Angell’s New Do

Angell Conwell Angell Conwell has officially caught the Twitter bug. The actress (Soul Plane, Baby Boy) regularly updates her Twitter page with exclusive news and images for her loyal fans. Earlier today she posted an image of herself under the headline: “Fiddlin’ With A New Do” . Angell is shown sporting curly locks- a sharp contrast from the braided pull back do she sported on the beach a few weeks ago. Love Angell’s new look? Stop by her Twitter page and show her some love. Perfect Combination Still waiting for the actress’ next movie role? Check out the poster for her straight to dvd film, Perfect Combination, below.


  1. Love Angells new look, old look and all in between. She is beautiful. Can’t wait for her new movie. Liked her in Love for Sale, just saw that on BET.

  2. Angell seems to have the face that can do long, medium or short, straight or curly. I like this look. It’s a keeper.

  3. she is beautiful,i love curly hair,will check her page….hey stephanie i love how you credit twitter pictures,you are so professional.

  4. She looks so pretty. Not that she wasn’t pretty before, but this is improvement. She looks very sophisticated.

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