Alicia Tweets From Video Set

Artists who want to reach their fans directly are finding that Twitter is definitely the place to do it. Such is the case with Alicia Keys who used her Twitter Page to announce her collaboration with Latin pop star Alejandro Sanz. The two were shooting a video for Alejandro’s new single, “Looking For Paradise”, when Alicia tweeted the news and pics from the set.

Check them out below and expect “Looking For Paradise” to drop sometime in early August.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys


  1. Alicia is a very classy woman RESPECT her craft :thumbsup:

  2. Signature barbie : You tell them So far she is the most respectable artist of this generation along with Jhud and Jaz S They are so classy, and i love how they are never in your face which makes you miss them even more,Alicia Is who i was back in college, The one who would step in a room and cancel all the cheap ones trying to give p–y shots to get ahead,Got me a good life 🙂 You go alicia keys, all little girls should aspire to be you 😉 Best selling black female artist of the decade, show them the strip club they belong to girl ^^

  3. Little girls should aspire to be THEMSELVES. Leave the idolatry of other human beings alone. 😆

    Nice boots.

    I’m gonna leave the ‘classy’ comments alone. Don’t wanna get people mad. 😆

  4. Alicia is an artist not a puppet to be molded by the industry. I appreicate her voice.

  5. She lookin’ hawt….. always had a lil thing for alejandro

  6. So fly, but not liking she stole that man from his wife sweizz beats! But we all are human hun?

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