Angie Stone Interview

Angie StoneWhile some stars dim and fade away, Angie Stone has without any questions stood the test of time. Whether she was singing about there not being any more rain in her clouds or telling our “brothas” how much she loved them, Angie Stone simply over the years has been one class act. Always staying true to her talents and never wavering from the formula that has made her the success she is today, Angie Stone continues to prove that the desire for great music prevails. Her latest album, “Unexpected,” gives her fans what they come to expect of Angie Stone; a beautiful woman, with a beautiful voice, delivering beautiful music.

Onetta: Let’s first talk about your new album. If I’m not mistaken, “Unexpected” is your fifth studio album. How was it working on this new album?

Angie Stone: This is my fifth solo album. Working on the new album was weak and strong: weak because I lost my father during the process and strong because it created a sense of power.

Onetta: You have a song on “Unexpected” called, “I Found A Keeper.” I read somewhere that you are engaged. So is it safe to say that Angie Stone has found a keeper? You can tell me about it. Lol!

Angie Stone: I have to say that we think that all our loves are keepers until something goes wrong…so to answer your question, I’ve found someone worth keeping…time will tell if our hearts are engaged for a lifetime.

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  1. I am so getting this cd. I have had all of her cd’s and I am telling you all that you are really cheating yourselves of some great music by not getting them. She has an awesome voice and her cd’s are just some great music.

  2. This is a wonderful CD, minus the autotune track, but that’s Angie, always serving and stirring things up with a great mix of old school and new school.

    I hope people support her and bump this music, it’s something for your soul!

  3. Great interview. I really like her last quote…got me thinking about some things.
    I didnt know she dated D’angelo.

  4. I need to buy ALL of her records. I need to own them. I’ve had a song here and there but yes, this woman so mad-talented!!!!

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