Another ‘Being Mary Jane’ Preview


Well… that escalated pretty quickly.

In BET’s new promo for the upcoming second season of “Being Mary Jane” we get a glimpse at the first episode where Mary Jane is throwing a dinner party that quickly takes a turn for the worse.

The show’s creator, Mara Brock Akil, said in a recent interview the second season would tackle a lot of tough issues, including “what’s going on with our people in this country.”

Along with this nation’s drug and race problem, Mara said fans can expect the show, which makes its return on February 3, to deal head on with several real life events which have taken place over the past year.

Mara goes on to call season two a “game changer,” saying they (the writers) listen very closely to their fans on social media and are happy to have such a loyal following.

As for news on a possible “Girlfriends” film, Akil says whether the movie gets made or not is a total “business decision” and that before she can move forward she would have to “get rights” and that at the moment she is not writing or doing anything in the relation to the project.


  1. This show annoyed me to no end and I stoppd watching soon after it premiered.

  2. this whole clipped bored me

    it felt like they were trying to makeup for the fact that the show is based on an educated black woman throwing herself at a married man and trying to impregnate herself by another taken man.

    sorry, not working for me

    go back to being a tramp on tv thats what we were here for lol.

  3. Black women are often the butt of jokes in Mara Brock Akil productions. Not sure why she is so admired. Both Being Mary Jane and The Game were full of insults aimed at black women. This isn’t the type of show you watch and admire or want to be the black woman on the screen. Like most of you it took me about three episodes to realize I didn’t really want to see anymore. This clip is just another reminder of that.

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