Amerie Set To Drop New Album In August

After a two year hiatus Amerie is back with a new sound, new single, and new record label. The singer is set to drop her fourth album and first under the guidance of Def Jam sometime in August. The first single, “Why R U”, debuted online back in May via Myspace but won’t officially go for adds on radio until June 15th. The video for the single however has already been shot and will premiere June 8th via BET. With production from The Buchanans, Sean Garrett and Teddy Riley, look for Amerie’s new album, In Love & War, to be a make or break record for the singer’s career.

Haven’t heard “Why R U” yet? Check it out here (Z-Share) and click the image above to see a full shot of the singer’s new promo pic.



    I go hard for Amerie- ALWAYS.

    Every last one of her albums are on constant replay on the iPod.

    What I never understand is how in the hell the 2nd singles off her albums get picked because it’s always my least liked song.

    I pray she’s coming with a banger this time around. I heard Why R U about a month ago. I thought this song was just part of some mixtape? It is not a 1st single hit ( imo) BUT a hott video could make it push some units and garner the attn she needs…. I dunno, we’ll see.

    Luv Miss Amerie :bowdown:

  2. I’m sorry…but in my opinion Amerie cannot sing under any circumstances. Her voice is very weak. I do like “Its just one thing” but even on that you can hear her weak vocals. The beat saves that song. I guess we will see what her album does.

  3. i love her music i just hope that she can have a album with more than one hit song on it… for me “why dont we fall in love” was a great song and that got me attached to her ugh i use to love that song!

  4. I love Amerie and I have all three of her albums. She seems to do moderately well here but I hope this album brings her even more success. I love her voice, its kinda different and I love her music, I think cos theres so many female rnb artists around these days she can easily get overshadowed. Hopefully this new album will change that. :bowdown:

  5. I love AMERIE’S music she has a smooth yet sassy appeal. can’t wait to listen to her album .

  6. I laughed at the song title. “Why R U”. Really…Come now, why can’t people spell anymore? Aside from that, Hope she brings something different and fresh. I would really enjoy that.

  7. LOL @ Majesa and spelling. I totally feel you on that one. :hifive:

    I own Amerie’s first album and listen to it occasionally. I thought it a good record; a good breakout record, even. I heard her last is like the best, but I haven’t listened to it.

  8. did her last album get cancelled or pushed back or something. i like her so i hope she does well.

  9. I heart Amerie a lot, that girl is fly
    it’s true that her voice is not the best but if we give a pass to Rihanna why not Amerie too

  10. i really hope that L.A Reid doesn’t do her dirty because he wants to continue promoting Rihanna so hard. These record labels don’t realize they would make more money if the put more time and effort into their other artist, instead of taking 2 or 3 token ones and making them superstars. I think that columbia kicked her off because they weren’t willing to have another female on the label who could compete with beyonce, because as far a stage presence goes, Amerie has the potential to be huge competition for her. I really hope she gets the recognition she deserves this time around. I don’t have any of her albums yet, but i enjoy her music, and will probably collect them all when this one comes out

    p.s, supposedly L.A wanted to drop Amerie last month, because she wasn’t taking the direction he wanted her to on the album. Further proves he is a self-serving douche bag

  11. oh yeah!i cnt wait i love her energy,her vocals are decent and unique…..i started getting more into her when people said i look a bit like her not the body just the face.

  12. Well at least she has a college degree to fall back on because I just don’t see her music career going anywhere.

  13. I love Amerie and am so happy to see she will be coming out with a new cd. I am cheering for her and will definitely be buying her music. I wish her the best.

  14. I’m glad about this. She’s what I call a breath of fresh air. This is one female in the industry that clearly does her own thing. Her music is sexy, fun, and energetic. I loved all three of her albums. I don’t know why she’s not a big seller though.

  15. @ mrsjones

    You are absolutely right. I mean it’s such competition out there it’s not just about talent anymore. They really need to spend the money and get them out there. An artist like Rihanna is so established and well developed that her music will basically sale itself now. I definately think the labels should INVEST in other talents.

  16. Yaay! I love Amerie!! I hope she makes a strong comeback! “Why r u” is a hot summer song too!

  17. Amerie’s third album was ((BECAUSE I LOVE IT )) . It was pushed back but the album was released in the UK. And was leaked on the internet that is why the album went unnoticed And had poor publishing . She had this song called ((TAKE CONTROL OF ME)) which had very little airplay. And the video was not played that much either. But her last two cd’s ((ALL I HAVE )) &((TOUCH))were really hot and slept on as well. Hopfully she will have something to prove.

  18. signiture barbie thank you i was so confused because i didn’t think her album actually came out. good luck to her i loved her second album.

  19. She has always had an album with more than one hit song on it. And I have heard her sing live and she has a great voice. There is nothing weak about her voice. Unfortunatly she was signed to Columbia and they only had one artisist that they wanted to promote and now that she is kinda losing a little popularity they are running around like a chicken with their heads cut off because they did not invest into any other artisist. I hope she and Kelly are very successful.

  20. Loved, loved loved her first CD. Hope she gets the proper promotion this time around.

    I cosign on the senseless, tasteless, idiotic selection of singles for most black popular artist these days. I am convinced that aliens or crack heads must be running the show at these record companies these days.

  21. @ black mamba your right i have heard Rihanna perform live numerous times and she pritty bad at it. The girl can sing but cant vocalize. Amerie has stronger vocals not the best just stronger. I think she could make just not under def jam look what they did 2 christina milian.

  22. I love amerie!! I think she’s very talented and I love her voice!!! I’ll definitely buy her next album and if def jam promote her like they promote Rihanna then I think she’ll have success!! (I hope…)

  23. I love her first album every last song was the sh*t. Im going to support her.

  24. Amerie has the light skin anthem behind her, she is gorgeous she can dance and sing but idk what the hell is her problem, it’s like the industry has been voodootised to only fit a few people! some ain’t right!

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