Amerie “Why R U” Video

Amerie I have to be honest, I really don’t expect Amerie’s new album, In Love & War, to do very well. As previously reported, the singer’s video debuted on 106 & Park yesterday and as I searched for a clear and unwatermarked copy to post here, I could not find one. I went to the sista’s official online website and it is old and hasn’t been updated in over two years. It is also still under the control of the label that dropped her- Columbia. So off I went to check out Def Jam- Amerie’s new record label. Sadly, she isn’t even mentioned on their website.

Not so much as a page was devoted to the singer and her video was nowhere to be found on the site as well. How is a singer going to be successful if her own record label doesn’t so much as acknowledge her existence?

So here I am having to link to an extremely poor quality version of the singer’s video (Daily Motion) because her label hasn’t made a quality version available to the public.

I wish the singer success but I really don’t think LA Reid is fully behind this project.


  1. I REALLY WANT A “why dont we fall in love” SONG AGAIN but this song will do, i actually like the song the more i listen to it and seeing the video yesterday made me like it more she looks hot in the video. ive been watching the “why dont we fall in love” video on youtube alot the last few days, it just brings me a really good feeling

  2. I know people won’t believe this but Amerie’s last album was really good. It wasn’t released here but you can still download it. I’m not feeling the new song because it sounds rushed and is a knock off of a previous rap song. Mark my words L.A is going to do a Janet Jackson on Amerie.

  3. l.a reid is a spaz. the only people that he pushes hard on his label is rihanna and ne-yo. kanye is pretty much in control of his own stuff so that’s why he does so well. I knew it was gonna be a bad thing once i heard she signed to def jam. Unless L.A Reid immediately sees dollars signs on your head, you are pretty much SOL. I still don’t know why they chose WHY R U as the lead single, it’s just not really mainstream radio material. I like Amerie, alot, but i don’t know what this is gonna mean for her. I mean, it doesn’t seem like they will support her at all


    yes the last album was HOT! she should have released it in the U.S i think she had a lot of radio hits on there. You can hear most of it on youtube

  4. This song sounds great. Stop expecting people to stay the same and never change in their professional life. She is not the same person from when that song came out. This song sounds better than anything that these young women in her genre has put out. This is a nice song. I think it must be hard to make music now a days because people are so fickle and critical. This is a nice song and a great video. She proves that you can do you and don’t have to be half naked and still look great and sexy. Give her a chance this is a nice song.

  5. Def Jam probably doesn’t have the money to put behind her project, and their artist list is so extensive, that she’s probably on the back burner.

    Some Def Jam artists have been known for investing their own money into videos and promotion b/c the label wouldn’t support it at first. Rihanna did this with several of her videos when Island Def Jam wouldn’t cough up money, and it worked out for her. Beyonce also paid for her on videos amd scaled back on the production costs to add to promotions. I guess the key is to have a popular song. If your not in the top 100 list for a significant amount of time, the label may think that the albumn will flop.

    Amerie is a good artist, but for some reason, these childish rap songs are dominating the airways. Ciara doesn’t even get airplay in my city. Without video buzz, I honestly don’t think that the radio stations in DC would even play her music at all. All I hear is Lil Wayne, Dream, and other random dirty south rappers right now.

  6. Sidenote- I think the instrumentals are overpowering Amerie’s voice in this song, and the hook is not catchy enough. This song is probably great in live performances, but right now, my eardrums hurt b/c its too much going on in the background. Her previous singles were soothing and catchy. This doesn’t compliment her voice.

  7. Just for her coming back is a fresh of breath air. Now i have to go out get her first album someone stole it from me. That whole album was fiyah. Im going to support it.

  8. :thumbsup: the song :thumbsup: the video :thumbsup: her swag :thumbsup: natural beauty

    !!!!!!AMERIE KEEP SINGING IN YOUR BEAUTIFUL VOICE !!!!!! NO AUTO-TUNE like everybody else.

  9. im kinda going with the no auto tune too, i mean it was hot but now to many people are doing it and its getting annoying

  10. Record companies aren’t investing in RnB anymore, even the biracial RnB chicks get no love anymore

  11. Ditto Steph! It breaks my heart that someone with the creative mindset and the desire to be original & organic w/ her art is not getting the backup she deserves. I’ve always loved and supported Amerie and seeing her on BET’s 106th & Park yesterday made me fall even more in love with her. I’m so glad I find the video to be pretty dope considering I wasn’t feeling the song immediately like I wanted to be. Alls I know is- I’m supporting her this go round too and as long as she keeps making music… I’m a fan.

    @Lady- someone stole her first album from me too! I’m still pissy about it. I’ve since replaced it but still…. it’s the principal of the matter!!!

    @JBL- :hifive: Her last album was awesome!

    @MrsJones- :thumbsup: That last album should’ve been released here. Continues to boggle my mind as to why it wasn’t…. *shrug*

  12. I love this.

    LOVE IT.

    She is rockin’ it! So much attitude, so much spunk! Love her.


  13. You’re right Stephanie b/c L.A Reid is only concerned with the folks that are HOT right now (Rih,Mariah, Jerimah, and Chrisette). Honestly I love me some Amerie and her 1st album was the BOMB! I like “Why r u” the song, and she looks FAB in the video but the video is VERY BLAH 🙁 Im just keeping it real….it looks too much like the song she came out with in the beginning “One thing” I would have loved to see a plot to this vid or just a little more then what was done…Anywho Im rooting for Amerie and I hope she puts her best foot forward!

  14. I like the song and the video. She looks beautiful. I don’t think her album will do well, though. Amerie has been hit or miss in my opinion. I bought an album of hers a couple of years ago and it had a couple of songs that I liked, the rest was junk. What is this album everybody else keeps referring to that wasn’t released here???

    They have had Amerie on the back burner for awhile now. The industry is a trip. I can’t say why Amerie never blew up the way she should have. There’s always modeling in her future. The girl is flawless.

  15. @prettylady818 i wanna know about this album that wasnt released here as well, i NEVER HEARD ABOUT THAT and your right i cant understand why she never really blew up home girl is FLYY she is sexy without looking like a slut her fashion is always nice and she has a nice voice i just dont get it…

    @Nne seeing her on 106 yesterday made me lover her more too did you see how hot she looked! glasses, make-up, hair, shirt, pants ALL ON POINT

  16. I used to love Amerie but this sounds like all the songs on her last album. Simply no growth! NEXT…

  17. @ Mario

    Yes, she looked so FAB! Definitely ON POINT!
    She’s actually one celeb I style watch and I’ve missed her being away for as long as she has been but I can tell from her appearance on the show and in the video, she’s about to be fly as hell while she promotes this album. Along with her looking good, I thought she was funny too… and she’s so friggin’ intelligent that it makes her a top 3 in my “girl crushes”. 🙂

  18. Just like all her other stuff, I love this song and video. I hope her people stand behind her and push her the way they need to. I mean you can just tell how much she loves what she does, and she writes too. I’m rooting for you A.

  19. I can agree that this song sound simular to other songs that she has, but Ciara and Keyshias songs sound pretty much the same and no one has a problem with it. I still consider Amerie fresh and new, even though she’s been out for a while. I think when people arent’ used to you, it’s important not to stray too far away.

  20. @NNE that is funny im going to replace it this weekend. Im going to be rocking in my car on that one.

    @Mario i miss you how u be baby. I hope you been good i know you lol.

  21. @ lady of course ive been good, no other way to be! and even more excited because i get to see beyonce in nyc in about a week and half!!!! you been okay?

  22. @Mario yes i been good getting ready for white party june 27. When you coming to the city. You know gay pride is from june 20-28 so you know im there. Never been so it be my first one.

  23. Wow…I could of shot a better video with my camera phone…howwever I still do love Amerie….jam to her on my iPod all the time!!!!

  24. Gahhh she’s pretty. I like the video…..her voice is cool to me until she start howling. When she gets to walking when she comes out with the white fur on HELLO that girl got some nice legs. *snaps fingers* :brownsista:

  25. I used to like her because she was different, had her very own style. Hope she comes back and does well. It seems like a lot of singers are starting to come back this year.

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