Amber And Kanye Give Back. Before Proposal?

While many people may or may not agree on Kanye West and Amber Rose’s highly publicized relationship. I think we all would accredit them for taking time out of their busy schedules to team up with the L.A. mission community team to give back.
Kanye told press:
“It’s just important to give back when you’re very blessed. It’s nice to spread your blessings and take time out, especially during the holidays, to appreciate people who never get that appreciation. It makes me feel really good to come out here, with my family, and I just thank ya’ll the Los Angeles Mission for allowing us to be a part of this.”

In related news various media outlets have reported Kanye West plans to propose to Amber Rose on New Year’s day, a source close to Kanye said: “He has really bonded with her since losing his mother and needs another strong woman in his life.” The pair are heading to an eight-bedroom, $2,000-a-night villa in the Dominican Republic for the romantic occasion.The source added to Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “He’s very serious, otherwise he wouldn’t be spending that much money on her.”

* Not sure how true this is only time will tell, nevertheless I thank them for all their hard work which benefited others.*


  1. for some odd reason I like Amber’s cut up leggins but It’s to cold for all that… as for kanye smh whatevea

  2. Amber is a bald, used up, stripper…I dont get it! Kayne could have found a more decent chick!

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