Angela Bassett Meets The Browns

Rick Fox & Angela Bassett As hard as it is to believe, Angela Bassett, one of the most gifted Black actresses of our time, hasn’t had a starring role in any film since she last appeared in the Rosa Parks Story, a television movie, back in 2002. And though she had a role in last year’s Akeelah and the Bee, it was in the supporting capacity and in no way showcased her amazing abilities as an actress. Angela’s dry spell is about to end however as Tyler Perry has wisely cast her in the lead role of his next film, Meet The Browns.

A single mother living in inner city Chicago, Brenda (Bassett) has been struggling for years to make ends meet and keep her three kids off the street. But when she’s laid off with no warning, she starts losing hope for the first time – until a letter arrives announcing the death of a father she’s never met. Desperate for any kind of help, Brenda takes her family to Georgia for the funeral. But nothing could have prepared her for the Browns, her father’s fun-loving, crass Southern clan. In a small-town world full of long afternoons and country fairs, Brenda struggles to get to know the family she never knew existed…and finds a brand new romance that just might change her life.

Also appearing in the film are Mariana Tolbert, Rick Fox, and Irma P. Hall. Meet The Browns will be released March 21, 2008 and I think it is safe to say MTB will be another huge smash for Tyler Perry.


  1. Wow I never saw that comming (Angela Bassett in a Tyler Perry movie) but hey, it’s great to see her back. Especailly in a positive way. She is always positive, but it’s good that she doesn’t crack under hollywood pressure, like some other Blacktresses we know. That is why I like her and Regina King, the have been in the game for a long time and they choose carefully. Kudos to both of them :hifive:

  2. Good for Angela. She reminds me of Samuel L. Jackson. Both of them are top notch actors relegated to co-starring roles behind actors are far less ability. I’m glad to see Angela get top billing in a film again. Tyler Perry is resuscitating a lot of Black women’s careers. First Janet and now Angie.

  3. Anybody else cringe at this? A Tyler Perry film? :bag: I just pray his direction and script don’t screw up her awesome acting talents.

  4. if tyler is going to make a movie out of all is play i beg him to do”madea goes to jail” πŸ˜†

  5. [quote comment=”17000″]Anybody else cringe at this? A Tyler Perry film? :bag: I just pray his direction and script don’t screw up her awesome acting talents.[/quote]

    No you are not the only one cringing. I was cringing on the low 😐

  6. [quote comment=”17000″]Anybody else cringe at this? A Tyler Perry film? :bag: I just pray his direction and script don’t screw up her awesome acting talents.[/quote]

    Yeah, while reading the synopsis, unaware- my head was sinking into my shoulders like I was trying to hide from something 😐 . I’m just praying to God this movie isn’t a “coon-fest” and is actually watchable and I can support it. My brother absolutely refuses to watch a Tyler Perry film and I’ve been trying to convince him to see “Why Did I Get Married” and the others before that one because I especially liked, “Madea’s Family Reunion” even though Madea’s character be doing the most πŸ™„ … I still find her humorous and I think my brother could appreciate the msg in the movies. Guess I’ll have to judge from the trailer if I’ll be paying to see this “Meet The Browns”.

  7. [quote comment=”17004″][quote comment=”17000″]Anybody else cringe at this? A Tyler Perry film? :bag: I just pray his direction and script don’t screw up her awesome acting talents.[/quote]

    No you are not the only one cringing. I was cringing on the low :|[/quote]


    I’ll still watch it…on DVD. πŸ˜† It’s just that Lynn Whitfield and Blair Underwood in Madea’s Family Reunion … ohhh, those lines… I just ‘had’ to chalk it up to BAD DIRECTION and some amateur/cliche dialogue.

    But I still love Tyler. I love the heck out of “Madea” and I can’t wait for him to focus SOLELY on her with Madea Goes to Jail. Scratch all the other storylines that existed in the play (unless he’s going to cast the guys the played “Sonny” and “Nate” in the feature) and just show Madea, running from the law, shooting at folks out of her front yard and the other antics she does!


  8. I love Tyler Perry and his “come up” story but it was years before I would watch any Tyler Perry productions and when I finally did, I realized I know people like this – in and out my family and it wasn’t horrible-that being said, I believe Angela and Tyler will complement each other.

  9. I only cringe for the big movie tycoons in Hollywood that won’t see a dime from this film when it hits the box office!

    I love Tyler Perry, even though the direction and writing can be redundant sometimes, I laugh and cry all the time! I can’t wait to see Angela Bassett in it – Tyler proved with WDIGM that he could step his game up so I can’t wait!

  10. I have to say I was surprised by this … not that there’s anything wrong with TP movies because I like them, especially the last one. But her career has been off track ever since she talked shit about Halle Berry and her Oscar. I really think she got blackballed in Hollywood for that because it was uncalled for … I was very disappointed in her lack of class and tact where that was concerned. Nonetheless, I hope this is a hit for her.



  12. It must be really hard to be a black actor or actress in the entertainment business. I didn’t now she didn’t work that long

  13. :thumbsup: Angela B. is a TRUE actress. Now she should have won an Oscar for “What’s Love Got To Do With It.” God bless her family and career :bowdown:

  14. Tyler loves to cast pretty lightskin men in his films. I like that. Usually the men are dark and the women are light but Tyler bucks that trend and usually does it in the reverse, showcasing pretty brown skin women like so few other Black movies do.


  16. I’m just glad to see Angela in a leading role again. Shes coming back next year with a vengeance, Angie’s got 4 movies coming to theaters in 2008. Shes so fierce on screen, lets hope she’ll get that Oscar soon.

    As for Tyler Perry, trust me I was cringing when I heard Angela was to do one of his films. Hes still proving himself in the movie business, I dont know if he can do Angela justice. The next movie hes doing is “Madea Goes to Jail” though! Mina got her wish!

  17. Hm…Not a big fan of Perry’s work. Glad that she has another big role coming though, Good for her.

  18. Angela Bassett, now that is what you call an actress. She should have earned an Oscar award for her role in “What’s Love Got to Do With It.” To a certain singer who felt that she deserved an Oscar for her performance in an over hyped movie that hit the big screen last year, sit back and take lessons from this seasoned veteran on how it is done and who has earned the right to be called an “Actress.”

  19. I totally love Angela. She’s a great actress and I’m totally confident that she can work on ANY type of film. I’ll go to see the film when it comes out just to support her. I’m tired of all these mediocre actresses getting media play. Angela’s the real deal and has been for a loooong time.

    Why Did I Get Married was a good film. Some of his films are a bit redundant though.

  20. Angela brings more credibility to his films cause although she isn’t cast that often she is well respected. He is smart to cast her and she could use the work! She is truly talented and I wish she were cast more often she is top notch for sure. I just hope brown doesn’t go over board in the movie cause he gets to be a bit much in the play at times. Tyler really did a good job on WDIGM I didn’t feel like I was watching a low budget film, the acting was on point, although his story lines always have a “unbelievable” feel to them. Especially daddy day care. Either way not to often we get to see even a half decent “black” film so I’ll be there.

  21. I like Angela Bassett she is avery good actrist,and I think she be an access to the movie the Browns.she always protrails that strong woman type,such as Malcolm x’s wife,Ms King,an Ms Tina Turner
    I don’t think for a monent Tyler Perry’s script will be of any kind of hindredance,or screw up her acting abilities,after all we’re talking about Angela Bassett,not some new comer,or amterur.
    she knows the Biz and acting inside an out. For those of you who don’t beleive just :bowdown: and chil-lax,and watch Ms Bassett do her thang,she is a very talentive :brownsista:
    She is a very strong :brownsista: :bowdown: :bowdown: πŸ™‚

  22. God bless Tyler Perry!!! I’m so glad to know he casted her and she accepted the role. I hope he casts Paula Patton, Vanessa Williams, Tia Mowry and Jurnee Smollett down the line.

  23. To ME”
    What exately did Angela Bassett say about Halle Berry and her Oscar Award.I think Angela Bassett don’t have to put
    anyone down just to get ahead,she already is steps ahead of a lot of woman in the acting Biz. CHIL-LAX an:bowdown:.
    Strong black woman,such as Angela Bassett , or a strong black man never seem to get the proper regconition they deserve ,Because they don’t fit into main string of the Biz,if they are too sucessful,or over achivers than they are over looked,as she has been on several occassions,passed by because she won’t degrade herself and play some raunchy role just to get an Award. 😑 :brownsista: .
    It’s πŸ™ but true, some blacks,kiss butt just to get an award on their shelf,but Angela is not that person,I thank God for strong :brownsista:’s like her,There is a such things as self-respect,pride,dignity,and integrity,she pocesses those quanties.
    If you wanna know the real truth about it,Ms Bassett should’ve won an Oscar for Ms Shabazz,Ms King,Tina Turner,and Ms Cathrine Jackson,but again she is an over achiver,too sucessful,therefore she gets over looked,because she protraits strong :brownsista:’s who kept it together even in the toughest iof times and made it,kept their families feed and clothed while living in some of the rougest and trougest negborhoods.
    I just luv her strength and her willingness to keep standing even when she is over looked,even when the odds are against her,STRONG :brownsista: LUV U A.B. STAY STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!
    :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  24. If I remember correctly, she said the reason she didn’t do the Monster’s Ball role was because it wasn’t classy and it was about self-respect, which, whether she intended to or not, sounded like a diss. She spent the next several weeks after that back-peddling and trying to save face because it sounded like she was salty that Halle got an Oscar and she didn’t. It was all the more inappropriate because Halle actually acknowledged her during her acceptance speech. I’m not getting into the entire MB all argument and Halle’s role, but I thought it was wrong of her to say that. She didn’t take the role, somebody else did, and somebody else got the Oscar. Deal with it. It’s happened with white actresses too. But don’t go in the press downtalking one of your sisters – strong “brownsistas” know better and have more respect for their peers than that. No shade on Angela, because I like her a lot, but I wasn’t feeling that at all.


  25. “She spoke againt a ligth sista lets hang her” SLAVE MENTALITY… i tought america was the land of freedom of speech? :loser:

    anyway i’ll check out the movie

  26. “strong β€œbrownsistas” know better and have more respect for their peers than that. ” meaning? unless you have some adorations or praise shut the hell up if you wanna say something? :hmph:

  27. Nobody said anything about light or dark … I’m just saying it was uncalled for. And ya’ll know damn well if a white chick said that ya’ll would be crying all kinds of foul.


  28. i personally would’nt have done monster ball neither i love halle but this movie WAS degradant and if someone want to say it then be it if it aint true wat’s all the agitation and backlash about its not like she says she wish she was born half white? i agree with alicia on the slave’s mentality yall need to stop all that foolishness and accept negativity to better yourselves hell πŸ™„ i wish someone will try to “hang “me because i voiced my opinion hollywood black women are punks and they let people walk all over them now try and HANG me pfff please….

  29. To ME
    I understand you don’t fully feel me,but that does not change the fact that she is a strong and self respectful Black Woman,
    however,I don’t blame her for not taking the part in MB,because
    it’s not a classy role,for her or any woman for that matter,and she choose to dish the role,not Halle Berry.
    You said it sounded like a dish,that lets me know that you’re sure which way or the other,however it maybe her decision was sound and wise,I truely respect her choice in the roles she plays.
    furthermore “ME” I’m not trying elevate black women above other women of other ethics groups or reaces,as if they make better choices,it just so happen that Ms Bassett was the one who made the right choice,the wiser decision,Is she so wrong to voice her opinion?after all she does has one.
    Just for the record “ME” most black woman won’t put theselves out there like that,I prefer the type of woman that will make a stand then to settle for anything.
    There’s old cliche that says,” If you don’t stand for something,then you’re fall for anything”. And little do you know,these awards winners are decided way before they are televisied.That’s why they have these before parties,and dinners,so the actors and actorists can rub shoulders with the right people,so if you kiss up to the right person ,you may qarantee your trophy,your Award, your Oscar. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ ,but true.

  30. TO “VOICE”
    I totally disagree with you,not all black woman in Hollow-wood,oooph.! I mean Hollywood are weak and punks,the ones that are strong are the very ones you don’t hear that much about,because they won’t play the or take the raunchy roles.And
    maybe thats true with the you seen,but not all of them,so just CHIL-LAX and be 😎 ,and watch Ms Bassett take off.

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