ANTM Cycle 11 Promo Shot

America's Next Top Model Model Tyra Banks is bringing her hit reality show, America’s Next Top Model, back for it’s eleventh season. The two hour season premiere will kick off on Wednesday, September 3rd, with weekly encore airings every Friday night at 9pm. And beginning October 29th ANTM episodes will serve as the lead in for Tyra’s newest reality show, Stylista. To your right is the first promo shot to surface for the new season, and it’s kinda funky… in a good way. It’s definitely one of the more interesting concepts they have used. The poster reminds me of the movie The Love Guru, with it’s 1960’s psychedelic imagery. And though Tyra’s face looks strangely odd, it’s not really her face that stands out- but rather those amazing gladiator boots she is wearing.

And for those wondering if ANTM will be back for a 12th season, no need wonder any longer- casting is already underway.


  1. 11 seasons and I can only remeber three women to have been on the show. Eva Pigford, Taccara Jones and Jazlene Gonzalez.

  2. I don’t watch the show anymore either, but thanks to this poster I now have the song California Dreaming stuck in my head 😆 I love the gladiator boots!

  3. I am addicted to this show, but I don’t see any plus size models. The cycle 10 winner was a plus size model, so what’s up with that. I know I will be watching it either way.

  4. Well…damn. I still have the last 4 episodes from last season on my TIVO to watch. This was quick! Anywho, love the Givenchy boots Tyra’s wearing!

  5. That’s a nice looking poster

  6. It’s the show that never dies! And why does it look like Mr. Jay has boobage??? I still love him tho! 😉

  7. I have always appauled Tyra for her buisiness savvy, but I am TIRED of this show. This is the longest that I can remeber her having a break between cycles. It seemed @ one point that as soon as one cycle ended, a new one started. As a result, my allegiance to the show died. the last time I watched a cycle from beginning to end… the brownsista from Little Rock, Ark was the winner. It seems the girls back then had more appeal, if you get what I am sayin. Either way I wish her luck.

  8. This show fell off along time ago for me and that pic is airbrushed to the max.

  9. I never miss ANTM! Can not wait cause these girls are really looking like real models. Some real competition… I’m too geeked!

    And that poster does resemble the The Love Guru poster 😆

  10. Well, in my opinion I would love to see a chocolate I mean CHOCOLATE or asian sista win for once. I mean trya keeps yapping about change and I have yet to see some. I mean out of the past 10 season who besides eva has been doing so well. Kudos for them putting women of color like the indian chick and the asian girl from past seasons but it seems as if the critiques that are given to them messes with their self confidence. I would love to see women of color that are not seen that much win.

  11. I have to honestly adnit that I have never watched any of them. Same thing for American Idol. I saw like 2 episodes of the first season and haven’t watched it since. Cable TV rules in my house. That or the internet.

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