Love The Look: Angela Simmons in Dominique Auxilly!

Who: Angela Simmons
Event: Pastry Box Of Chocolates Launch Party
Where: CityCenter in Las Vegas, Nevada
When: August 18, 2010

Angela Simmons recently attended and hosted a launch party event for she and her sister’s company, Pastry. Both sisters were in attendance, but Angela (as usual) stood out the best. The young entrepreneur sported a black dress by designer Dominique Auxilly. The LBD features an all-over strapped necktie detail, and bold statement shoulders.

Her platform heels were super cute, and she later posted a Twitpic of them outside in the dark. They’re strappy Jimmy Choo sandals that light up! How cool is that?!

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  1. Wow,Angela looks fabulous and just plain gorgeous. Her hair,skin,outfit…and those shoes are just KILLER(they light up in the dark!!!)
    Vanessa on the other hand…Im disappointed. Her many layers and colors of hair make her come off kind of ghetto and “hoodish”. And her dress does absolutely nothing for her shape and her shoes are just not pulling me in. I understand they have different styles but…Angela,talk to your sister.

  2. Got goose bumps looking at her Jimmy Choo’s and I’m a sneaker gal. The whole outfit is nice!!!

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