Amerie Performs At G-A-Y

Singer Amerie who was spotted taking in the sights of London earlier this week took to the stage last night to perform at the famed G-A-Y night club. Amerie, whose career has never quite taken off in the states is quite popular in Europe and I believe her two largest fan sites are both UK based. And while American Amerie fans may have to wait until God knows when for new music from the singer, her European fans have already been blessed with several new tracks and even an album release date. Check out Amerie’s G-A-Y performance below and more exclusive images will be added to our gallery later this evening.


  1. Not an Amerie fan don’t even think I have heard her songs.She does have fabulous legs though.

  2. all she need to do is improve oh her songs and video’s…n she might b aiight over here

  3. Amerie has great songs and videos.She was the original Beyonce before Beyonce jacked her style .All Amerie needs is a true honest break but she just cannot get one.She is a true talent. :brownsista:

  4. Amerie is gorgeous, she simply can get better fame if she step her game up. OMG her legs she got me to start working out.

  5. Yes keisha, you said it. She certainly has it, she just needs better promotion. If she had a better team, I think this chick would be Fya!!! She is underated.

  6. [quote comment=”5993″]Amerie has great songs and videos.She was the original Beyonce before Beyonce jacked her style .All Amerie needs is a true honest break but she just cannot get one.She is a true talent. :brownsista:[/quote]
    let it go boo boo.beyonce and amerie had the same priducers so the sound was similar but beyonce didn’t steal anyone’s style.did aaliyah steal janet’s style? similar music and stage show does not a thief make. :thumbsdown:

  7. both beyonce & Amerie use the same producer, but it was beyonce who put rich harrison on the map.
    Amarie is not in beyonce class with nothing. what have she done to be mention in the same sentence as beyonce? the girl need to go learn her craft and come again. its an insult to music and the entertainment industry to try and put amerie and beyonce in the same class. Artist like beyonce come along once every 20 years. And for the person who talk about beyonce stole from others, every great artist is influence by someone. michael jackson & prince by james brown,usher by michael jackson beyonce by tina turner. and 20 yrs from now someone will be influence by beyonce. Since tina turner which other artist beside beyonce has the full package singing, dancing, sex appeal & class. Janet was a dancer not a singer.

  8. she performs that song like her career depends on it and i love amerie but for some reason that song just doesn’t pull me all the way in. It really doesn’t take Amerie to the next level, it’s really just another “One THing” type of song to me.

  9. I love Amerie because she is a local girl. She definitely needs a better promotional team though. Her songs are catchy, so there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be on the charts. I mean granted she’s not the best singer in the world, but she sings from the gut and she means it. That should count for something, right :thumbsup:

  10. :stop: News Flash for Malcolm. True every artist is influenced by another one. But what about the artist that Beyonce is stealing from that did not come out 20 years ago. Beyonce is not the best all around :noway: . She is a mediocre singer and she is an average pretty light skinned girl. She has an extreme amount of weave and make-up which enhances her looks about 20 times. Don’t be fooled by a lot of Beyonce cover ups 😎 . I 100% disagree with saying Beyonce has class or is a true dancer :thumbsdown: . Maybe you along with Beyonce need to look up the word class and grasp the true meaning. There are a lot of females that are not in the industry that have far more class than Beyonce and she will never hold a candle to them. Alicia Keys is better than Beyonce in every way. But you seem to have Beyonce on this pedistal when all she is just pure dressed up garbage. Amerie is far more likeable than Beyonce she has a beautiful spirit something that Beyonce does not have. Amerie is also very naturally beautiful which Beyonce uses a lot of cosmetics. But you must keep in mind that light skin and thickness is selling Beyonce. Amerie needs someone to force feed her, overrate, and overexpose her to the world like Beyonce and then you will think she is the best thing God has created also.

  11. She has beautiful legs and I heard she had them insured for two million dollars.I think she may overestimate herself though 😆

  12. ^^ Not true. That ridiculous gossip site posted that fake story about Amerie insuring her legs for two million but never verified the story (or got it from a legitimate source to begin with).

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