Another Major Gallery Update

Our gallery, Brown Sista.Net continues to grow by leaps and bounds as we have added another four albums, containing an additional 435 pics of beautiful Brown Sistas.We now have galleries for Free, Jurnee Smollett, Foxy Brown and Olivia.As well as the new albums we have added, we continue to update our older albums containing pics of Beyonce, Meagan Good, Gabrielle Union, Sanaa Lathan and many others.Below is a preview of an older photo shoot Foxy Brown did some years back and you can head on over to our sista site to see more up to date photos of her.
Foxy BrownFoxy BrownFoxy Brown

One change you may have noticed is some of the pics are now watermarked.We never intended to watermark any of our images, but misuse of the gallery caused us to do so.High quality pics of Black women are extremely hard to come by as most sites are White owned and generally only have pics of Black women who have crossed over to mainstream society.In other words, they only have pics of Beyonce and Rihanna.People like Free, Malinda Williams and Nia Long are nearly impossible to find and yet after many, many, months of searching we have compiled quite a gallery of each one of these ladies and more.

Unfortunately, the pics we found, paid for, and provided were taken and placed all over many sites and blogs with no credit whatsoever given to the people who spent hours searching for them and providing them not only in hq form but untagged as well.Therefore, we now tag and proudly do so.

When we first decided to open the gallery all we asked for was a link back and some people did that, but most did not.As we followed the links of referring domains we saw sometimes entire galleries of pics we provided and not a link back anywhere.We quickly grew tired of having images that we often times paid for, taken and so now that is that.However, should you see a pic on this site or the gallery that is tagged and you want it untagged, just Contact Us and we will more than likely send it to you.

Update: The Foxy Brown gallery is temporarily unavailable but should be back soon.


  1. Hate to say I told you so but I did tell you.You can’t be nice to folks cause they will just take your hard work and claim it as their own.Why do you think when Beyonce World and other fansites watermark their images? Ever notice when BW gets exclusive images they add the watermarks to the middle of the pic? They don’t care how it looks.They know if they don’t do that people will remove the corner watermarks, add their own and be out.It’s fine you want to be nice and all but at some point you have to be smart too.Watermarks bring in traffic too which is untimately why people do it.Watch out for self girl. :brownsista:

  2. I get my high quality pics from Newscom.They are the cheapest out there but still not cheap.If you need pics I can help and won’t charge you like some of those other sites do.

  3. “Update: The Foxy Brown gallery is temporarily unavailable but should be back soon.”

    LOL, is that supposed to be “bad” news?

  4. You are so wrong for that :lol2:

    I know Foxy takes some questionable pics but I have quite a few of her looking like a respectable young lady.You’ll be pleasantly surprised when I open it back up.

  5. [quote comment=”2490″]I get my high quality pics from Newscom.They are the cheapest out there but still not cheap.If you need pics I can help and won’t charge you like some of those other sites do.[/quote]Thanks 🙂

    I generally pay a small fee ($5/mo. max)for access to sites that provide the pics, but like I said, all they have is Beyonce, Rihanna and a few other Black women here and there.Let me know who you have accounts with and I’ll see if we can do some business. :thumbsup:

  6. Foxxy looks a hott mess as usual.She is worse than little Kim becomes she has all those dam tattoos.When will Black women learn that tattoos cheapen you? We always go over board with every damn thing and end up looking like fools.

  7. Have you tried looking for a Black high resolution site or forum? I have seen a lot of images from the Sexalicious forum but they be tagged.Try to pic exchange with them.You all may be able to exchange contacts- you know one hand washes the other type thing.I get most of my images for my site that way.

  8. I love the job you guys are doing here and even though I don’t comment often I visit everyday to see positive stories and images of Black women.I love the blog and the gallery and tagged or untagged images don’t bother me cause I don’t use them.I just view them and keep it moving. :banana:

  9. I would love to see more Vivian Green, Jill Scott and Keyshia Cole.Few blogs cover these women cause I guess they not sexy enough or whatever.They cover Keyshia to make fun or her or when she does something crazy but that’s about it.I don’t think I have ever seen Vivian Green’s name even memntioned on a Black blog which is sad.

  10. I hope you get more pictures of Free and do a story on her.I haven’t heard a thing from her since she left 106 and Park and posed for that men’s magazine.I relly hope she gets back on television or releases that album she keeps talking about. :brownsista:

  11. I have a soft spot in my heart for foxy, she seems to be a really hurt & sensitive individual. Did you hear the interview with Egypt & Ashy Larry on Power 105? She takes a lot personal. I hope she has a good come back b/c it’s been a rocky road for her.

  12. I keep hoping Foxy will try something new.Rap is becoming more sexist everyday so I don’t see women getting any further than where they are now which is no where.There is not one single successful female rapper out at the moment and that is because the males have reduced women’s roles in rap to that of just a booty shaker.There is no room for female rappers anymore so Fox and Kim and all of them will have to try something new or be unemployed.

  13. Jay dumped Foxy Brown to focus more on Rihanna who is becoming a major superstar all over the world.He has no room for Black women or Black female rappers.His focus is on biracial Rihanna who Whites can stomach more they can Foxy or Tiairra Mari:mad: who he also dumped.Black women just keep getting the shaft left and right.

  14. I think that Jay-Z is dog ugly and the fact that he seems to only take an interest in women that are light skined or biracial is a reflection of his on insecurity as a black man. Like most black men who only date white or biracial women there seems to be an underlying issue about race, looks or self esteem. That really makes me angry to see a brother coming from the projects who grew up dirt poor with nothhing but black women around him have the nerves to think that he can only have a barbee doll on his arm! If he had a regular 9-5 job these beautiful chicks wouldn’t give his monkey ass the time of day!


  15. I won’t call the brotha butt ugly but I must agree with the rest of your post.But it isn’t just JayZ but an industry wide epidemic that basically has wiped out the images of brown and black skinned women in the music industry.It’s all about the Beyonce’s and Rihanna’s and Cassie’s.Everytime I see Diddy and Ryan Leslie on You Tube making excuses for Cassie in particular I want to scream.Why such a push to make this girl a star when she clearly has no musical talent at all.She can’t even pull a Britney and at least dance well.They trying to push her on us Black folks (she isn’t Black) cause they know a light skinned girl can go far within the Black community and with Black men in particular.If you ain’t light bright and damn near white don’t expect to get a record deal today. 😡

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