Amerie’s New Album Drops Amid Very Poor Promotion

Amerie Essence Anyone who visits this blog daily knows how much I love me some Janet Jackson and have for over 20 years. However, one thing that has annoyed me about Janet is the way she seems to wait until the last minute to start promoting her new ventures. Janet won’t give one performance or even interview until the very day or week the album comes out. This to me is just one of the reasons why her sales have become so lackluster over the last few years.

All this of course leads to me what this post is really about… Amerie. The singer’s “In Love & War” album dropped today, but I had forgotten. Even though I have written about the singer’s upcoming CD many times, I had totally and completely forgotten. And how could I not have- Amerie hasn’t given one performance, that I know of, to promote it. Instead it appears she and her label are heavily depending on online promotion to move units.

One visit the some of the most popular urban (that means Black y’all) blogs online and you will see what I mean. Most of them look like virtual shrines to the singer. Yes, online is promotion is a great way to help sell your album- but it should not be the only way. Whatever happened to making appearances and performing your music for a live audience?

Today Amerie should have been out performing on The Today Show and chatting it up with Regis Kelly. Instead, I saw her twittering about how iTunes messed up and didn’t add her album for download.

Whatever the case, the singer needs to get on it. “In Love & War” has some hit worthy songs on it, but Amerie will have to work for them. Pop and R n’ B radio today isn’t very friendly to any (female) artist who’s names aren’t Rihanna, Lady Gaga, or Beyonce. More than ever female singers, especially R n’ B singers, have to work their butts off to get even the slightest bit recognition. I suggest Amerie gets to work. We all know what Def Jam does to artists who don’t live up the their potential/hype (see Janet Jackson again).


  1. Great article and so, so true. To tell you the truth, I haven’t heard the new song.

  2. Why can’t we just listen to the music and determine from that. Why do we need for an artisist to go overboard with advertising and all that other stuff. It should be about the music. Unfortunately she doesn’t have enough money to pay the radio stations to play her music so she has to rely heavily on the internet.

    If you are not trying to pay this radio stations off they are not trying to play your music. I am going to go and by her cd tomorrow to support her. I like Amerie and I hope this cd works for her.

  3. They haven’t even started showing her music videos over here in the UK. Usually in the UK she does OK, but we’ve heard nothing about anything about her which is a shame because she is actually well known here.

  4. @ BEE 🙂

    Performing your music in my opinion is not going overboard. It is the best way in which artists get their music out to the buying public.

    Buying up the backgrounds of every major blog out there is overboard if you ask me. But it is also lazy and will not work.

    Every R n’ B artist who went that route as of late has failed miserably.

    Mario, Trey Songsz, Solange… the list just goes on and on.

  5. Btw, Amerie has been on Twitter all day complaining about mess ups with the shipping of her album- very sad indeed. Why is she on Twitter at all today? Someone dropped the ball.

  6. i’m loving the album, but amerie really needs to get it together. there is nothing wrong with self promotion. i mean she uses twitter everyday, but that just isn’t enough. she needs to get out there and let her voice be heard. the album really is a solid effort, but who cares if no one know about it?

  7. actually trey songz self-promotion got him the biggest debut (#3 on the hot 100) of his career. he sold over 115,00 which is really good for him if you’ve followed his career

  8. I think that Amerie will get lost in the shuffle. If you are not Beyonce, Rihanna, or Lady Gaga, you are left behind. I feel that here in Amerca, Amerie has been left behind. She is a minor star while Beyonce, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga are HUGE stars in music. Maybe Amerie will do well elsewhere like Kelly Rowland. Good luck Amerie.

  9. beautiful and talented indeed!!! such a shame!!! I will still get the cd though!!!

  10. Poor promo indeed, I thought this thing dropped weeks ago. I don’t think this will sell well either. It seems like people aren’t pushing the real talent. I remember when Chrisette Michelle first came out, I didn’t hear about her as an artist untli 3 days before her CD came out, I had no idea who she was so I stayed away. I think they should take it upon themselves to promote their own work.

  11. Yeah, it’s really sad.
    I’m, of course, going to support (even though after listening to previews of the album, I’m not all excited about it but I love Amerie)… forget the label promoting though, where’s Amerie?Would’ve been nice to see her promote this album 😐

  12. @ Denise

    Almost every review I read on Amerie’s new album today included a reference to Beyonce. Radio, urban radio especially, is totally oblivious to anyone except her and maybe Rihanna.

    Radio won’t give most of the female artists out here a chance. It is not for lack of good material, but rather for lack of chance and opportunity.

  13. Radio is biased and record companies are paranoid and even more scared to give their artists a chance.

  14. This is the 2nd time this has happened to her. To be honest, I didn’t even remember her. A lot of people these days aren’t giving themselves great promotion, but if you really want it, you should be hammering into people’s head even the day and day after you sell. I haven’t been excited about an album droppin since mariah carey’s E=MC2. After that I haven’t bought an album. Amerie better get w/ it, otherwise her label will drop her.

  15. I even think that some labels pay money to the radio station to play their artist`s songs.

  16. This is very sad!

    Obviously, this is becoming a new trend for rnb singers…lower or poor sales…like jazz artists…really sad!…what is the root cause or reasons for the lack of promotion?

    Do they not think the sales will compensate the expenses of videos and promotions for rnb artists?

    Is it that our buying habits have greatly declined because music is readily available for free?

    Do record companies feel like rnb/black artists have faded, not worth da weight?

    Have they nixed this genre, because of low performance of black singers?

    Looking at IDOL winners, with AI as the greatest marketing machine for launching new artists, Fantasia and Reuben didn’t do nearly as well as other AI winners, has this impacted executive decisions?

    Is it the music for some artists, the lack of soulful, feeling music, harmonies and melodies even though, Mariah, Mario and Letoya have put out good rnb cds?

    The industry always talks about creating an “experience” for music buyers, but doesn’t this take plenty of promotion: cross-promotions, brands, tie-ins, reality tvs shows, television specials, in-person events…MONEY?

    What made Keri Hilson get the recognition, not necessarily the sales, but, she’s everywhere, how come?

    Can black blogs be better used online as well as with personal appearance events to help promote artists?

    I would attend a Brownsista Amerie listening and cd signing party, along with some of my favorite radio personalities, fav alcohol brand, even a blog webcast/ mini concert, people could watch all over, either at home a computer or favorite club spot or at the next NARM Conference!

    I know they don’t want to work this hard, but this is how music has always been sold and it hasn’t changed. People want personal contact, to see and hear artists, to make connections and the radio stations can only support a hand few…this is really a sad story!

  17. I purchased Amerie’s CD yesterday from Best Buy because Target did not even have the CD on sale. The CD was not in the New Release section of Best Buy or Target, therefore, if you were unaware of the release date then you would have NEVER known Amerie’s CD was released yesterday. Letoya faced the same fate with her album.

    The problem is the record companies are only going to place their interest in the top stars on their rosters. R&B CDs are heavily bootlegged, therefore, the sales don’t reflect the accurate number of purchases. It’s sad that African Americans have devalued our own music. Chrisette Michele is another artist that has lackluster sales due to poor promotion and We don’t purchase the CD (in store or download). Yet, we complain when there are only 2 African American females that seem to garner international recognition. Could it be because “OTHERS” purchase their music and WE DON’T…

  18. Thanks Sepiastar!

    This is truly amazing, especially, with Chrisette Michele, I hear her music all day long, everyday and her sales are lackluster…scary!

  19. Amerie gets lost in the shuffle because unfortunately… she’s not very memorable. her songs aren’t memorable, her voice isn’t memorable, her videos, performances… nothing. it sucks because she’s got talent, she just needs a spark. maybe better song writing would help her, something, i’m not sure. she just needs a boost of something. i’d really like to see her shine more and be more successful but with these songs, she won’t. i guess she hasn’t found her niche yet.

  20. I think she needs to ditch her label and go on one which actually promotes her. Whatever label shes on now clearly aint into promoting her which is sucha a shame cos I love the album, been listening to it all the time since yesterday and it has potential for commercial success….but looks like its just gonna fade out and be forgotten 🙁

  21. She is not a rich artisist. And if the record company does not promote her album or gives her pennies to promote her albums then she has to spend the money the best way people will get to it. And unfortunately that is how most of the younger genereation get their information from is blogs. So it is not overboard if that is all you an afford. i do agree with you she needs to get out and just start performing. She needs to get attached for someone and open up for them.

    Maybe she can open up for Alicia Keys or Maxwell or someone like that but she does need to get out there.

  22. I will not exclude Bey, Gaga, Rihanna or any others from the mix of artists who work the hardest for their shines just because radio stations play their music a lot. They get their shines as a result of their hard work. It is is especially apparent in Bey and Gaga’s live performances [I wish Rih would improve hers]. It’s evident in all of their work ethics.

    It’s important to see artists can deliver their music live [if not better than on records and music videos]. For instance, I wasn’t sold on Alicia Keys’ current leaks. When I saw her live performance on AOL today, she got me man. Artists should definitely consider performing to small, medium, or large venues whatever is available to them. That’s another way you get loyal supporters. Don’t wait for possible award show slots. Get yourself out there, video tape it, or let the fans do it. Then, let the blogs do the rest.

    Amerie has awesome materials. I hope to see her perform them very soon.

  23. On Twitter she said that the shipments did not go out properly … SMH.

  24. @ BEE

    You are right, she could even be in debt, b/c I don’t think any of her CDs sold as well as expected. But youtube and twitter is here and its free, she should get with some people that believes in her and do the best she can, but still, I don’t know how her contracts are.

  25. What do people mean as far as rihanna improving her performances? If you are that horny stick to abeyance or gaga or watch a porn I mean lol what? She is already half naked thanks Jesus she isn’t grinding her island organ in our face,

  26. @Some stranger on a forum, they mean Rihanna needs to improve her live performances VOCALLY. I was not into Lady Gaga until I heard her actually SING, & since then I’ve been hooked. She obviously put in the work during her rise to fame; it boils down to the voice of the artists…all the promotion in the world won’t help someone who’s true, out-of-the-studio-voice is lackluster.

  27. I t does not boil down to the voice of the artisist. Because if that is the case all of these people who are big stars not would not be. I won’t deny Beyonce is a hard worker or over worked, but, she is a basic singer there is nothing special about her voice. She has not given any performance where ten years from now you will remember it.

    Lady GaGA I just don’t get it. I know maybe it is just my preference but I just don’t get it. I wish she would put some pants on. I am sure by next summer we will se all of the young ladies walking aroudnin leotards. She is the reason Beyonce won’t wear pants anymore she and Rhianna.

    Amerie is a classy lady and that may be her problem. She needs to hit the touring circuit. There are arisits like Eryka Badu, Jill Scott, hell even Lauryn Hill can go on tour and sell out and they don’t have to have a hit cd out. People still want talent. Look at Maxwell if you build that fan base you will perform for life. For that matter look at Kelly Rowland she went and built a fan base it may not be here but nevertheless she built one and that is what Amerie has to do. Kelly Rowland went on tour over seas and just kept building it up to now she is a big celebrity over there. You have to get in t where you fit in.

  28. @Bee, I stand by my comment about VOICE being the most important feature when it comes to sales, success, etc. Beyonce isn’t JUST a basic singer, she has an instrumental voice. Lady Gaga seems like a gimmick until she opens her mouth & talent comes out. Women like Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill, etc may not be pop stars, but their success is still enormous within their target audience…they can travel to New York, Paris & Japan & still sell. Amerie is classy, but class isn’t her problem. Besides, what does that have to do with the fact that she isn’t touring with big names, or isn’t as successful? When it comes down to it, Amerie’s voice is basic. Rihanna may not have a “strong” voice or a “singer” voice, but at least it’s different. It doesn’t sound like other artists. Amerie has a nice voice, albeit a basic voice that’s been heard before. Kelly Rowland is successful overseas, but by all means isn’t a superstar. Her voice is nice, but basic. Certain artists have voices we’ve heard before; nothing new. That may account for their lack of “success”

  29. P.S

    Many big stars have strong voices, or at least voices that are memorable &/or amazing. Beyonce has many performances that are (dare I say) iconic, such as her Dangerously In Love Grammy performance. The Beyonce Experience DVD speaks for itself. Her Oscar performances are still talked about. Her Barbara Streisand tribute, Her performance with Prince, & countless others. The big stars I think of as big stars are Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, Janet Jackson, Rihanna, etc. These women either have a voice that is strong or a voice that is memorable/different. Even Britney Spears has a voice that is strictly her own, no matter how weak it may seem to the ear. Amy Winehouse & Adele are big stars, with memorable, strong voices. Duffy has an unusual, beautiful voice. Voice is key. Cassie doesn’t have much of a voice, and because of that, she can never get an album off of the ground despite her fame or notoriety. In the bitter end, a good/different voice sells records no matter how much promotion you have.

  30. Voices do matter…I was watching some TLC videos and T-boz’s voice was lite, but so cool and I understand why she was the lead singer and each singer’s voice had value and added to the group’s overall sound!

    Voice and phrasing does matter, Keri Hilson is good at phrasing, Chrisette Michele, JHUD and others.
    Beyonce has an enviable singer’s vocal range, but with a lack of feeling, you know she’s performing and well, it’s beautifully done, just missing the essence that moves. Why some might find her voice basic…there’s a disconnect somewhere.

    Voice does matter! As much as I love Ciara, her voice doesn’t have enough inflection, hopefully, it will her next CD. Janet with lite vocals have both inflection/tone and passion.

    Voice Matters!

  31. the cd is “just ok”. To me her better album was “All I Have”…what’s up Amerie? I was really anticipating seeing her on t.v. or something but….mayb she needs to hang it up, I dunno!!

  32. When I say Rih needs to improve her performances, it’s not all about the vocal and dance aspects. There are ways for Rih to work with what she has. Some of my fav performances involve little to no dancing. The awesome vocal helps, but What get’s me the most is the engaging deliverance.

    i.e. Bey’s Flaws & All



    I simnply wish for Rih to interpret the emotions in the lyrics better. Sometimes she even appears like she’s not enjoying herself on stage. As a result, I don’t enjoy the performance. I wish she would at least act like she is. Sell it to me.

  33. The bottom line is that there is no surefire formula for success. There’s an interview with Shirley Bassey (she sang several James Bond themes back in the day) and she said “If I knew the formula for success, I’d bottle it.”

    There just is no telling what makes a star a star. It’s very much an intangible thing.

  34. i bought Amerie’s album off of iTunes. I suggest that approach for those who want to support her or anyone else who’s under-famed for that fact.

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