America Gets It’s 1st Black President

Barack Obama November 4, 2008 is a day that will live in the American consciousness for years to come. It is the day so many of those who went before us hopes and dreams were realized with the Election of Barack Obama as the first Black President of the United States. Who amongst us would have thought this possible just a year and half ago? A Black family in the White House is not something any of you reading this would have thought possible in your lifetime. A celebration is in order for what Brother Obama has accomplished. The inspiration it will conjure up in the hearts and minds of Black people in America and in the Diaspora is immeasurable. Congratulations to Barack and Michelle, as well as Joe Biden and his wife Jill.

Btw, for those of you who went to bed early and missed the party at Grant Park in Chicago- check out images from the event below and more will follow later.

(Thank you Faheem & Shantee)


  1. I’m excited to have experienced this day at such an early age — 19. Congrats to Obama, Biden, Blacks, Minorities, Democrats, and Americans in general. Our ancestors fought for equality, not dominance. Hopefully this is really the start of something special and meaningful. It’s history!!! :thumbsup:

  2. Fashionista101- your comments were beautiful.

    I too am glad I lived to see this day at the ripe old age of 36. It is truly an amazing night and I have been through so many emotions and am filled with so much love for the world at this moment.

    Ok, that’s enough mushiness from me 😆

  3. This is such a beautiful time for America. I never thought that I would live to see the day that a black person would be in the white house. And to know that he has a beautiful woman that he loves and you know loves him and their children. This is beyond my dreams. I love the fact that Barack Obama ran for everyone, not just black, but like Martin Luther King, he stands for the rights and benefits of everyone. YES WE CAN AND WE DID. The Dream has come ALIVE. 40 years ago, Robert Kennedy predicted that we would have a black President. And it has happened. GOD is real. We gotta keep praying for the progress to continue.

  4. I’m so happy and I new change was going to come! It’s so sad that some people couldn’t see this but I know they are looking downon us and GOD had this in his plan so nothing was going to get in the way! We made history its not about color, we need to unite as one!….I’m 20 years old and I can’t believe I’m experiencing this somebody pinch…I’m so proud!!! It’s not all up to obama,we need to help as well. Yae I’m happy!

  5. We all won today, So lets stop tearing each other down, it now time to uplift our own.

  6. What a blessing!

    The markets are rising already! 😆
    A beautiful thing it is!!

    President Obama! :thumbsup:

  7. They didn’t want to give us 40 acres and a mule, so we took 50 states and a white house!

  8. In all seriousness, America may now be the America it’s been claiming to be.

  9. Oh, and did I mention, the first lady is BLACK! Not a fourth, not a pint, not a pinch or an ounce or a splish splash, but black! That is all.


  11. One question to all. He won the election and he is black, now what????????????????????????????????????????????

  12. We don’t know what coco. That will come in time. But anyone who thinks Obama will bring about complete change is the lives of Black or White people is wrong.

  13. UnalteredBeauty – “Oh, and did I mention, the first lady is BLACK! Not a fourth, not a pint, not a pinch or an ounce or a splish splash, but black! That is all.”


    And I agree with Dana. I think there will be change, but not COMPLETE change!

  14. what a day….
    my mema (grandma) told me stories of when she was a little girl picking cotton with her brother and sister in south carolina, where she was born. she said never in her years did she think she would live to see the day where there was even a sliver of potential for something like this…and here we are ladies and gentlemen. Pretty much the whole world watched and waited with anticipation to hear those words: BARACK OBAMA HAS WON THE PRESIDENCY. The word CAN’T should not exist in any of our vocabularies. Anything that you want to achieve, just go out and DO IT! YES WE CAN!!!!!!!! 🙂 :hifive:

    love peace and hairgrease….

  15. the sky is the limit 4 people of color.i am proud to be black and witness this era.the win was even BETTER than my expectations.peace and unity…xxxx

  16. Its just so amazing that i actually got to see history made Im so happy for us . Oh my gosh i cant believe it . am so proud to be black.I am so proud of him and his family.

  17. im excited for the world…not lets PRAY that him as well as his family stay safe….this world is crazy…i donno bout yall but ill be busy on the 1st of january helpin my boy obama get comfortable in that white house!

  18. :bowdown: As stated above, there will be change but not complete/immediate change. Wow! I’m apart of history in the making. America has spoken.

  19. This is our generation’s moment and it can never be taken away from us. What a beautiful day. This is so emotional. Congratulations President Obama (I get goose bumps just typing that). God Bless you and your beautiful family.




  20. Amen. :hifive: ….People please know that this was the EASY part, now we have to support PRESIDENT Obama during these hard ecomonic times. This is only the beginning people! Aint God good???? Thank you Lord.

  21. @Amelekia hey girl i told you i was going in the poll booth and cast my vote and came out and open my jacket and said he going to be the next president. All the people that work there was bugging out laughing at me was like go girl. But i want to say that i cry like a big baby last nite because history is made. But for us black people you see how we came out and support President Barack Obama. We need to start supporting each other and coming together as one like we did yesterday. Let work hard and make this man proud and r self. Im happy to be African American. OBAMA/BIDEN 09 and beyond.

  22. This has been such an emotional journey. I’m so proud to be an American, and I feel like Obama is an inspiration to everyone, not just black people. I never thought that we would have a black president in my lifetime, and I’m so glad to be proven wrong. I can actually say that I participated in voting drives and contributed to his campaign. I will never forget this journey. Obama has a good heart and I feel like he won’t be persuaded by greed and power. I know that he will always try to do the right thing. I actually trust this man, and it has nothing to do with is color.

    Obama has unified the races. I waited in line to vote for 2.5 hours and no one complained. We were actually happy to stand out in the rain for this worthy cause. I have white co-workers that greeted me with smiles and hugs this morning. They are just as happy as I am about the election. They want change too. It made me cry for a second, but they were tears of joy. We still have a lot more work to do, but the change has begun.

  23. YES WE CAN!!!! :brownsista:
    YES WE WILL!!!!! :brownsista: :thumbsup:

  24. LOL…unaltered beauty…I got that text this morning. So true! You k now we’re going to get ours eventually. It’s been a long time coming, but WE HERE!

    Get your newspapers people. They’re going like hotcakes! Everybody wants a piece of history.

  25. I am beyond proud and beyond happy. I am just so overcome with joy. I was on pins and needles last nite and when they announced I was with my sisters and was so glad we chose to spend that moment together. It is just beyond words to see the first lady look like me. To see the first daughters look like my nieces. They have made it so we have no more excuses for not succeding in life.

  26. *hugs everyone*

    This is truly and amazing day. I can’t stop tearing up! LOL :brownsista:

  27. For the record, I love this site. Thank you STEPHANIE for all that you’ve done. When I come here each day, I feel like I’m talking to friends and I don’t even know the people on this site. BROWNSISTA.COM allows us to talk about fun stuff, but we talk about serious issues too. Thanks for this Obama post.

    I love the regular bloggers on It’s like a web version of “Girlfriends”. Have a good day ladies! Obama, Obama Obama!

  28. I was especially pround of and touched by all the 90 and 100 year old people who stood in line to vote. Obama winning was special for me but I can only imagine what it meant to those who lived through the racist 50’s, 60’s and the Jim Crow era, and those who marched, went to jail and died for equal rights. Let us not forget our Civil Rights Warriors.

    All I can say is THANK YOU DR. KING!


  29. What a wonderful to be alive. It’s all so surreal. God Bless Barack, Michelle and their beatiful family. As with everyone , at the ripe age of 34, I never thought that I would see the day when such a great human being would take the world stage.

    Barack makes me want to do better, work harder, make better choices, and live inspired. Just nothing but tears of joy and happiness for this moment. :brownsista:

  30. I can’t stop crying! WE DID IT!!! The supporters, the voters, the volunteers, the donaters: WE DID IT!!! We have made history and made our ancestors fight and struggles not in vain! I know there’s a party in heaven! I will continue to pray for him

  31. This is amazing! Thank you America for making the right decision! I live in the Caribbean and it was like we were all voting and rooting for barack obama. At the college I attend, the was a election party. It so good to see yong people participate. This was not an american election, this is a president for the world. 🙂

  32. This was my First time I was able to vote and I have been Dieing to vote since I was
    I was so happy to a black man become our president. When JESSIE JACKSON cried I lost it. I was crying. My father called me crying. Im just so over whelmed

  33. Way over here in California, the Latino community voted in massive numbers for Barack Obama. Barack Obama represents the change that America so departely needs. His election to the presidency also makes 2 other points:
    1) The Ronald Reagan Revolution is now over (Praise the Lord). Here’s one example: Ronald Reagan said that the way to make America prosperous again was to give tax breaks to millionaires and to rich corporations. That tax policy was kept going by the first Bush and the second Bush. What did McCain say? He said that he would give the oil industry more tax breaks if elected president. The people said, “Hell, no!”. What did Barack Obama say? He would give a tax break to “James and Flora Evans”.
    2) The older generation ( Smooth Thug included ’cause I’m 59), the generation of the Viet Nam War, the generation of 70’s Disco music, the generation of the Civil Rights Movement, has now passed the torch to the younger generation; to the generation of Fashionista101 and Ms. Stephanie and all of you beautiful, gracious ladies who post at

  34. I cried all the tears of my body, even my husband shed a tear , I think about all of those that fought for us, to be recognize, I think of how when i was in college people would laugh at me because i didn’t get there on scholarship and how they thought i was not good enough
    I cried for a lady that called my family and i animals I cried for all this time where our voices couldn’t be heard, and injustices was done to us , I cried so much 🙂 Congratulations Mr O You better not disappoint us :hifive:


  36. Im really happy for all of us. But let me ask u another question: “Just because he is black, is he gonna change our life????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Did we vote for a black president of did we vote for a good president???????????????????????



  39. They have a sign up sheet for volunteers to help Bush pack his shyt and get the F*&# out, Nov 5th. I gotta get ready to go cuz I signed up for the 12-3 shift. :lol2:

  40. Hilarious how this has turned into just yelling about the color of our president’s skin.

    WHite people don’t go around saying that “I’m so proud to be white. We elected a white president!”

    Racism works both ways people.

  41. and about the sign up sheet:

    Do you even know that Obama doesn’t take office until January? or is this your first time paying attention to politics simply because of a black candidate?

    Black people keep saying it’s not about the color of their skin, but the minute a black person gets some power, it’s all about the color isn’t it?

  42. You know why it’s cold outside?

    Because people said it would be a cold day in Hell before before we get a BLACK PRESIDENT…….. Bundle up. tee hee

  43. Shamus you can try to pick fights and start arguments all you want. You sound miserable and I’m not going to join you. Get over yourself. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

    WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS COUNTRY!!!!!!!!! AND I DON’T HAVE TO EXPLAIN MYSELF TO ANYBODY!!!!!!!!! FREEDOM IS A BEAUTIFUL THING!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  44. I am so speechless!! I was not nearly as emotional as I thought I would be but I am very happy. Our ancestors would be proud. I am so proud and honored to be living our very own historical moment. Although ultimately all of my trust is in Jesus, Barack and Michelle still make me feel like I have hope!! What a blessing!!! :bowdown: All Glory to God!!

  45. Obama doesn’t take office on November 5th????? 🙁 I had noooo idea. I feels so stupid… 😆

  46. WE DID IT PPL!!!!! My of color, bi racial, black PPL we did it!!! 🙂 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :hifive:

  47. I am not a bit surprised that the BEST CANDIDATE is the new leader of the world’s most influential country. He just happens to be black and it surely feels good :bowdown:

    Unfortunately, he will be unfairly scrutinized by blacks and whites alike simply because of his skin color. President Obama like every man and woman on earth is human and I hope people remember that when he makes decisions you may not agree with. Don’t turn your back on him in time of need and understanding!

    GO BARACK! GO MICHELLE! :bowdown:

  48. Katrina :lol2: :lol2: You are hilarious 😆

  49. LOL^^^girl I’m just enjoying OUR moment. When I say OUR that means all of the people who believed in Obama.

    Aint no stoppin us now…we’re on the move.

  50. @Ms. “CoCo”:
    We voted for a president who cares about families who can’t afford dental care for the kids, who are losing their home, who can’t keep gas in the car or food on the table, etc. Is it gonna be easy fixing this nation? Of course not. Every Republican and every Barack hater in the country is gonna try to block Barack every step of the way. Plus, Barack isn’t going to have much money to work with. Why? Because this Wall Street bailout has costed more than 3/4 of a trillion dollars. In other words, that’s about 2/3 of the total money in the treasury at Fort Knox. Or to put it another way, Wall Street is now on welfare and they don’t deserve it! Barack will bring extra money into the treasury when he ends the Iraq War. That war is costing 10 billion a month… A Month! That money can be used to help young people pay for college, improve the schools so that our kids can learn to read and write, help families stay in their homes, help the elderly pay for their medications, etc. There’s more hard work ahead, so let’s all get down to business.

  51. @Shamus you just need to stop period. GO OBAMA/BIDEN YESSSSSSSSS LOVING IT RIGHT NOW.

  52. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Obama/Biden 08.. WE DID IT 😆 :hifive: :brownsista:

    A BLACK man is in the WHITE HOUSE…. priceless 😆 :lol2 :booty: !!

  53. All glory to God :bowdown: Continue to cover him and his family!!!!!!!!! I have not been able to keep my eyes dry all day!!!

    I can only imagine how my parents and grandparents felt watching/listening to MLK, Jr. in DC. I am so excited right now!!!!!!!!!!! We have a long road ahead and we ALL must do our parts!

    My only regret is that I couldn’t make it to Chicago! Obama ’08!!!!!!!!!!

  54. President Barack Obama

    First Lady Michelle Obama

    Let’s just soak that in

  55. I’m so happy to have witness history last night. This election has definitely opened up alot of eyes and just got everyone involved. To see people at the polls yesterday and willing to stand there for however long to put Obama in the White House was just beautiful. It’s a beautiful thing and very inspiring. Inspiring to us adults and our children. Children need to see that you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to. Where you came from, how you were raised, what lacked in your childhood does not mean you can’t succeed and beat the odds. And now when we tell our kids that they can be President of the US it won’t be meaningless…it will be a real, true statement.

  56. I am so happy & proud 🙂 . There will be family that looks like me in the whitehouse!!!!! YES…now black children really feel like their possibilites are endless and even they can be president one day. When I saw President elect Obama and his family and Vice President elect Biden stading on stage after Obama’s victory speech and saw varying shades of beautiful people..I really felt like I was looking at a true reflection of america. We did it y’all…people of all races, sexes, gender etc came together and did something wonderful and created history. :thumbsup:

  57. :brownsista: :thumbsup: I had faith in Obama from day one and i knew GOD had his back and wanted this day to be prophesied. Now people obama c annot make change on his own we all must take a stand and support his decisions and work building better communities and relations amongst one another!!!! special thanks to oprah winfrey for also believeing in obama from day uno too!

  58. Katrina @ 12:15p… THANK YOU!

    The bitterness is palpable! Ppl who harbor that level of bitterness & hatefulness don’t even realize how IRRELEVANT they’re becoming (or maybe they do).

    Some white dudes in Florida spray painted a black neighbor’s garage door with racial epithats towards Obama. Years ago I would’ve been angry about this, today I’d toss ’em a couple of cans of spray paint.

    *Side note, this black man happened to a teacher a their children’s school.

  59. ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS YES WE CAN AND YES WE DID!!!!!!!!!! OBAMA Y’ALLL!!!!!! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  60. Made history..Im so proud… I cried tears of JOY!..Glad to see this country led by a great man such as himself! :bowdown: :hifive: :thumbsup:

  61. i still cant believe this it feels like a dream i’m still in shock an still cryin……….. :stop: @stamus sorry to bust your bubble but that is what he is known for the first black president from the news to the pappers thats what everybody is sayin did anybody see his family in kenya go off..i like when i was watchin the news an the guy on CBS that was doin the thing from NY had a board of all the presidents you know the one they have in school an he said look at the presidents on here they all have one thing in comon their all white then he said for the first time in history there will be a black man on there my mom couldn’t stop from cryin because her and her mother was one out of many out there marchin :bowdown: :bowdown: an i think the guy on CBS was proud when he said this is the first black president :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  62. I waiting for two hours to cast my vote , and it was well worth the wait! I am just so elated that I played a part in helping to elect the first African American President to these United States! Yes, we can because we did it!
    :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  63. So happy. My grandparents called me in tears because they never thought they’d live to see the day. I’m glad my first opportunity to vote was in this amazing election. I’m still kind of..numb. Ha, So glad! And yes, we young people do have a voice to be heard! We came out this time!

  64. @Shamus

    Of course you never hear White ppl screaming about being proud to be White & so forth b/c they are the MAJORITY. White ppl are the majority when it comes to holding power in this country, which is the point. It is not unusual for a White person to get promotions & etc @ a drop of a hat. What these ppl are celebrating is that a Black man has done somthing that Black ppl were told for generations that they could NOT do. For years Black ppl were told that they were nothing & would NEVER be nothing. What these ppl are celebrating is the system that the White man try to rob us of ( the VOTE) a man of color has used that exact system & became the PRESIDENT of the United States of America. Obama has showed that ppl of color are INTELLIGENT, have great ideas & sense. This win is MORE than just about Black ppl b/c Obama has given hope to Latinos, Asians, &Native Americans that if you have the smarts & foresight you can be ANYTHING in this world. He has shown that you don’t have to be White to be right . Also why would a President start a term @ the end of the year. That would be short changing whomever the new president elect would be. Everyone knows that January is when the new President elect is sworn in. They teach you that in 6th grade. Your comments alone show the ignorance that you have tried to call out on other posters on this board :stop:


    I don’t know about you, but I voted for a GOOD President. Only a fool would think that Obama is the Messiah & will make their life right. BEFORE you knew of a man named Obama you should have ALREADY been a hardworker & dreamed of neverending heights. Granted Obama’s victory has confirmed to many that anything is possible, but you should never had any doubts. YES ppl will try to block you( like tryin to kill the Black vote) but if you keep believing & fighting your dream will eventually come to pass. The ONLY person who can change your life is YOU. Obama can be President for 80,000 yrs, but if you don’t have that go getter mentality thru out those yrs… your life will remain the same. Ppl change their lives, NOT a President.

  65. :iagree:
    Blame it on the Rain

    Obama is not the Messiah, just a man with good intentions. I have and will be praying that he surrounds himself with godly & wise counsel. The world’s outlook sucks right about now and he needs supernatural and natural help he can to avoid conflict (esp Russia) and put policies in place that we can look back on in 30 years and say he did a good job.

  66. I was just speechless and shocked. Now that he won, but that he won with no problems and by a landslide. It really hit me this morning of what happened last night. Now I KNOW my children and their children can be anything they want to be and not worry about the color of their skin holding them back.

    Last night was such a an exhilirating night for all. To see the emotions, joy, and tears of the people (black, white, brown, yellow) and to see the celebrations across the world. I don’t need anything to remind me of yesterday as it will be forever etched in my memory. Just think…50 years ago we were sitting in back of a bus, now we have a black man as the President. I get choked up every time thinking about this. The generation before us (for some a couple of generations) had MLK and Malcolm X to unite our people. Now we have been blessed with a leader to unite us and its been a long time coming.

    Last night was not just a significant victory for African Americans, but for all minorities. By a black man being in the White House, it’ll only be a matter of time before a woman or a person of Hispanic descent or Asian descent is there.

    I was watching MSN News last night and a House Representative (forgot his name–older black gentleman) was saying that last night was a revolution of values and it truly was.

  67. Words can not express how happy and excitied I was last night! :bowdown: We did it together, we made history. I worked with his campaign here in my state doing various tasks. And I was up at 5:45am 11/04/08 getting ready to go out and support the Barack Obama campaign and did not get to sleep until 1:30am. We tried so hard to turn our state (which is considered a part of the bible belt) blue but nevertheless I knew my boy was going to win :hifive: . I mean even when we would go out and canvas for him and get people registered to vote he recieved so much love and people were glad we were hitting the streets and getting people involved with his campaign :thumbsup: . The moment I heard him announce he was running for president I knew I would be voting for him unless some stiff competition came along. I have been a fan of Barack Obama since 2004 when he first ran and got elected to the Illinois senate. Hats off to the Obama and Biden family! :bowdown:

  68. Yesterday before they elected President Obama (love saying that), I was completely calm and cool. I didnt even get nervous, I just knew he was taking it. When he won, I didnt cry, I didnt go crazy, but I felt an ease come over me. I felt like I was somewhere on cloud nine. Maybe I was numb or in a daze or some natural high. All I know I was beyond happy. This man won and I couldnt be prouder. I freakin’ love being black and nobody cant take that away from me or any of us.

    And I will leave here without writing how fabulous Michelle, Sasha, and Malia looked. Black beauty and style at its finest. Black women know how to represent, I swear we do. :brownsista: :thumbsup:

  69. I’m laughing at how Barack only received over 70 comments in Beyonce received over 100 comments in the other topic lol. Barack accomplished alot. I’m very proud of him! This was history!People can’t stop talking about here! lol!


    I, just like yourself, wanted Obama to win. I am also happy for all African Americans. You said that only I can change my life and I think u’re right about that. What concerns me is I know black people (they are my friends) who think that now that Obama is elected, their lives will change overnight and that their struggles will be gone tomorrow. I don’t want us to think that way because economy is a long term progress. I want everybody to enjoy this time but also to look ahead because we all need to work together. I don’t want African American people to start making excuses or except the impossible now that the president is black. And I remind u, I have a couple of friends who really seem to think that Obama being elected is gonna solve EVERY problems they have. We have someone on our side (I know he is AMERICA’s president, for white, blacks and everybody so please don’t eat me with my statement) but we have to put in the work and the effort to help him.

    What I wish is we help our president because we want him to lead our country and be the best president but not because he is black. Once again, I know some people who only liked him because he was black.

  71. @CoCo

    LOL… I was not “tryin to eat you” w/ my comment. I was gettin my point across lol. I am Black & I know that Obama is not the Risen Savior. For I know that my help comes from the Heavens & not him. Yes SOME Black ppl may think that way, but I guarantee you NOT all ( I say it this way b/c from your comment I will assume your not African American, if you are forgive me). So plz don’t think that all Afro Americans are in that thought process. TRUST me, I know that the economy & everything else will take time to fix. Imo, I don’t believe that it will be straighten out by the end of Barack’s term, but maybe he can get the ball rollin even if it is a lil bit. I find that the Black ppl & anyone else for that matter… who feel & think that all their problems will go away now since Obama is elected are outta touch w/ reality & in some shape, form or fashion were making excuses for why they weren’t trying to make it work for themselves BEFORE this election took place. As I said earlier, ppl change their lives, NOT a president.

  72. @Coco

    Also… when I saabove… if he would have still had the same msg, that person would have got my vote. He being a man of color was just icing on the cake, but the color of his skin was NOT the whole dessert. So plz understand, which I think you do, just b/c you know some Black ppl who think the way you have described, don’t think that all are thinking that way, coz we are I voted for a GOOD President….I wasn’t talking about his race. I was talking about his thought process & ideas. Even though you may know Black ppl who like Obama just b/c he’s Black doesn’t mean that the rest of the community based their vote solely on that. I & many like myself looked @ the issues. He could have been White, Asian & all the

  73. Typo: ^^^^

    when I said above that I voted for a GOOD President…. I wasn’t talking about his race


    I totally understand what u meant. I know a lot of people voted for him (including myself) not thinking about his race. I’m just sending that message to those (and there are, not all, I know that) who think their problems will go away. For example, on my facebook page, some of my friends are just really out of touch (I think) after our victory. One of them who is black but not an American citizen wrote on her status “Obama president. Free green card for all internationals”, another one said “Obama president, finally the black people will succeed”. My comment was addressed to those people. For the girl who hopes to get a free green card, I immediately directed her to Obama’s website to read about his immigration reform agenda before she hopes for something that is not going to happen.

    I don’t want people to think that way because it doesn’t matter who the president is, if we don’t want to succeed and don’t do anything in our lives, we won’t.


  75. I feel so excited to be part of this historic moment, even though I live in England…. It really is something to see a black man be elected for President, something that alot of people thought would never happen…. I am really excited for all americans right now that were rooting for him from the beginning….

    Mr Obama, we salute u (all the way from London, England)… :bowdown:

  76. America has made the right choice. The world can now look to America without this feeling of dislike to say the least. Obama, you have ur work cut out for u though. bush left a messy intray.

  77. During his victory speech, Barack Obama said it best, “Change has come to America”. What does he mean by that? Could this be the beginning and the end of the campaign slogan change? He just found out he was president. As president, he has yet to introduce any new laws or reppeal any of the Bush’s laws. Therefore, what change could he be talking about here?

    The change he is talking about is the fact he, a Black person, becomes a US president. He makes history :iagree:. Second, it is a change from a Republican in office to a Democrat. You could say well he is right. What’s wrong with these two changes? Why should I pay close attention to what he said? First, if these are the changes he was preaching on the campaign trail, the change you voted for is already over done with. He already accomplished what he said he would…Didn’t he? Now that he is in office, you don’t know what to expect from him unless you are one of the people who actually take the time to check his voting records prior to the election. If you did, you would realize the Republicans and the democrats have merged. You only have an illusion of two parties system. How so? Majority of the Democrats and the Republican vote the same on major issues such as foreign policy, monetary policy, violation of our civil rights…Therefore, does it really make a difference which one is in office now?

    It is excellent he is living proof a black person can be the president of the United States of America. Ask yourself this, however, are these the changes you bargained for? Are they enough for you? If yes, don’t come running and screaming he lied to you because he delivered what he said he would. If you truly wanted change in policies, you should have picked candidates who advocates them and who have their solid records to back it up. The 2008 presidential campaign was full of them. You choose to reject them in favor of Obama. Now sit back and enjoy the ride:smile:. *Warning…It’s going to be a rough one :brownsista:.

  78. Tuesday was the first time I voted. It was bitter sweet. The sweet part, I’m glad I got to exercised my rights. My ancestors fought extremely hard for this duty & priviledge. The bitter part is I’ve never been this disappointed of my fellow citizens who are more concern about breaking history instead of protecting my rights and theirs. Citizens who fail to symphatizes with foreign nation and see the humanity of others. You think it’s alright that we have an interventionalist foreign policy which allows the US to invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan now Syria in the near future possibly Iran under the pretext of war on terrorism???

    This election cycle was an exciting and I learned so much [I wonder maybe too much]. I’m still learning. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know the level of corruption this nation is involved in.

    Funny ish happen on election day and yesterday. On election day, after I check the third party candidate I wanted, I ask the Black lady helper if everything was neat. She looked and said, “Oh wait you have not voted. The Democratic side is here…”. I pointed to my candidate. She continues, “Do you know this person?” When I answered, she gives me this dumfounded and traitor look. I did all I could do not to laugh :lol:. I did let it out outside and SMH.

    I go to MEC. Yesterday, this gentleman approched me and said, “Let me shake your hand”. I was like OKAY. He continued, “Thank you for voting for Obama…” :lol:. I gave him this crazy look that got him saying, “You voted…right”. I said yes, but I din’t ellaborate. I didn’t want to get into it this early in the morning and call attention to myself…

  79. Please y’all, please pardon my interuption. I just gotta say this: in his first interview since Barack Obama being elected the next president, Ralph “The Hater” Nader, that’s one of your guys, isn’t it Ms. SnijanaFleur, in a Fox News interview asked, was Barack Obama going to be a “Uncle Sam” or a “Uncle Tom”? If you listen to what Ralph Nader is saying (Search for that interview on YouTube), he is already calling Barack a “Tom” because in voting for the Wall Street bailout, Nader says that Barack voted in favor of the banks and investment companies that run Wall Street. Ralph Nader then added that in voting for the Wall Street bailout, Barack was not looking out for the interests of the working poor of America. But I say this… Yes Barack was looking out for the interests of the working poor, for the interests of “James and Flora Evans”. Why? Because if that bailout didn’t pass, the economy would have gone into a complete meltdown, the financial system would have totally failed. And if that had happened, then the working poor would have lost their jobs, they would have to live in the streets, and would have to go to the local shelters for food and clothes. Barack Obama did nothing but look out for “James and Flora Evans”. All Ralph “The Hater” Nader did was show his a$$ to me. He showed me that he’s a closet Neo-Nazi and the only thing he needs is some bangs down his forehead, a little mustache under his nose, and for him to raise his right hand up and start talkin’ about “Sieg Heil”. What did I say? As soon as Barack gets elected, Barack haters will start coming out from even the cracks in the sidewalk trying to block Barack every step of the way. It looks to me that they’ve started already.

  80. I can’t allow a Beyonce post to have more comments than a President Barack Obama post so I’ll add my two cents again! I just cannot get over the fact that a BLACK man is going to the White House and he’s taking a BLACK woman with him! Damn. Obama is breaking all the rules– black, not just successful but powerful, and has a sista on his arm that actually looks like a sista! Unbelievable.

  81. Smooth Thug I can’t aloud you to spread lies AGAIN
    Since when encouraging bad behavior is a good thing? Since when bailing out criminals equal the right thing? Since when punishing the INNOCENT is a right thing? The Wallstreet bailout is wrong no matter how many times you, Bush Jr., Obama, McCain, and the MSM try to spin it. And guess what, it did not help. In fact, it makes it worse. It just delays the the healing and correction process.

    UnalteredBeauty writes, “Obama…has a sista on his arm that actually looks like a sista! Unbelievable”.

    I bet if Obama had a wife who look like the woman who gave birth to him you and others would’ve treat & view him differently. Hell…some of you would’ve see him differently if he had he woman who was 50/50 ‘mix’ like him or a light skin Black woman SMH. Aks yourself this…Why is this ish more relevant them real issues…like Obama help flush your rights down the toilet.

  82. @ Snijana Fleur

    It’s important that you take my comment in it’s entirety and not just snippets of it like you just did. With that said, I’ll post it again.

    “I can’t allow a Beyonce post to have more comments than a President Barack Obama post so I’ll add my two cents again! I just cannot get over the fact that a BLACK man is going to the White House and he’s taking a BLACK woman with him! Damn. Obama is breaking all the rules– black, not just successful but powerful, and has a sista on his arm that actually looks like a sista! Unbelievable.”

    Now, the point of the comment was to draw attention to the fact that Obama misspells a lot of myths about black men. That is, 1.) that black men are not successful and 2.) (successful) black men only like non-black women. In order to understand what I’m saying, these points must be taken in conjunction with one another, not separated.

  83. @ Snijana Fleur,

    As for your other comments, I didn’t overlook them. I just can’t dignify them anymore than I already am by writing this post.

  84. With the election of Barack Obama, I’m now giving you the contact information from the transition team. If you would like the name someone to be in the new government or have some ideas about what you think is the number one issues are then… The phone number for the transition headquarters is 202-540-3000. The official website for the transition is and it will be live later today.

    Transition Senior Staff:

    Chris Lu – Executive Director

    Dan Pfeiffer – Communications Director

    Stephanie Cutter – Chief Spokesperson

    Cassandra Butts – General Counsel

    Jim Messina – Personnel Director

    Patrick Gaspard – Associate Personnel Director

    Christine Varney – Personnel Counsel

    Melody Barnes – Co-Director of Agency Review

    Lisa Brown – Co-Director of Agency Review

    Phil Schiliro – Director of Congressional Relations

    Michael Strautmanis – Director of Public Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs

    Katy Kale – Director of Operations

    Brad Kiley – Director of Operations

    Millions of Black people in America and billions around the world are greeting the sweeping Republican defeat with a sense of relief and even exhilaration. However, their interpretation of the Obama victory is very different from that of the Democratic Party leadership, including Obama himself, and the ruling class constituency that backed the Illinois senator as “Johnny come lately” as you can see from the list above.

    The US media will doubtless say that the Democratic victory is not a mandate for a radical change of course. Already, even before the votes were counted and Obama’s victory was officially acknowledged, leading Democrats were putting forward precisely this position. New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, who threw his support to Obama during the Democratic primary contest, cautioned Tuesday night that the Democrats should “be modest” and “seek alliances.” Georgia Congressman John Lewis echoed these remarks, saying the Democrats had to “go slowly” and pursue a “bipartisan” course.

    In fact, last Tuesday’s election was a clear popular mandate for a reversal of right-wing-klux’cer policies that have largely been of a bipartisan character.

    Whatever satisfaction the Democratic Party draws from its victory is tempered by the realization within President-elect Obama’s inner circle, the party leadership and the political establishment that the mass expectations and hopes aroused by the election will not be easily contained. The outcome of the election sets the stage for a new and protracted period of intense “fight for your rights” conflict in the United States… That said…

    These are the names and contact information you need for JOBS and STAFF positions in the Obama Administration.

    Seek Justice

  85. @CoCo

    I understand & I feel sorry for those ppl :loser: … b/c comments like those are ingonorant & that type of thinking is why the White man & prolly other races tried to keep a Black person out of the White House. Being that w/ have a Black President doesn’t mean that there will be a free for all. As a matter of fact Barack has to watch his steps 10x more closely than past Presidents b/c those who do not want him there will be looking extra hard to find & criticizse(sp?) his mistakes. I can only hope that your friends & associates will realize that this is not a game & that the man was put into office to get a job done & not hang out. Obama’s being in office is very crucial, it is a gateway for other minorities to break thru :brownsista: .

  86. You think I can’t properly read…what you said UnalteredBeauty:lol2:
    I took a quote from your blog.

    I didn’t need Obama to misspeall any truth about Black men. Before I heard of Obama, I knew there were successful black men in the world [in various fields]. I know all [successful] Black men are not the same, and they, like any others, are free to choose their mates. I know some of them love & marry Black women, white women, Hispanic women, Asian women, Native A. women… Evenif some choose a non-Black women for the wrong reasons, it’s their ignorance to live with. It’s unhealthy for them. I can’t let that affect me.

  87. I think Obama will be a very good president when it’s all said and done with… Many people are saying that he’s going to be a socialist, etc… are just plain retarded…. If obama was the same person, but his skin was white, you wouldn’t see anyone complaining.

  88. Dan…just like nobody complains about Bush

    “Many people are saying that he’s going to be a socialist, etc… are just plain retarded”
    Dan, there has to be another way to refute people who argue Obama is a socialist without lowering yourself to this childish state. You can start by defining the term socialism for those who don’t understand it. Then, you can demonstrate how Obama is not a socialist. You can use his stand on certain issues, and his voting record.

  89. hearing aids…what makes Obama the best candidate again? Is it because he voted for the Bush introduced [un]Patriotic Act, maybe its the other Bush endorsed bills like the FISA Bill, the Walstreet Bailout Bill, or is it because he agrees with Bush and previous US leaders on interventionalist Foreign Policy? People wake up. You could start by checking Dr. Ron Paul out for some education on key issues. It can’t hurt. I see sjreese provides contact the info of some Obama peps who are taking in suggestions. It won’t hurt for me to supply some and I hope you do the same :thumbsup:

  90. Hearing aids :iagree: and :lol2: at your name
    Obama 08 The rest can just go to h–l :bowdown:

  91. I am so excited just like most of you all. Everytime I think about it I think about the human spirit. We came here as cargo with absolutely no rights! Most of our ancestors brought over to this land never seen a white man before. 200+ years later we have faught for equality, marched the streets singing, and given our lives so that this generation and generations to come can live in a country that grants them a leveled playing field in seeking the America Dream. I know that Malcolm, Martin, Corretta, Rosa, Booker, Federick, Sejounor, and many others not mention but highly appreciated are looking down on America with prideful smiles. America has elected a African American as the President of its country allows me to really love this this country more than I ever thought possible. Now I can say truthfully God Bless America

  92. @ Ms. SnijanaFleur:
    I spread “lies”? “Again”? That’s odd, I don’t recall ever perpetrating untruths to begin with in the first place. The Wall Street bailout does not encourage “bad behavior”, it prevents the economy from failing, thus avoiding a depression, thus keeping the working poor from having to live out on the streets. What’s wrong with that? These are the people you refer to as the “INNOCENT”. By trying to strengthen the economy, how is that “punishing” them? And as far as just sitting there and picking our nose and doing nothing about a possible financial meltdown while Wall Street is allowed to undertake its own “healing and correction process”, that’s exactly what Herbert Hoover did in October of 1929 when the stock market crashed; he didn’t do a thing except go around saying how Wall Street is going to fix itself. What did doing nothing lead direct ly too? “The Great Depression”. We came dangerously close to that scenario again last month.

  93. Slim Thug you are so right. People don’t understand if the companies, especially the big ones who have many other companies under their umbrella and spread out all over the planet, are in dire straits, then we all will suffer. The ripple effect will be great and it will be like the great depression. I can’t even imagine that happening now because we have been so blessed in America in spite of the issues that we have. We did come close to it though.

  94. Smooth Thug, “The Wall Street bailout does not encourage “bad behavior”.

    Wallstreet spending what it doesn’t have with the help of the [un]Federal Reserve Bank is not bad behavior? When you’re not held accountable for your poor decisions and when those who live by their means have to pay for those who didn’t, is this not rewarding bad behavior? Then, why should wallstreet clean up its acts when they can continue getting rich on the back of mainstreet and get away with it. Again the wallstreet bailout did not and will not prevent the economy from failing. Didn’t you get the memo? Bernanke is already asking for MORE. What the bailout did was increase the checks of some corrupted folks and send them off, it punishes the working class with more taxes [In additon, to the income tax, inflation tax, countless others and the cost of war], and it delays the healing process of the market. How is it in our benefit ? If the market is still sick inspite of 700billion+ and getting worse each day, how the hell will the economy strenghten? I say change the medicine.

  95. I’m a day late, but never a dollar short.

    It was such an honor to witness and welcome B. Obama and his beautitul family to presidency on 11/04/08.

    This morning, my precious 3 year old daughter stood up on a chair and screamed “Barack Obama for President!” And though B. Obama’s name is immensely spoken in my household, I couldn’t believe what I had just seen and heard from someone so young, innocent, and pure. If Baracks waves of CHANGE continues to have this type of impact on our youth, then I’m all for it!

    Peace and God bless.

  96. The back & fwd about who is the best candidate, bail outs & etc has become quite ridiculous. Let’s just put it out there no matter who would have won the Presidency it still would & will not have been enough. Personally I think that the ENTIRE U.S. government system is shady & crooked ( which is why I personally don’t belong to any party), but someone has to go in. No one person can fight for EVERYONE’s issues w/ this country. Try as hard as they may, something will go unseen b/c these ppl are only human & can do so much. To those ppl who voted for Obama simply b/c he is Black, shame on them. I would hope that ppl have enough intellect to vote for more than race. However, I can’t sit here & not wonder if this debate would be the same had McCain & the lady who likes to wave to Russia from her back porch would have won. I wonder if this debate would be the same if McKinney & the Green party would have won( and you know ppl would have been up in arms b/c NOT only is she Black, but also FEMALE). I wonder would this debate would be the same if Nader had won, & the countless other parties, i.e. Louisiana Taxpayers, Independent, & None party affiliates. The point is even if any of these other groups of ppl won… SOMETHING would be left out & SOMEONE would have to complain. Whether it be the environment, economy, healthcare, war, education, gay rights, & so on so on so on. Every one cannot be pleased… not to mention this is a jacked up planet, there are so many problems w/ it that we don’t even know about yet. If you read the issues & voted for the person who best fit your views great. If something goes wrong you know you tried to put a possibly better person in the seat & the “blood” is off your hands. But I think that right now it is pointless to sit around & nick pick over these things. The best thing is to get involved & try to make things better. Obama is the President now, so work w/ him & his groups if you feel so strongly & maybe you will see some progress. If Obama doesn’t do the job well, then in another 4 yrs like the rest we will vote his butt out. All of these candidates have flaws & views that we don’t agree with… just listen to them & choose the one you agree w/ most & be done.

  97. @ Ms. SnijanaFleur:
    Sweetheart, that’s the whole point; Wall Street went broke. They had no money so massive amounts of money had to be injected into the entire financial system before the economy went into default, depression, meltdown. Whatever you wanna call it, the result would have been the same… everybody out of a job and living in the streets. Did that bailout reward bad behavior? No. It saved us from financial and economic oblivion. Did Bear-Sterns engage in shady practices? For sure. But how can Wall street’s bad behavior, and that of Bear-Sterns, in particular, come to be called rewarded by the bailout if Bear-Sterns was allowed to go bankrupt? Now I’m not too sure about the “memo” you claim I missed, but the “memo” I did get was that Bear-Sterns was allowed to go under and that doesn’t sound like a reward to me.
    As for the rest of the bailout, it was intended to enable the entire financial system to extend credit to households because it is they, and their spending and borrowing, that moves our economy. So that’s 1): in order to get households to feel secure enough to spend/borrow again, the Fed had to pump these gigantic amounts of money into the system. 2): to loosen up even more credit, the Fed lowered the Federal Funds Rate. This rate is the interest rate that banks are to charge eachother whenever they borrow money FROM eachother. These 2 steps are tools that the Fed already has at its disposal and are designed to loosen enough money so that a household can, for example, buy a new car. These 2 steps somewhat worked, just not well enough. So Bernanke asked Congress for more funds. That money is to be used to buy the assets of banks that still have value so that these banks who are doing the borrowing can, in turn, loan out that money to households. The Fed and the Treasury will hold those assets as collateral until the loan is repayed with interest. All of this should get the economy to move again, but real slow at first. Now, if anything I’ve writen here is a lie, show me! How is it a lie!?

  98. I am super excited that Barack Obama is our new President…Obama is so popular people from other countries are elated. I will continue to pray form him, his family and this nation.

  99. Congratulations African AMERICANS! i love you guys and just wanted you all to know it. your story inspires alot of us Black British folks!

    Thank you Lord for letting this happen in my lifetime!

  100. :brownsista: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :bowdown: :bowdown: :hifive: :hifive: :hifive: We’ve done it!!!! Praise GOD and CHRIST!!! also special love to Oprah Winfrey for the amazing support she has given him from day one!!!! Love and Prayer constantly givin to Obama,Michelle, and their two beautiful daughters (of course the new puppy, lol)….Okay yall we have to support him,work on ourselves, and in our communties. lets breed us some politicians,scientist,doctors,matheticians,chemist,horticulturist,enginners,enterpanuers,stockbrokers,professors,surgeons,psychologist, and the list can go on and on!!!!!!!!!!

  101. I cannot hear that enough. I kept watching all nite just so I keep hearing Barak Obama is the President elect. I am so proud as an African-American. I am so proud of your young folks. I never remember seeing that many young people in line to vote. Even when I was a young folk I couldn’t remeber seeing that many around my own age. It just goes to show as people when we stick together what we can accomplish. But the work is not finished. Now we have to get back to our communities and get it back in order along with our children. There are no words to describe what I am feeling right now.

  102. We Really Did It!!!!! I cried and screamed when he won. My neighbors did too. LOL!!!! I attend a white university, lots of blacks enrolled but mostly white, and the feelings and tension is sooooooo high. I am from the deep south. Alabama…..rednecks. I have had to look @ so so sooooom any white people differently because when they announced him as the prez those people went crazy. Facebook statuses were so rascist and cruel. I couldn’t even get mad. I just laughed and still do. OBAMA won by a landslide. Seriously!!! Plenty and I do mean plenty of white people voted for him. I don’t know why these ignorant rascist white people can’t understand that. They are acting like a little bad white toddler that can’t get their way. So they are throwing temper tantrums. There are even groups on facebook titled impeach Obama, Assassinate him, etc. This is a sad country, but I am truly honored to have witnessed this history and was able to see the BETTER man win.

  103. And another thing. White people will NEVER EVER understand the victory we have just witnessed. They didn’t feel out struggles, instead they played a major role in causing them. We all can tell that Obama is Black. Yeah he is mixed, but in America if you aren’t white with blue or whatever colored eyes. You are black. Whether it’s 1%. This is the greatest thing that probably will ever happen in this country, especially from a man of color. We have a reason to praise, shout, scream, sing, represent, and be overjoyed.

  104. I am still floating, and will probably be like this for his entire administration…which I hope is 8 YEARS!!!

    But for all those waiting for Barack Obama to change your life, it is NOT going to happen!!! YOU NEED TO BE THE CHANGE!!!! Obama is now something for black men to aspire to, just like Michelle for black women. They are actually people ALL people of color can aspire to be like. VOLUNTEER, take a CLASS, start a BUSINESS!!! There are NO MORE LIMITATIONS OR EXCUSES. You can do and be ANYTHING!!! I’ve always believed that, but some people needed a vision as confirmation. WELL WE HAVE IT!!! GET UP, GET OUT and DO SOMETHING!!!!! Stop waiting for someone else to change YOUR life! :stop:

  105. I have to strongly DISAGREE with you Honesty. Look at the pictures from the Civil Rights Movement. There were white people marching with Dr. King, as well as white people DYING with blacks and others for the cause. We could NOT have done this by ourselves. And remember……black people weren’t giving President Obama the time of day until he won IOWA, and Iowa is a white state. In a way I think some of them used this as an opportunity to set themselves free of our ugly past. I saw a sign being held up in Grant Park by a white person that read “Free at last”. They set themselves free too!

  106. @ Honesty

    Obama is biracial, or a “mut”t as he himself recently joked. The Jim Crow south said that 1 drop of black blood makes you black. Biology says differently. We know better these days and we most certainly aren’t holding on to such racist ideals. Obama is biracial. He’s just as much black as he is white.

  107. I’m so proud of our President-Elect Mr. Barack Obama. How far we have come in the US. My tears of joy were like waterworks. May God bless him and his entire family. With this major win, we now know and believe we can be anything we want to be.
    Dr. King would be so proud of him.
    Much love to the entire Obama family as well as the Biden family. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :brownsista:

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