New Amerie Promo Shot


Except for the random magazine features, not much promotion wise is going is going on with Amerie. The singer’s fourth studio album “In Love & War” doesn’t hit record store shelves until November 3rd, so maybe her label is waiting until September or October to kick it into overdrive. Whatever the case, promo shots are coming out left and right and we have another to share with you today.


  1. She’s beautiful, but, she just keeps getting lighter and lighter and lighter. But I’ll leave it alone, maybe she just had a tan before. Anyways her music is so hot to me. She is so different from everyone else on the radio. She is one of the few women in the industry with such a distinct voice.

  2. Gorgeous.

    Lighter? @ Truthteller, isn’t she part Asian? That would attribute to a lighter complexion, no? 😉

  3. she can sing and she is beautiful….never gets the attention she deserves…I had her 1st album and it was hot…..such a shame!!

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