Another Movie Role For Jennifer Hudson

Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson is in negotiations to lead the cast of “Tyler Perry’s The Family That Preys” for Lionsgate. Guess who’s writing, directing, producing and starring in “Tyler Perry’s The Family That Preys”? That’s right. None other than Tyler Perry. In addition, though, the cast is already set to include Sanaa Lathan, Alfre Woodard, Rockmund Dunbar and Oscar winner Kathy Bates. According to Variety, the drama focuses on “two families from different sides of the tracks that become intimately involved in love and business.” The trade is quick to point out — as if Bates’ casting weren’t notification enough — that this will be Perry’s first film to feature white characters in prominent roles. “Preys” will be Perry’s sixth for Lionsgate, following the fall hit “Why Did I Get Married?” and this March’s “Meet the Browns.” He’s expected to follow “Preys” with “Madea Goes to Jail.” Hudson has been working steadily since her “Dreamgirls” breakthrough. She’s finished work on “Winged Creatures” and the “Sex and the City” movie and she was recently cast in a an adaptation of the novel “The Secret Life of Bees.” Jennifer’s musical career however appears to be in limbo as her much anticipated debut album has no release date and reportedly has not even been completed.


  1. Go Head Jennifer Rack em’ up. This movie really sounds good. There are a lot of good actors, Sanaa and I LOOVE Kathy Bates. She adds great drama to anything. Go head Jennifer and her album is almost done! I am soo happy 4 her. (WE AIN’T…GOING NO WHERE….WE AIN’T GOING NO WHERE, WE CAN’T BE STOPPED NOW CUZ IT’S J-HUD 4 LIFE) 😆

  2. Go jennifer doing the damn thing love her period. Just alot of positive new going on today brownsista. Keep up the good work.

  3. Though Jennifer can obviously sing, I just don’t see a musical career in her future. Of all the songs I have heard leak from her forthcoming album, none of them were even remotely good and that is why we don’t even hear about it anymore. Acting is where it is at for Jennifer. She owned Dreamgirls and has a magic about her that I believe can help make her a truly popular actress. She is being offered roles left and right so others clearly agree with me as well. I think she would have been dropped from her label just like all those other Idol castoffs were it not for her Oscar win and subsequent movie offers.

  4. Cree I read up on some of the issues with her album. Clive Davis scrapped it b/c he felt that they were trying to make her out to be another “Aretha Franklin” and it just wouldn’t work. I don’t think it was her fault, you know you are not your own person once you’re in hollywood, unless you own your own…(I hope you understood that)

  5. I can’t wait to see this movie. I’m looking forward to seeing Meet the Browns. I think its great what Tyler Perry is doing for the Black community!!!

  6. I can’t wait to see the “Sex and the City” movie. I’m not sure of her role, but I know the show rocks and I have all the DVDs. Just can’t wait.

  7. It’s nice to see full figured women making strides inspite of what “america” thinks is the standard for beauty.
    Lush Lush–and we know this is Beyonce’s favorite show…Jay Z rapped about her watching in in one of his songs..
    I wonder why she didnt get the part…..darn…

  8. [quote comment=”19750″]and we know this is Beyonce’s favorite show…Jay Z rapped about her watching in in one of his songs..
    I wonder why she didnt get the part…..darn…[/quote]

    It is every woman’s fav show, why didn’t any of us get the part? Because an Oscar winner expressed interest and added to the iconoclastic diversity (not so much in color but in character, in KIND of woman) of the show.

  9. Jennifer Hudson will probably have a better movie career than music career. The state of the music scene has changed. You have to have a certain look and sex appeal in order for the music companies to promote your music these days. If she is being offered this many movie roles in a years time, she must be good. I just love the fact that Hollywood is embracing sisters like Jennifer and Queen Latifah.


  10. Jennifer Hudson is on to something! She’s an incredibily well-rounded woman with great talents. And I like the fact that she is sincere and genuine to her fans. Many blessings, Jennifer!

  11. Wow, J-Hud is becoming the female Samuel L. Jackson. Nothing wrong with a young sista trying to establish herself in white Hollywood. At least she is signing on for movies that have some substance and not your typical stupid black movies like “Soul Plane.”

  12. This is great news that she’s been keeping busy and in movies that I look forward to seeing. It would be good if she does sign on to do the TP movie.

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