An Exclusive Look

Solange & Beyonce

Here’s an exclusive look at Beyonce and Solange’s new promo pic for Samantha Thavasa’s new collection of handbags. Gorgeous.


  1. they look beautiful….but solange Is confusing me whats w/ the bald head/ long hair either way the wig looks better to me

  2. Promo for who? What happened to her clothing line, or is this for her line?

    I see solange got her hair back she looks good though, beyonce killed it too.

  3. beautiful but i think this may be pre the bald head, but then again i may be wrong.

  4. @ 17150918 and Sean

    it could be true about the pic being taking before, but lets not forget, Her big sister Bey Bey got the hook up when it comes to the lace wigs.

  5. They look great. The older they get, the more they start to favor and look JUST LIKE Mama Tina.

    PS, why do a lot of people say Mama Tina instead of Mrs. Knowles or Tina Knowles? LOL

  6. YOu mean this photo was taken before she took her hair off. Those bags are not cute. I don’t think they sale that line in the states.

  7. Congratulations, i will not be one of the “lucky ones” to purchase the knowles product but good luck!

  8. Beyonce is suffering the same fate as our new President from too much media overexposure.

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