Amerie: Heard Em All Video

posted by Sista on September 24th, 2009 at 1:56 am

Amerie has hooked up with director Anthony Handler, best known for his work with Rihanna (Disturbia) and Jay- Z (Run This Town), to bring you the video for her latest single “Heard ‘Em All.”

Check it out…



  2. This should of been her first single, i love this video. and she kills the dancing!

  3. I still love the song.

    The video is hit and miss when it come to convincibility. She aces some moments in the video [3:10, 2:57, 2:51]. I’m like OK Miss Amerie. I see you doing the danm thing. Then, she’s not going to execute some of the dance movements sharp enough :-(. A wtf moment is :38-:34 smh. It’s a good thing the video has more hits than misses.

    I can’t say it elevates my likeness of the song. I was already there :-).

  4. It’s hot as usual. Amerie can really dance. Something else I like about her is she changes things up w/out going to far.

  5. I like how she Is showing her edgy side and still not over exposing herself

  6. I wanna like it…

    Styling is on point, great concept, beautiful & talented girl…

    it’s just not convincing, for on thing. & I really feel like Anthony Mandler is milking this “Mad Max” concept to death…much like Ryan Tedder w/Halo, Bleeding Love & Already Gone.

    Can’t edgy be done in many different ways besides being “dystopian” & “apocalyptic”? It just doesn’t look fresh anymore.

  7. I love it! :)

  8. I just loved it! It was on point fashion forward and Mad Maxish. This girl has mad talent and the album sampler on Def jams website is letting you all know what’s in store for everyone with this album here. I love the cut with her and Trey Songz and the Higher cut she will get her props with this album In Love & War.
    Go gilr

  9. I like the song and video but it’s a lot like Nicole Scherzinger’s song Puakinki or something like that

  10. it was kool…i love me some amerie, but why everybody gotta have this mad look? lol shes beautiful….but it kinda reminded mr of B and her self..but i think amerie should def get some xposure this time around…she’s so underated!

  11. @ M
    yea i kno. and also edgy doesn’t have to always be black black and more black i mean being edgy will sooner or later get old jus like anything else. As far as fashion goes the new trend should jus be birthday suits that hasnt really been done yet lol.