Recent Pics Of Angell Conwell

Actress Angell Cowell was recently spotted at the “Little Man” Los Angeles premiere.We love this Sista and hope to see her in the future representing Sisters in a more positive light.In the meantime, enjoy these pics we picked up at Wire Image.

Looking for more Angell Conwell pic, check out Her Page on our picture site.
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  1. I remember her from Baby Boy and Soul Plane, two films I did not care for.

  2. Not a fan.She is pretty, but her choice in film roles make her ugly.

  3. She’s done so much more than Baby Boy and Soul Plane. I really like her from her role on City Guys, Moesha and that UPN movie What About Your Friends. I hear she has 3 movies coming out in 2007. She’s only 22, I’m sure we haven’t seen the best of what she has to offer yet. I’m a fan.

  4. Thank you for the information Maria.I’ll see what else I can find on this Brown Sista, and we’ll feature her more in the future.

    I do have some gorgeous photos of her from the Soul Plane premiere some years back, that I may pull up and post. 🙂

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