All The Janet You Can Stand

I guess word has gotten out that if you want to sell a magazine you need only put Janet on the cover and stand back and watch them fly off the shelves.After record breaking covers for US Weekly and Vibe, Life & Style Mag has made a wise decision and chosen to put Miss Jackson on the cover as well.You can also check out a few more Vibe pics we got our hands on as well a preview of Janet’s upcoming Essence cover.

Life & Style Cover & inside pic

Another Vibe Magazine Pic

Here is a pic of Janet from September’s issue of Essence Magazine.

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  1. I’m already tired of Janet and her covers and appearances.When is she going to actually perform on stage again.Appearances and covers don’t sell records.

  2. Was it suppose to be a national secret? I got them from several Janet forums.We don’t claim these pictures to be exclusives to us.Most of these images come from Janet fans who post them on her forums.

    You sound as if we broke into Janet’s home and stole them from her private vault 😆

  3. nice pics u have there… i for one is glad to see Janet back on the scene… the sister is not only beautiful but a talented singer…

  4. Sorry, but I still don’t believe Janet lost the weight the way she said she did.Something about her strikes me as being very fake now, almost as bad as Michael.

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