Another Why Did I Get Married Too Trailer Surfaces

Why Did I Get Married Too is set to open on April 2nd and so new trailers are now dropping left and right. Here is another one that was posted via the movie’s Facebook page and features more of everyone’s favorite character, Angela.

FYI- Janet Jackson will hit up The Tonight Show this Thursday to promote the movie.


  1. How can I not got see this!?!?! I will be in there with all my sister in laws and their husbands. B/c of the first movie we have done 2 retreats and it has been wonderful!

  2. I can’t wait i will be at the box office on april 2nd to see this!

  3. I can’t wait to see it either. I like it because not only is it funny but it really does show the different personalities that men and women have and how we can sometimes mess up good relationships over things that are not important.

  4. Why does this seems like a movie I’ve seen before…

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