing to forge her own sound. Her unique blend of classical music+old school+hip hop was what made her stand out from the crowd back in 2001. Plus, you can’t even classify this song as R&B. It’s bland, redundant Alicia Keys-lite.

  9. she took all the soul out of her music. her last album was her least selling album. she had a couple of soul joint’s on there.

  10. All I’ma say is if it ain’t broke don’t fix it…… Alicia stick 2 what u know love this is not the business…..

  11. What everyone has to understand is the last Artist to keep his sound the same for decades and still sell is Luther. Many R&B artists fizzled out after their 2nd or 3rd LP, so Alicia Keys is trying to mix it up a bit. Many of you are correct in saying she should not lose her Soul sound but she has to branch out and try different sounds to reach everyone. I like the remix but Nicki was not needed. Let’s give her a chance before we sink her Battleship Kin Folks….!!



    GALATIANS 6:7-8


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