American Music Awards Rap Up

The 2009 American Music Awards just wrapped up and after sitting through three hours of so-so performances- I have a lot to say. First- bravo to Alicia Keys ! I think the singer gave 2 of the best performances of the night- one solo and the other with Jay-Z. I also have to show Mary J. Blige some love. After 15 years in the business the singer still does what she does best and that is bring the soul. Mary gave a solid performance and looked good while doing it. Rihanna also gets a cool point or two from me. The rising diva gave a lively performance and hands down wore the evening’s most memorable costume- a white bandage catsuit that strategically covered all of her parts that needed covering.

On the other hand, performances from Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Whitney Houston- left me cold. As much as it hurts me to say this- Janet looked old, fat and washed-up tonight. Her weight is literally weighing her down as she appeared to barely be able move. I was extremely shocked and saddened to see such a dismal performance from a woman who clearly has left her mark on so many of the female acts out today.

Jennifer Lopez’s set started off well enough but quickly flamed out when she started lipsynching. Note to all the lipsynching singers out there- that includes you too Janet- step up your game. Beyonce is on stage singing LIVE and dancing in high heels- there is no excuse for you all to be lipsynching while wearing flats. Even Rihanna, who many claim cannot even sing, sang live tonight and she had on platforms the size of the Sears Tower. Lipsynching is lazy and is so yesterday. Get it together ladies.

As for Whitney- it was another sad night and another sad performance. She struggled to get through “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” and looked a bit pudgy in her white designer gown. Watching her was painful and somber reminder of just how far she had fallen from her once glory days.

Images from the show can be seen below and performance videos can be found via a quick search of You Tube.


  1. JANET WAS AMAZING! LOVED IT!!!Alicia Keys was really good too, but her male dancer was distractive (in a bad way). The ladies were gorgeous

  2. I don’t know what performance you saw last night with Whitney Houston but I suggest you go and look at that performance again. If that left you cold then you just are cold person. That was the show. She and Mary showed these young ladies how to command a stage without looking like they are gettng ready to go on a corner. And for the record Ms.Lady Beyonce has a pre recorded track like everyone else.

    We complain and complain about these young ladies particularly young black ladies all looking slutzs and then when class enters the stage it bores you. Maybe you are trashy as well. That would explain why you hold Rhianna and Beyonce up so much.

  3. Honey I dont know what performance you heard of Rihanna, but you need to go back again.. Rihanna makes it very hard for her stans to support or argue on her behalf. From that dress that look like it should have a circular light going around it hanging up somewhere for x-mas.. Gaga, Mary J, Alicia & Jay Z, Kelly Clarkson and some other to many to name gave great performances, but Rihanna had the nerve to lip sync and you gave points for that. On the Cruise her stans claimed people were boring, it’s not the people it was the singer!!! Rihanna will come in at #4 maybe!

  4. the awards was nice i enjoyed whitney, jlo and janet everybody else sucks and im glad beyonce wasnt there with her nasty ass

  5. rihanna proved why i will NEVER be a fan of hers. she’s a model and that’s it. she doesn’t have an ounce of talent in the singing or entertaining department. they kept announcing her return (did she even go anywhere?) and she didn’t live up to the hype. she should have spent her summer getting vocal lessons instead of walking the streets.

    jay and alicia’s performance was cool. i was lost during jlo’s and i think kelly sounded beautiful!

  6. @mark,

    i’m happy to see that you are still talking about beyonce even though she was no where near LA last night. at least you thought about her….good or bad!

  7. Wowwwww rihanna gets cool points? for what looking good?? she was horrible, my friends and I could barely watch her try and sing. everything else you said i agree with. Lady Gaga was awesome!!!!

  8. @Sista: I see them here as well. Whitney’s people haven’t paid her yet.

  9. Best Performances:

    Alicia Keys
    Kelly Clarkson
    Keith Urban
    Eminem minus 50 cent

    Janet Jackson – Ok performance, she’s gained weight and this did affect her dancing, but, she’s not washed up, it was an “energy” thing…she just wasn’t into what she was doing…she’s can still perform and well, if Madonna and Tina can, so can Janet…only black people believe age is a factor for their stars, true artists perform until they die…after her loss and now focusing more on acting, she’s probably transitioning and going for the Oscar, acting her first love!

    Whitney – Talked through the song, I hope building her vocals up, they are getting stronger and I assume her vocal chords are mending!

    J-lo – Not a good performance at all!

    Lady Gaga – Almost too much of a good thing!

    Timbaland – Cool Performance for his ever-increasing pop audience!

    Black Eye Peas – They were good, wish they had did “Get Started”…I like that they remain a group and continue to share the profits!

    Beyonce isn’t the standard, coochie popin isn’t a fine art.

    This industry is just experience a downward slop, karma!

  10. I really didnt care to watch the AMA’s in its entirety! I did watch some parts whenever I happened to browse the channels. None of the performances I seen seen were GREAT OR OUTSTANDING but some were ok!

    I did see WHITNEY—Meh….I agree she DID talk through the song, that made her performance weak! But I did like the dress on her.
    JLO—turned after first 5 seconds of her singing. Thats what I get bc I missed her fall! lol. Thank goodness for youtube. It was hilarious!
    RHIANNA—Meh, it was alright, I guess.
    AK/JAY—Dont like the song, so I could careless!!

    Lmao @ Andre Le Dale
    @ Bee, love your first comment!

  11. With all respect to all of you Rihanna people… that outfit she had on looked like pajamas.

  12. I enjoyed the show and really enjoyed Janet. She sang/performed some of my fav. works from her catalog. I was on my feet trying to recreate her dance moves.

    I think had everyone sung out loud and not lip-synched most would still have had issue with the show. It’s not so much seeing live performances anymore; we want everything to be PERFECT even visually perfect. You mentioned Whitney looking pudgy and Janet being fat. COME ON! These are legends! They are older and wider! LOL Fans set themselves up for disappointment expecting visual perfection from these oh-so-human performers. C’mon!!!

    And is Beyonce really the standard? AGAIN, had Janet’s vocals been live and on point you still would find fault in her performance (if not her looks); Janet, Whit, Mary J., Alicia (pt. 2), etc. etc.

  13. Wait, Wait, Wait. I don’t normally blog, especially not on women’s sites( but I’m on here reading, so go figure, anyways…), this must be said. Janet looked GOOD. No, she wasn’t at her best but from where I sat the performance was at least a 7/8 out of 10, and I don’t know what performance “Sista” saw but Janet didn’t lip sync her verses. She was obviously singing them. Moving on, Mary J, was wonderful and she looked beautiful, always a classy black woman (love her). Jennifer Lopez lip-syned but the song wasn’t that bad, however the performance left some things to be desired, and if you didn’t catch it, she fell after she walked up her dancer’s backs and jumped down (hilarious), but she did keep going like a true professional, and now for the HOT MESS PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT, can I get a drum roll please….Whitney Houston has lost it. She couldn’t hold a note to save her life, but on the plus side at least she looks a lot better. That being said, agree with me or don’t, ladies these are just MY opinions. Stay Beautiful.

  14. Sista knew EXACTLY what she was doing by bringing Beyonce into a post where Beyonce wasn’t even the main spectacle. Not only that, but dissing two of our legendary brown sistas in the same breath? There’s about to be comments on this post running until Christmas. More hits and more clicks, even though we know it’s not the truth.

  15. I agree with everything the author wrote. Yes Janet is a legend but I’m tired of seeing artist lip-synch on stage. Best performace of the night was Jay and Alicia for me, but LOL at Alicia trying to dance when she did her own performance. P.S. Beyonce only has pre recorded track on the hook/chorus you know she sings 95% of the time live. @BEE she wasn’t even there so give it up, I mean what has the lady done to you dang.

    One more thing this is totally off topic but I’m gonna say it anyways because it p*ssed me off. Why did they nominate Michael for all those awards just becasue he passed? Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Michael but I think that was ust disrespectful to all the other artist they should have done it a couple of years ago when he had his #1’s cd or when he releases his unreleased songs or something, plus the fans got to vote so that was a no brainer of who was going to win, other artist didn’t have a chance, with the exception of America’s sweetheart(Taylor Swift)

  16. @17150918 The AMAs are based on sales and radio play, no matter who the artist is. The Beatles have been nominated for AMAs long after their heyday. MJ sold more records than anybody else this year, living or dead — that’s why. Taylor Swift only beat him for Artist of the Year because her sales combined with her radio play (she’s been played all year, you only heard MJ’s songs around the time of his death) outweighed everybody else’s.

  17. People only say Janet was lip-synching cuz she wears the headset mic. Truth be told, lil Ms Beyonce lip-synchs too (a lot). I really don’t know what people want from Janet. I mean my God, does she have to do flips or bounce off the walls for people to like her performances? Geez…She is 43, not 25. Let’s see Beyonce at 43 and see if she can keep up, or any other young Diva for that matter. Anyway, Janet’s performance was very good. I think you may need to watch it again to get the full intensity of it. She was definitely gettin it (in some parts more than others), but she was out there for 8 MINUTES, not 2 1/2-3 like everyone else. DAMN!

  18. @MISS JUNE- I know that but at the end of the day the fans VOTE, so it was a no brainer who was going to win most. Im saying they(ama execs. or whoever) could have at least thought it over more and waited until he came out with another cd you get my drift.
    @B- We want Janet, Brittany, and anyone else who lip-synchs to start singing live VERY FEW do it so we need more who can. But regardless she’ll still sell I mean look at Brittany.

  19. Janet perfomance was amazing, regardless, at 43 she still has it. And I agree, like she said in her interview when you hit your forties, it’s time to not let anything someone says are think

  20. Janet made me stand and clap. No bells and whisltes and gimmicks to dodge behind just solid performance. And ending with together again to honour MJ instead of ending the set with her new single?… Pure Class

    Isnt it funny she was permitted to be “fat” during the Control and Rythym Nation era without anyone saying her “fat” dragged her down?

    She kicks ass and is a stunning woman slim and not so slim.

  21. Beyonce! Please dont shame yourself by adding Beyonce in this mess. Beyonce can sing the alphabets and make you wanna by them!

  22. I forgot! Mari where you at? You cant even defend your girl on this one!

  23. I was over at Amazon and they are selling Rihanna’s new Rated R CD for $3.99, that’s the worst insult a artist can receive on a new release CD and you are a suppose Superstar… Oh!

  24. Janet Janet Janet. When Control was out Janet had pudgy cheeks and maybe a little belly fat, with Rhy Nation she was slim minus the chubby no it wasn’t ok for Janet to be dancing with all that extra weight. As everyone knows her performances are dance intensive and mostly lipped with some ad-libs for good measure…this isn’t new she’s been doing that for years. If you feel cheated it’s your own fault. Hell she’s 5′ barely and 43. @ 20ys old I could see her working all that extra weight at 43, no. All in all I love seeing Janet do her thing and everyon expects perfection from her but after the past six months she’s had I’ll definitely settle for this anyday over some other performances I saw.

  25. Yes , Bey does lip sync alot as well. Bet Awards 2008 anyone, MTV Awards (ring the alarm). Every artist who dances their whole performance lips on national television with backing tracks except for Ciara and we know how that turns out. I don’t have a problem with lipping especially if I’m expecting you to hit all the dance moves you did in your video on stage.

  26. didn’t get to watch the show (didn’t even know it was on), but i caught clips on YT. I thought Whitney did,great. Of course I don’t know how the song sounds on the album, but I felt the song was a personal testimony as to why it was sung the way it was sung.

    Rihanna, love her, but was meh about the performace. She doesn’t really grab your attention while she’s on the stage. but whatever.

    J.lo, seriously just stop. the song sucked, it wasn’t even catchy. Infact I couldn’t even hum it to you. it was plain awful. Her fall on the stage, eh whatever, she got back up, the performance still did not impress me. J.lo is trying to come back into an era where beyonce regins, rihanna is the fashion icon, lady gaga is just plain weird but a show stopper. This J to tha l-o is over. It’s like watching paint dry.

  27. GaGa was the best performance of the entire damn show.

    I also liked Mary, Jay N Alicia, Green Day, Keith Urban, Kelly, Carrie, and BEP.

    Ummm, Janet, Em, JLo, and Sharika, is singing “LIVE” too much to ask for???? *SMDH*

  28. I agree Brown Sista. I just got and watched Beyonce’s DVD. The girl is BAD! She sings and dances in heels. And ppl need to stop acting surprised that she doesn’t sing the chorus. They’ve been doing that since they came out.

    I want the full package. Not just visuals and dancing, b/c that is NOT music. I didn’t see Janet, but b4 I could ask, my sister told me she lip-synced. Janet’s ALWAYS lipsynced. Janet should be able to sing live.

    Rihanna lipped a bit, too. But she’s getting better with her living singing.(did i just compliment Rihanna?)

    At the end of the day, for real music fans, it’s not about who’s classier so that makes them a better performer. It’s about who can deliver the three most important facts of being an entertainer. Visuals, energy, and MOST IMPROTANTLY VOCALS!

    PS: Beyonce is REALLY BAD, because her LIVE VOCALS are even BETTER than her STUDIO VOCALS.

    PPS: She was very tastefully dressed on her new DVD. Dances, was creative and was vocally AH-MA-ZING!

  29. OH, AND HELL YEAH BEYONCE FUCKING ROCKS, I JUST LOVE HER. SHE IS SO AWESOME(since people mentioned her might as well add my input).

  30. Rihanna’s performance was not good to me. She should really think about investing in singing lessons.

  31. Sista

    Beyawnsay does NOT set the standard for performances. LOL. Judging her Video Whore footage she has lost her edge.

    As for singing. She does NOT always sing live. take the falling face first down stairs incident. Most of you stans don’t realize she had to scramble in all that pain for the mic before the track started. LOL.

    Beyawnsay’s recent performances have been redundant ass shaking to empty lyrics. You all get off on the same ole bullshish that’s why you don’t appreciate variety.

    Any wonder why she wasn’t there last night??

    Because it wasn’t about her.
    She couldn’t open the show
    She wasn’t nominated for the big awards. Payola is not buying her into events anymore. Her music speaks for itself. I Am Such a FLop failed to sell 2 million if you do the math right without double counting discs.

    Beyawnsay is not an entertainer she is a performer.

    She is an average singerwithout the backtrack. Think now??? Listen to that God awful Halo performance from the David Letterman show.

    Stop injecting Beyaki into every damm conversation like she’s the second coming.

    She has not, I repeat has not even tasted the success of Whitney and Janet and soon Rihanna is gonna pass her mediocre numbers. LOL.

    Numbers don’t lie!!!!!!

  32. I hate the fact that Beyonce always shows up in a post as the poster board for success/talent. She is not the originator. Yes, our older artists need to invest in more training for their voice and their performances. Yet, what is to be said for their particular style if they try an keep up with the likes of Beyonce. Now, I enjoy Beyonce. I have all of her albums. Yet, I think that our seasoned artists deserve a stronger comparison. Mary J, Alicia, and Whitney did not disappoint.

    I love 50 cent all day every day. That boooooddddddyyyyy (smiles)!!!!

  33. ROCKYAWN, you are probably THE most annoying commenter on this site, in my extremely humble opinion. If it’s not about Beyawnce, why did you dedicate an entire (& might I add, LONG) post to her very being?
    My God (wo)man, you have serious issues! Get a grip! Beyawnce would have probably set the stage in flames, WHILE WEARING A LEOTARD & dancing the exact same choreography to Single Ladies.

    I could care less what people look like these days. If Beyonce’s weave is raggety, I could care less. She earned the right to look a hot ass mess if she can still DELIVER.

    If Whitney looks pudgy, I could care less (if she DELIVERED in the vocals, but she didn’t. End of story)

    If Janet looked fat, oh well, just as long as she DELIVERS (which, she didn’t, once again)

    8 minutes?! PLEASE. Tina Turner performed live for what, an hour? Two hours? At what, 70 years of age? AND STILL BURNED HER 20 Y.O back-up dancers? LMAO.

    Don’t make excuses for icons, their performances should speak for themselves. If they don’t, oh well. We shouldn’t even be having this discussion.

  34. & ROCKYAN, Rihana’s CD is number 9 on Itunes, Lady Gaga is number 1.
    Numbers don’t lie, remember?

    I swear, you make me despise Rihanna. I am listening to her album RIGHT NOW, loving almost every track & YOU make me want to hate her because of your coonery. Ugh.

  35. Beyonce would have to learn the alphabet before she could sing them, then of course she would giveherself writing credit.

  36. Rockon must be 10 years old. First of all Beyonce’s CD was not counted as a double disc because it was less than 100 minutes!

    Second of all Beyonce has sold 2.5 million records in the US and 5+ million world wide.

    3rd Rihanna is a bargain chick selling her BRAND NEW ALBUM FOR $3.99 while Beyonce’s 2007 album is $13.99 SMH

    I suggest you go buy Beyonce’s DVD/CD an Intimate Performance with Beyonce which came out today and see her damn LIVE vocal abilities.

  37. are really a stan of bey and anyone who have an opinon against her you blocks from this say that you’re all for sistas but only the ones,YOU LIKE!!! if you can’t respect everyones thoughts on the stars YOU CHOOSE to cover ,then why have a blog?!!!! and just for the record,BEYONCE LIPSYNCHS ALL THE TIME!!!!! most of all she didn’t want to show cause it was to much legendary star power which she happen to not be!!!

  38. We are sad as black women when we can’t have one post without Beyonce in it. I am not taking away from her talent but there was no reason for her to included in this post. She was not at the show and didn’t perform. She is not the be all and end all just stop it. She is an okay performer and the reason I say okay is because before she steps on that stage you already know what you are going to get. I am not trying to take away from all the things that she has earned but you pretty much know what is going to happen from the moment she steps on the stage. That is not exciting to me and I can only speak for me.

  39. Umm, what was with the comment “Beyonce is on stage singing LIVE and dancing in high heels- there is no excuse for you all to be lipsynching while wearing flats.”

    LOLOLOLOL………..honey, Bey has pre-recorded music which is LYPSYNCHING!!!! Your local aerobics instructor can’t maintain their voice and still do the steps how in the world you think Beyonce can?!?!?!?!?!

    Delusional much.

  40. Ladies, we get it. She has a prerecorded track. You ALL have said it, you’re just echoing one another like parrots. Learn to read all of the comments in order to see the things that were already said.

  41. I must say that I disagree with this review of last nights show but we all have our opinions. I think Janet did an awesome job for a person still a few months in grief from an unexpected and unresolved death of her beloved brother. She is trying to move on but it is still too soon. Whitney’s performance was singy-talk but amazing, Akeys and MJB did an excellent job and maybe one or two others. As for Beyonce singing live, well yeah if you call Memorex live. She is lipsynching as well thats why the hair shakes is so important to detract from that fact. If she was dancing that hard and singing she would be breathless at the end of her performances and you would hear breathing and other noise on the live mic. She is a great performer but she is not all you think she is. Thanks for allowing me to share my opinion.




  43. @bored, I’am here, and I am going to defend Rihanna. YOu said she was lip synching, but she was singing live, why are you going around from blog to blog spreading this lie. I won’t say it was her most spectacular performance ever, because I happen to like the time when she performed disturbia better, but she did what she did. Why you always seem so angry when you are commenting about rihanna. You seem to go to sleep and wake up everyday with rihanna on your mind. It does not matter if you think her perfomance is whack, it still does not affect the fact that She puts out good music, and people appreciate it. I happen to like her new album, and copped my copy today. Also performance is not that important to me, because I don’t go to concerts, never did and probably never will. I go strictly by the music I like in life. IF I like it I buy it. And I have quite a collection.

  44. @bored and while you were at it, did you bother to find out if any other artist was also selling for 3.99? Its probably a promotion that Amazon is running. YOu can’t tell a site how to sell a product. Rihanna does not own Amazon. BTW, You are always reaching, wonder what your gonna come up with tomorrow. That was only for mP3 downloads, the album itself hardcopy is going for the regular price.

  45. The slam against Janet is because she gave such a great interview with Robin Roberts for those who missed it, it wasn’t posted on this site. She was so magnetic, beautiful and charming, so the bee-fans get catty! When Janet is truly ready to perform, off comes the weight and the regiment is in motion and ya’ll know this! She has the will, talent and money to put together a spectacular show, in June she dazzled in her tribute, so she’s washed up a few months later, ok! This is mostly always about Beyonce. Janet has already been where Beyonce is! Artists have off nights, like you have bad days, even the great one has them! Black people sure are crabs, just pulling each other down. Beyonce will continue to be, relax…eventually, someone or several will eclipse her and she’ll still be around!

    Rihanna with limited vocals is more of an artist, her CD is pretty good, studio enhanced or not…she does have substance!

    Beyonce mixes a couple of good songs with a bunch of trash!
    To each his own!

  46. Wow some people are just plain…dumb I’m sorry I can literally only name under 5 performances from Beyonce where she lip-synched out of hundreds most recent being (this years Oscars). Anybody who has any sense knows Beyonce sings live all the time and only uses backtrack during chorus.
    ROCKON- who/what are you???
    Anybody who questions her talent of being a full blown entertainer(singer, dancer, stage presence etc.) check out her new dvd but the people who will never like her period…DON’T because you won’t be pleased.
    SHANICE- One of my personal favs are “Crazy in Love” “I Wanna Be Where You Are” hell I love all of them lol.

  47. All the performances were good and bad at the same time depending on who you talk to, what made rihanna performance so bad? she sing just like she does on her cd, so what if she does shake her ass or flap her wings? I don’t like rihanna i think she is a waste of musical space, but you can’t pounce on her and leave everyone else out, if we want more talent less ask for , better lyrics less pujjy poppin lets ask for all of that , you cant call rihanna untalented yet condone a naked grown shick for having no pujjy hair ….I think everyone agree that the best of the night was AKEYS then again she is the best entertainer of this generation depending on how mature the person you ask is, But those bashing rihanna support beyonce they are not that different aside from a voice (which is average imo) and pujjy poppin those two are marketable tool and a tool is a tool doesn’t matter how talented the tool is SOMEONE ELSE is operating it .

  48. Janet did a wonderful job. We must remember she is 43 years old and can dance for eight minutes and not be out of breath. She is actually dancing and not just popping her behind.

  49. Bottom line is nobody with the exception of many lol want to go to a lip-synched concert show us what you got don’t half step,and just because your a icon you can get away with those things? Like someone else said Tina’s 70 and sings LIVE and dances so there’s no excuses.

  50. I’ve been thinking for a few hours now, Seriously we all have something to say about those entertainers BUT NONE of us could walk a mile in their shoes, Which one of us here could still walk in the street after the entire world saw us naked? Which one of us could walk straight with a smile knowing that people see us as liars and song stealer, less than a woman, wh-re,bad wife? Which one could stand on the stage breaking it down proper knowing that people are judging the way our stomach bounce too hard or not hard at all?
    who could still stand on the stage knowing that people see us as ex drug addict only and struggling whit having confidence in our voice? I mean i know this is entertainment and all but sometimes we do go too far in the way we give our opinion, this is a tonight only rant so….

  51. @Some stranger on a forum

    Well said!

    Someway, somehow, we have to realize what they all do is abnormal…Kelly Clarkson said this on Oprah. Most people are terrified to even begin to pursue their dreams on take the less driven path…or build something from scratch…or take their game to its potential…even Beyonce is a human being as much as I dislike her pornographic work and selfish greed. I know they’re humans and fight for their sanity like most of us!

    Rihanna, Beyonce, Alicia are all in different lanes and the real winner is the person(s) who manages to find “wholeness” in a lost world, you don’t have to be a superstar to reach this highest apex!

  52. One more thing…

    If Janet could duplicate the exact “Scream” Video dance moves in Late June in perfect synch, live, along with the video, a thinking man would know she still has it…Janet lost her brother, her family has endured public autopsies, her brother’s death ruled as a homicide, helping his kids to cope and heal, ended a 7 year old relationship, trauma and drama, her world has been shattered!

    It’s not like she’s been touring, it’s a bit moronic to compare her to Tina Turner touring for one lackluster performance! She’s aging wonderfully and getting her acting on and will continue to astound!

  53. Why are we JUST realizing how wrong it is to criticize, when artists like Janet & Whitney are added to the big pot of hate reserved for Beyonce, Rihanna, Alicia, etc?

    & Cynthia, Janet suffered “vertigo” during her last concert…they had to be canceled. So no, the comparison is not “moronic” as, say, the constant excuses made for her. If she didn’t feel ready, why perform at all?

  54. Dang M i was just going to say that. Why perform if you don’t think or don’t know if it would be up to par? Honestly if Janet would’ve even tried to sing live I would’ve respected the performance 10 times more because of the effort but…we can’t all get what we want. Also Tina being on tour has nothing to do with it she’s still an “elderly” woman who barely misses a step, and has been dancing for decades wouldn’t you think would have taken a toll on her body…WRONG!

  55. @M- It’s quite hypocritical isn’t it. Moving on have you seen Bey’s new dvd?

  56. I totally agree with EVERYTHANG miss bee said. Sista sure did shock me with her statment calling Janet Jackson fat, old? This is beyond disqusting what you said Sista. Whitney sang her heart out anyone that says she left u cold was never a Whitney fan to begin with. And J-Lo fell flat on her bottom, but like a true champion got right back up and dances her a** off. I have no respect for what you said at all. Your statement left me cold.

  57. 17150918, It really is. & I’ve seen clips! Gonna buy my copy tomorrow, hopefully. She murdered Crazy in Love as well as the Ella Fitzgerald mini-tribute. Loved when she started scatting & being jazz-y, as well as her rendition of ‘Sweet Love’.
    But I desperately need her rendition of The Beautiful Ones by Prince. I can’t wait to see/hear that in DVD quality!

  58. @M

    Obviously, you’re perfection, have lived a charmed life and rise to every occassion with unyielding victory because you confuse excuses with compassion and understanding. There’s an underline reason of why, we all know the real reason, right, that stan ****?

  59. It’s ok, to critique, but to be mean spirited is another thing. I stated Janet gave an ok performance, lackluster. But, this isn’t about her one performance and her bout with vertigo. She has been doing this thing for over 20 years and can still do it and that’s my point!…if she did it so well, on point, alongside a fricken video in June at the BET Awards, a few days after receiving tragic news, how is she washed up?…It is moronic to think a person’s skill set has altered that immensely in a matter of 4 or 5 months when they’ve had death in their family, a breakup and filmed a movie, all within the same time frame, a reality, not excuses. She’s a human being!

    It’s all about the Bee-worship…the spell she has over her devotees. I post to this issue because some people really don’t know, or realize the importance of a “value system” or are young and if I can weight in and help someone see another perspective, it’s worth it!

  60. While we live in a world with shocking news headlines! We need our music, good music, but our souls crave lust!

    I think about the future, our children, the random violence and the promiscuity of our kids, adults living in quiet desperation, pain.

    I know so many posts, but it’s really sad and I mean it! I have better things to do, I’m working on my clothing line among other projects and is why it’s difficult for me not to speak up when someone is being torn down, unjustly so and who has given so much!

  61. I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiked Whitney’s performance!!!!!!!!!! She was great I think. Of course it was not like it was back in the day but it was good, even the white singer was crying at the end.
    As far as Janet is concerned, have you all forgotten she’s lost her brother five months (today) ago?
    Lady Gaga was good as usual.

  62. and for the commenter who said she simply had chubby cheeks and a little belly fat in her Control/Rythm Nation era. Please. She about the same size if not actually a bit slimmer now.

    The only reason you see it this way is we have adjusted our “norm” of what slimness is accordingly. Grab some photos. I wonder how many acts with the same talent and creativity would be shot down by “censors” if the debuted in this age without either being naked, popping coochie, constantly breaking out new designer gear 3 seasons ahead, burning pianos and vogueing/posing rather than dancing. I can enjoy different artistes for different reasons and not hold every one to standards that dont speak to my enjoyment of the act. My enjoyment is the bottom line. Thank heavens Janet didnt need to wear designer gear, be a size 0. our date someone we didnt feel was hot enough for us to enjoy her music in the past. I havent changed. that is all.

  63. On what planet is Janet fat? As for having a chubby cheeks and a little belly fat during her rythym nation /control days PUHLEASE. She is actually a bit slimmer even now. Pull out a picture open your eyes and LOOK, without the aspirational blinders the media/fashion industry has successfully shackled us with over the years.

    The only thing that has changed is our demand for women wearing clothes 4 seasons ahead, who must either burn pianos, pop coochie, vogue on stage, be a size 0.

    Im happy Janet debuted at a time when Control didnt need high end designer gear, coochie, bells whistles and what not to gain the approval of even black women. We would have shouted her down as a fat, unstylish hasbeen daring to compete with her brothers.

    I loved most of the performances. Janets esp.

  64. sorry i thought i lost my comment and had to write it again.

    thats how passionate i feel about this 🙂

  65. Some stranger, I agree with you just a bit, but to be honest YOU have NO idea what ANOTHER person could do or how far they could walk as a entertainer. Some are taking their comments way too seriously and making harsh comments. But for the most part I see that a majority of others are praising Janet & Whitney for their performances at the AMA’s.

    Cythinia, I love your comment….
    “the real winner is the person(s) who manages to find “wholeness” in a lost world, you don’t have to be a superstar to reach this highest apex!”

  66. @Bored, I agree wholeheartedly with u that RIhanna’s performance was abissmal! I don’t even know if we were all watching the same awards but sadly I must say that she did sing live, but I wish for the sake of my ears she would have lip-synched. I usually am not one to say negative things, but I have to say my piece on this one. And yes, I agree with other’s that Alicia did have the strongest performance that I saw…even though I can’t stand Jay-z at all I admit, just the way Alicia intro’d it up, etc it really made it a hot performance.

    Next, true Janet’s weight did keep her dance moves a lil’ slow but so what? She actually was singing live and the audience was more into it than many of the other performances of the night. Even Janet on an off night is better than most of today’s current “musicians” on their best. However, the only strike I do have against Miss Jackson, is I kinda think she’s using her brother Michael’s untimely death for a little bit too much exposure for my taste. If michael wouldn’t have passed, would she have rushed to promote a new #1’s album and perform at the AMA’s though she knows she’s not in her peak form? I think not…

    Lastly, I don’t know who the heck brought her up, but why must we all insist on talking about Beyonce in every post? I admit, I’m a lil’ guilty too but I agree somewhat with one “Natalie” and “Bee” that the constant Beyonce Brogade needs to be put on mute sometimes lol. However I will agree completely with whomever said that Beyonce is a performer not an artist. Truly Be is a good one…Melanie Fiona is WAY better, but Beyonce’ is a really good performer. She’s like TIna Turner on a 6.8-7.5 scale outta a possible 10; but yeah, she PERFORMS. It’s her performances which make her an icon. Not really her music. You ever notice how a Beyonce song doesn’t really get hot until AFTER u have seen the video? With the exception of Irreplaceable (which had a great vid of it’s own…) Crazy in Love got hot after everyone saw the famous “Beyonce Bounce”… Get Me Bodied, Beautiful Liar, Sweet Dreams…Single Ladies? Enough said, shoo I learned that WHOLE routine! All I’m saying is that while Be’s voice HAS gotten stronger which is a good thing ’cause it means she’s grown as a singer, without her live/video performances. She would not be nearly as successful. Okay, enough about Mrs. Carter…ugh, I hate saying that lol

    Have a great day everyone! I appreciate reading everyone’s comments and insight 🙂 God bless.

  67. Its just hard for people to see any wrong because it Miss Janet Jackson, and I get that because she’s a icon, but I focus on every single detail and mistake, and on Sunday night she had a good number of them that needed to be worked on thats all I’m saying.

    @M- I heard Prince dumb azz made them take off “The Beautiful Ones” sry I’m mad about that lol.

  68. gosh there are so many critical people on here. Janet and Whitney are Icons they are the reason a lot of these younger people are doing hat they do…They both look terrific…. you would think that on a blog dedicated to beautiful black women we wouldn’t be calling anyone fat Janet looked good at 43 she shouldn’t be trying to be a size 0 that’s why so many young girls have image issues because of thoughtless statements like that as far as Janet using michael’s death she had a career when he was alive people have to realize the media loves to put spin on things so Michaels death sells so unfortunately for Janet anytime she does anything he will be mentioned much like the superbowl. She doesn’t need her brother to make money she’s been doing that for years.

  69. @kourtney

    i think Janet is being used as well. of course shes off… he died didnt he?

  70. To attack Janet Jackson weight was so uncalled for. She is an emotional eater. She’s dealing with so much right now. Her brother is DEAD. obviously, people who complain about Janet weight can’t conceive the idea that maybe while you are wondering what happen to the smaller Janet, that she’s been suffering from losing her closest sibling. Janet is going to be the weight for a long time, because grieving is hard. And if she didn’t sing one lick, than so what? She is up there performing on stage, the one place her brother was the King. So, now people say that she doesn’t look herself, given the circumstances, Janet is still one of the most beautiful woman in the world. It’s amazing how Janet can’t gain weight, yet Beyonce can be big and noone complains about that, it’s oh Beyonce is doing her thing. And we wonder why the Jacksons don’t hang in the black community?

    As far as Whitney Houston, her voice maynot be where it used to be, but atleast she is woman enough to stand up there and perform. I don’t care if she couldn’t sing a lick. Shes surviving.

  71. Cynthia, I am perfect. I am above you, your “clothing line” and everyone else on this forum.
    I stan for absolutely NO ONE.
    I take that back, I stan for myself, because I am my biggest fan & I push myself to work & be the best. I have no time to “stan” for anyone else BUT me. I stan for my mother. I stan for God. I stan for my friends. I think that’s all the “stanning” I can handle. I have lived a priviledged life, but that has allowed me to be educated & realize that you CAN’T confuse excuses & compassion. It’s impossible, & to sit up there & say that is the most moronic thing I’ve heard from you.

    17150918, Now that’s disappointing! WHY?!

    The bottom line is that Whitney & Janet are legends, they tried their best, & it wont affect their status or the achievements made by them in the entertainment industry. Case Closed.

  72. leema u are crazy for buying beyonces dvd she is money hungry she rereleased her album

  73. I have learned in the blog world, when mentioning the words “Beyonce”, “Bee”, or “B” people tend to lose their minds.

    Rather it be praising the ground she walks on or wishing she die a horrible bloody death.

    Why can’t we just love the music and great entertainment???

    Just sad.

    P.S. her dvd is beyond awesome.
    Along with GaGa’s “Fame Monster”!!!

  74. Janet was amazing. I loved her. You cannot compare Janet & JLo’s vocal abilities to beyonce’s. Even though, I am not a fan of Bey, she is vocally stronger, not to mention younger, so scratch that. I think Janet did very well and I was moved at the end of her performance b/c I loved that song.

  75. @Pam…yeah she is off the hook…sadly he is :-(…and yes at whomever said it, janet has been making money on her own a very long time I don’t disagree with that I’m just saying that while she’s going through the greiving process–which she IS just like Bohwe said–I find it just a tad tacky/odd that she’s promoting a new album. I would have taken a short break to at least get my mental together. The public would understand and plus, Janet will ALWAYS be relevant on her own. Unlike newer musical powerhouses that shall remain nameless, she doesn’t need CONSTANT exposure to stay relevant.

  76. Im With you Cynthia…That’s why i love A.keys i feel like she is not part of that hollywood attention seeking crownd which is why m-fkers are milking the “home wrecker” non sense because when you think about it Alicia is not trashy, her pujjy lips are not showing, she does not steal anyone’s songs , her pictures never leaked online,she is clean and hearing her in interviews make me feel like she has that peace of mind and is secure enough i really wish more chicks could look up to her… As for comparing Janet to beyonce (Laugh)

  77. @SSOF- Why not compare them they are two very successful BROWN sistas.Beyonce has the vocals, moves, stage presence etc. Janet has the MOVES, stage presence, and energy. But Oh yea you would like Beyonce to be compared to somebody like Cassie right?

  78. all i want to know is why alica threw up the devil sign, been spending too much time with devil z

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