Amerie Working On New Album

Amerie is in the middle of recording her next album, which she’s working on in a small studio in Jersey City, New Jersey, with producers including Brian Michael Cox (Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey). “I have another song to record, and then it’s done,” she told MTV News. She describes the music as her signature style infused with ’70s funk and ’80s new wave. “I have to say it’s hot, and not just because I did it,” she said. The singer also revealed that she’s taking aim at lipstick on one track, titled “Crazy Wonderful.” “My sister and I were talking about how you put it on because you want to look cute when you go out, but then you kiss someone and it’s all coming off. So for a six-month period, I swore off lipstick.” Amerie anticipates that the still-untitled album will be out next spring.

You can also check out a few pics of Amerie as she attended the Brian Reyes show during Fashion Week in New York.



  1. Amerie is just like Christina Milian to me.Both are attractive women with no hits and yet are allowed to record albums over and over again.If Christina can get the boot I think it’s about time the same happens to Amerie.

  2. I agree.I’ve never heard anything from her but I’m always seeing her face.

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