All Eyes On Keri

Keri Hilson wowed the paparazzi last night as he walked the red carpet at the 2009 Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Keri wore a lace backless dress that made her look as if she should have been on the runway herself. The singer was later spotted sitting in the front row alongside Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Dre and Jay-Z.

Keri Hilson 2009 Victoria Secret Fashion Show (1)Keri Hilson 2009 Victoria Secret Fashion Show (5)Keri Hilson 2009 Victoria Secret Fashion Show (2)
Keri Hilson 2009 Victoria Secret Fashion Show (7)Keri Hilson 2009 Victoria Secret Fashion Show (8)


  1. umm that dress is not all that and her hair is a hot stringy mess!

  2. Her last single “Slow Dance” didn’t chart on the Billboard Hot 100 at all, and didn’t crack the top 50 on R&B either. Just an FYI.

  3. its been awhile since i seen a keri post but i been at her own website and she is a good artist her songs are mature and she can dance her ass off go to to see her moonwalk shes on some mj stuff believe it or not keri is the next mj yes female mj

  4. ^^LOL Don’t get me wrong. I like Ms. Hilson. Her music is great, but the next MJ she is not. There will NEVER EVER be another MJ. That man was truly special.

  5. Keri looks good. But I don’t know what the hell TINY landed on when she fell but NOBODY is the next MJ(make an appointment to the nearest doctor’s office). And JAZZYP I thought the same thing until I read it.

  6. I love when she strike the pose by looking over her shoulder. She is so sexy!

  7. Ok nevermind I see the poster in the back I guess she wore the same thing to Diddy’s party so did Jay

  8. jay-z lookin’ like ” I would If I could but I CAN’T ” lol sike let me stop for I get somethin’ started. a picture says a thousand words though!

  9. jay z is in a secret society i would not be trying to be close to him knowing he sold his soul to the devil many dont believe jay z is evil will be surprized one day right now everbody blinded hes a freakin freemason who made a song called murder jesus

  10. Keri is a beautiful woman and one smart girl, ok! I wondered why she wore those crazy wigs/hairstyles…downplayed her looks…now I see how it benefitted her…in asher roth’s video…hosting stuff…the latest token/light skin image as a go to for magazine editorials, not hungry for money and success, she already had that, she’s doing a great job…a strong confident personality…she’s in her lane, not trying to be anyone else and it’s working…really nice music and tasteful videos, even without charting well with “slow dance” it’s a great song and video…crossed over without selling out…Go Keri!!!

  11. I think she’s lovely. Not into her music though but appreciate her artistry and songwriting skills.


  12. LOl @ $ignature, I thought I was the only one who saw it. And I doubt he was thinking ‘but I can’t’, it was more like, “let’s talk over here away from the cameras, we should collab sometime”….hahaha

  13. She is sure a fine looking woman. I’d love a body like that lol! Unfortunately I don’t listen to her music. I like the video of “slowdance” though. I think that joint is so sexy.

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