Amerie Releases New Music

I love a fighter and if nothing else, Amerie Rogers is a fighter. Less than a year after the singer’s “In Love & War” album crashed and burned on the charts, the R&B diva is back with a brand new single. “Who’s Gonna Love You” debuted earlier today at exactly midnight and was a welcomed gift for fans who had been clamoring for new music from their idol. Despite not been embraced by American audiences anymore, Amerie continues to record new music and said earlier this month she hoped to have a new album out by the end of this year.

Click the link below to listen to Amerie’s “Who’s Gonna Love You.”


  1. I couldn’t hear the music, but I will seek it out.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  2. Me likey this joint. I’m a big Amerie fan!
    I’ll always support her art whether it’s the music or the acting.

  3. All these song’s & album’s this beautiful talented singer Is putting out and still getting “overlooked” she Is so underrated me personally I think she should have gotten more shine than Ashanti.

    And I’m still bangin’ “All I have” & the ”Touch” album I’m still a fan of Amerie no matter what!

  4. I like Amerie and always have. She is talented and I wish more people could see it and stop giving so much attention to less talented artists.

  5. Love her spirit too. I have her first album. I still listen to it. Good stuff 🙂 Great debut for her then. 🙂 Keep grinding Amerie!

  6. I love Amerie. And I love this song! By far one of the best out there. Plus she has such a unique voice. I’m always rooting for her. Good classy girl with a great talent. She deserves more.

  7. Amerie just doesn’t have it. She doesn’t. Her music is beyond mediocre and she should just accept the fact that the public has never really been checking for her.

  8. I think she’s beautiful… and I hate to say this BUT… GIVE IT UP Amerie. Find something else to do (crickets chirpin’)

  9. I like the song. It sounds a bit like Umbrella 2 me.

  10. Never give up…get an old school producer…like Quincy Jones, who can easily meld and glide between genres and generations…Amerie could do an EP of cover songs to allow people to really get to know her voice…something acoustic (she plays guitar)…mix acoustic with techno and some dc go-go…Amerie just needs a sound that resonates a little louder…like Aaliyah…”soft but compelling”…Amerie doesn’t or can’t see or feel how beautiful she is…there’s some sort of disconnect…her swag is getting stronger…her photo-shoots are always great because she’s beautiful with model good looks and killer legs…but, I would bet, she doesn’t see or feel what other people do about her (like most of us!)…sometimes not to be vain, arrogant or disliked…a beautiful woman like Amerie will shy away from their beauty…bi-racial women often struggle with their identity and beauty issues…there’s something she’s not owning and it shows up in her work…this Georgetown University alum, singer, songwriter and musician has so much going for herself, the body of a principle dancer and the face of an angel…she can pump out the music that will sizzle up the charts, if she doesn’t give up…even if she comes out with an really good cd “Letoya,” there’s no guarantee it’ll chart well or radio will flood the airwaves…so, the goal should be to continue making music, her creative expression of choice…you never know when you’re going to get that next big hit…”Monica”…and your career is re-ignited…”Erkyah Badu”…sometimes you fall off…”Joss Stone”…but, you’ve gotta keep it coming and keep it moving!

    Go Amerie!!!

  11. I’m a fan of Amerie but this song is “okay”. Actually, her last CD was good but fans expect artists to follow trends and Amerie has a unique sound that won’t “fit” into that preceived mold. Such as someone stated earlier, I STILL listen to Touch & All I Have.

    Plus, realistically, if your fan base is primarily African Americans, we do not BUY music, unfortunately and our radio stations will only play a few female R&B artists music. I rarely heard any music from Brandy, Kelly, Solange, Ledisi, Angie Stone, or even Rihanna. Now, they will play Beyonce, Keyshia Cole, and any breakout hits, ie Melanie Fiona. The only artists that sell are the ones with a diverse fan base. Kelly Rowland, Amerie, and Kelis should target international exposure and they will continue to thrive. Rihanna even has to re-release CDs to increase sales.

  12. Why is she still making music? Doesn’t she have a college degree and speak several different languages? She really needs to throw in the towel when it comes to this so called singing and music career and fall back on her college education. Not every female singer that has a pretty face and record deal will be a success story.

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