Alicia Keys’ VMA Performance

Alicia Keys debuted her new single “Girl on Fire” last night at the MTV Video Music Awards, courtesy of a bit of help from rapper Nicki Minaj and Olympic Gold Medalist Gabrielle Douglas.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.


  1. I just keep waiting on her to sing in her true range. It sounds like she is straining to sing. The voice of “Diary” is gone. I don’t mind a woman with a deep voice as long as she sings on key.

  2. It does sound a bit like a strain in her voice. Also some nostril singing. Allergies maybe? I kinda like the beat, the music. I wonder how the Dream Team of Gymnasts feel about Gabby getting more shine? *snickers* #TeamGabby!

  3. Loved it!!! I’m happy the Fab 5 are getting their shine and adding Gabby was a nice touch. I can just see little girls everywhere trying to do back flips, I wish I could. Great message for our youth…

  4. Great concept, excellent campaign, loved Gabby and even Nikki Minaj did her thing, Ms. Keys greatly faltered with the vocals. I wondered if she’s trying to overcome some vocal issue, what is to be accomplished singing out of key before her peers and to her fans who know her voice and range? I wondered has she become a disillusioned celebrity and thinks she will because she can? I love all the tie-ins, great marketing!!!

    I hope she stops singing like this. I hope her hubby tells her the truth, someone close to her! Alicia Keys sounded dreadful! It’s a great anthem song, I love the phrase “girl on fire” because there are times when it’s just that way…”winning!”

    But, fortunately, the critics are feeling it, Citibank is in on it, Reebok and people loved the performance if not for Gabby alone, it beautifully worked, flaws and all!

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