Amerie Magazine Spreads

Amerie is presently in the midst of doing heavy promotion for her new album “In Love & War” and with heavy promotion comes the inevitable magazine covers and photo shoots. The singer has already been featured in the August edition of Essence Magazine and can now be seen in OK Magazine as well. Amerie also recently did a shoot for a spread that is due to be featured in Elle Magazine. Images from all these shoots can be seen below- as well as newly released promo shots of the singer.


  1. she looks gorgeous!! her song is starting to get played a lot more in my city, and its actually starting to grow on me.I might just purchase the album. Team Amerie!

  2. I like the 4th pic with the Hot Red leather assumable

  3. Miss Amerie needs to go head and model cuz whoever her A&R people are, they aint promoting her music enough. “Because I love it” should have been released in the States!!!

  4. I love Amerie, I love the music, her style, and Amerie is just gorgeous. Admit it when it comes to looks shes the hottest chick in the game. At this moment atleast. Amerie sounds nothing like anyone else out. When I hear her I know it’s her and no one else. Her Rihanna and Keyshia Cole are the only ones in the younger crowd that have that going for them.

  5. Nice photos!
    I was such a huge Amerie fan when she first came out….She does look a lil bit different……
    When she first came out she was such a natural beauty.

    I still say her first album is CLASSIC!!!!

  6. I think more and more artisist are going to start releasing their music over seas firts. I think Kelly Rowland is making them see just because they are not feeling you in the states does not mean that you can’t still be successful.

  7. @ Bee

    You are right, but that will get tired too. I’m not talking about artist like Kelly, Amerie, or Blu Cantrell. I’m talking about these wannabes that cant sing and don’t sell records here. It wont belong before they catch up over there.

  8. Her videos, style, and voice reminds me of Beyonce. When I listen to both of them sing, they sound alike. Beyonce could sing Amaries songs and Amarie could sing Beyonce’s songs.

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