Amber Rose: “I am confident in my beauty”

One may despise of Amber Rose for various reasons such as her bisexuality, stripper past, and becoming famous for being Kanye West’s eyecandy. However her confidence, uniqueness and style definitely sets her apart from the rest. Her assurance and beauty within herself shined during a recent photoshoot shot with photographer Austin Powers. “I want to change the face of modeling. I want young girls growing up to know that they can actually eat something, and be beautiful and be a model”. “I am pretty confident in my beauty, and I don’t see a need to hide behind hair.” Besides, I can get ready to go out a lot faster now that I don’t have to spend a half-hour doing my hair. I’m very real and very blunt. I’ve been through a lot, so I have pretty tough skin. But at the same time, I’m feminine in every way. I love clothes and makeup and getting dolled up just like any other female.” Peep the thumbnails below.

*sidenote* I’m fully aware she’s not a “brownsista”, but she is in fact a woman of color( “I’m half Italian and half Cape Verdean”) with great confidence in her own skin:)

Source: Smooth Magazine


  1. It is nothing short of amazing but a non black looking whore can accomplish in this world. She and kim kardashian are known as nothing more than hoe bags but because they have that black look without looking black the world is just handed over to them. Photo shoot, endorsements; for what? What have they done except sleep with men far more famous than them?

  2. Sorry Denyce, neither Kim K or Amber Rose have a “Black” look to me. Why do you say they have a black look? Because they date black men? Have nice shapes?
    Have some confidence? What? cause there is nothing “Black” about those women.

    I hate when people say those kinds of things. I wear my hair past my shoulders no weave some golden highlights and lots of layers and body and black people say your that I look like a white girl by the head. WTF?

    And people call her and Kim K Ho3 bags. Just cause we know somebody they slept with does not make them a ho3 bag.

  3. Us women pull each other down like no other. Congratulate the girl. She looks good. And she has established her own style.

  4. Technically she is black because Cape Verdeans are mixed. Therefore she has some in her

  5. Kim K’s famed is directly related to her butt surgery and so is Ambers’s even though I belive she is all real. It seems having a black woman’s body is the key these days to non black women making it and usually in our communities. I mean black men made both these women and have done and will continue to do more for them than they ever will for a sista on the come up.

  6. These images are just okay. Her quote about eating, etc. is cool.

  7. Some people are too quick to judge.
    I PERSONALLY know quite a bit of strippers some of them have kid/kids and all except 2 of them are stripping to pay off college tuition. Oh and you will die over this they are just as smart and classy as “regular” women. She SEEMS pretty intelligent with a good head on her shoulders.

  8. You know it’s one thing if she did something, actress, singer, etc… what exactly does she do to be RESPECTED wear weird body suits and talk about being bisexcual? And why the hell is this here. I thought it was not white women who are famous for nothing besides dating black

  9. Well, quite frankly if she had any measure of fame on her own name or through her own merrits she would maybe be seen differently. Let’s be real the only reason people know her name is because of Mr. West. If she had so much talent and confidence she would have been a model or whatever she does in her own right. She’s pretty much known for weird outfits and mainly being his girl. She hasn’t earned anything on her own ablilites. If you admire that then more power to you, I don’t. You earn respect it’s not just given. And being a former stripper who got lucky and met the right person is not some great accomplishment to me.

  10. I never said Amber Rose was white. She don’t look white to me and it is quite obvious that she has black in her and all the Cape Verdeans I know look like Tatyani Ali from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. So I understand why this particular Brown Sista writer writes about her, they are both Cape Verdean or part Cape Verdean. I still HOWEVER believe Amber’s big butt and lack of pigmentation is why she has been GIVEN (she didnt earn or work for anything) so many opportunities. Amber’s mouth is filthy and she is no class act. At least Kim Krdashian is educated and when she opens her mouth talks like a lady. Amber is from the gutter and when she opens her mouth to speak it all come falling out.

  11. Hey, I know this is off topic, but how many of you guys noticed how all the black blogs only posted images of Kobe Bryant and Lama Odom’s wives when they met President Obama? Not one so called black blog showed any of the Black wives who also met Obama. That is very telling sistas. Very telling. These black blogs are mostly run by sistas but even they are color struck and show only the white and non black women that these celeb black men date and marry.

    Please brown sista fire these new writers and go back to being a one women show.

  12. Summer-Raine
    January 29, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    Sorry Denyce, neither Kim K or Amber Rose have a “Black” look to me. Why do you say they have a black look? Because they date black men? Have nice shapes?
    Have some confidence? What? cause there is nothing “Black” about those women.

    I agree,s he is technically of African decent..if she is part Cape Verdean

  13. Oh stop it and get a grip people, any female that walk around half-naked and use their beauty 2 degrade themselves will have the world handed 2 them, if they got the right connects. Look at tila Tequile, homegir was Asian. i could name many “real” brownsisters in the game,(but i won’t for fear people will git emotional) so if you don’t like her or Kim let it not be about race but what they stand for-NOTHING.

  14. “so if you don’t like her or Kim let it not be about race but what they stand for-NOTHING.”

    Wow, so funny and so true…anyone who has something to really say or a true cause won’t get this level of attention, but a lot of scrutiny and backlash for having a brain or social consciousness…Erykah, Lauryn and Alicia sold so many records out of the gate and made the labels big dollars why they remain relevant and visible when they choose to be!

    I like Amber, her style and most of her outfits. The bald look that she ushered in on a pop level and girls seeing a curvy model is also a plus! This is just the times we live in…getting and being famous is all that matters!

  15. Amber has mastered the art of being comfortable in herself, something that many women are striving for. How is she not a brown sista when she’s half African??? lol. Yea she’s boning Kanye but give this woman credit…she knows how to keep up the mystique. I’m intrigued and want to know more about her.

    Why (black) women bring each other down, I’ll never know. Le sigh.

  16. Personally I think Amber Rose is purely trash and classless besides being bisexual which makes me vomit.Kanye West sure know how to pick them he should stayed with his ex the stylist and model fiance what a poor choice and waste his mother should be turning over in her grave by now.

  17. I dont get the hype around this girl, but whatever, I’m glad she’s getting popular, cause shes not a “typical model”.

    They need more of those in that industry.

  18. See! This is how we black women get marginalized in our community. I could write a long dissertation here, but I’ll just quickly say just because she’s not white doesn’t mean she can be housed under the term “sista.” The word refers to “black woman.” Thank you. That is all.

    When can we have something just for us?!

  19. unalteredbeauty. maybe that is the hype around her. hee hee

    Anyway, I read that’s she’s half-Capeverdean? Do you guys know what that is?
    Have you met a Capeverdean before? Have we seen what her Capeverdean parent looks like? before Blacks go around “claiming” people (as usual), you might wanna do some research.

    Well, I grew up in New England. Theres lots of Capeverdeans out there. and some of them are very sure about their “racial makeup”.
    Black people: ‘you just cant claim everyone’. I learned my lesson lol

  20. This is one of the MOST ignorant things I have read on here! How DARE you say that ‘she is not a brown sista, but…’.

    So, I suppose you have to literally HAVE brown skin to be appreciated on here? Ari, whoever you are, you need to do better.

    Alicia Keys, Tisha Campbell, Nicole Ari Parker, and several other “non-brown brown” sistas have been discussed on this blog WITHOUT references to their complexion.

    If a white blog said this, most of y’all would have had a FIELD DAY.

    Also, whoever is ignorant enough to “despise” a woman who is open about her sexuality and her speckled past is a FOOL. I wonder which one of US reading this blog doesn’t have a past? I commmend Amber for refusing to be constricted by the BLACK community’s narrow ass definitions of feminitiy, sexual freedom, and struggle.

    I bet she’s not the only one who stripped to get by, and likes men and women, but she IS one of FEW people with the guts to put it on the table rather than to let the media make it into a scandal.

    This blog has truly gotten more and more ignorant over time, I keep coming on here hoping to see someone say something that makes it better, but c’mon!

  21. Also, I second what the person above said about stippers. I speak from PERSONAL experience when I say, don’t be so quick to judge someone else. You are NOT your occupation, you are a sum of a lot of parts.

    Strippers are some of the most intelligent and driven women I have ever had the privelege of knowing. To put yourself on the line to support yourself and your family are NO easy task.

    I NEVER met a woman who danced because she WANTED to. Stripping is something that is a last resort in the face of dire circumstances. So to all of you who are looking down your noses, on behalf of EVERY woman who has had to take her clothes off for money in order to survive: F You!

    P.S. The million dollar discussion SHOULD be why YOUR man is at the club telling dancers his life story, complaining about YOU rather than talking to YOU directly. Something tells me, he doesn’t want to put up with you ignoramous mentality and judgements. That is all.

  22. Amber’s gained publicity because she has a distinct look and it WORKS. She definitely stand out in an industry where the majority of the women have a similar look. She’s had several magazine features and she continues to represent and look fierce! I LOVE her confidence and I don’t know why some of you are calling this woman a whore (do you know her or something – LOL)! Ladies, please don’t judge this woman because of her looks. If you encountered her and her attitude or personality was demeaning towards other, then maybe I could understand your harsh words but not simply because you don’t FEEL she’s underserving of the attention she garners.

  23. **I meant to say she’s deserving of the attention she garners.

  24. Cape Verdes is off the coast of West Africa. She’s black. But if she doesn’t want to claim it, fine by me.

  25. I don’t have anything against Amber. I do think she is very FIERCE though and has a unique beauty. However! I just don’t see why she’s a BIG deal at all. *SHRUGS*

    Besides that, I know everyone judges a lot of the celebs on this site, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, BUT when you guys go as low as calling the woman a WH*RE just because of how she dresses, what she looks like and her past… then what does that say about you??? You haven’t walked is this girls shoes. Opinions are opinions but looking down on someone and turning your nose up like you God’s gift to the world is a different story.

  26. The only reason people know this woman is because of Kanye, sorry if you are truly Fierce and shouldn’t have to date a celeb to get work or attention

  27. TOY- Exactly but reality will knock their a**es out and they’ll realize they’re no better than anybody else, then they will understand not to judge. There are a few more women on this site who get disrespected and called who*es as well.

  28. @CAMMIE What I mean by “fierce” is her style in general.

    @17150918 Thanks! I mean I know we all have our opinions but calling names and all that is pretty harsh. There is a difference between saying “She appears to be a whore” VS. “She is a whore.” Either way, it’s mean. LOL.

    And for anyone constantly saying she’s only big because of Kanye. Ummmm, SO WHAT! There are a lot of non-talented people who are given credit for no damn reason! If she see’s Kanye as an opportunity so be it. They might not be together FOREVER, so at least she’s making good decisions just in case the break up. LOL. Sorry but ya’ll know ya’ll would do the same damn thang. Ain’t no telling with Kanye! One minute he deeply in love. The next minute it’s over. *SHRUGS*

  29. And it doesn’t matter how you got in the business whether your beautiful or your mother was the owner of…Ford Modeling Agency its how you use your talent and/or blessing to have longevity and be successful because sooner or later your going to have to prove why you’re so successful and why you’re who you are. Because a few the greatest to ever do modeling, singing, acting etc. got it handed to them but they outlasted and showed why they deserved it.

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